Episode 101 (9/29/08) – Too old for petty revenge

This week on the Player One Podcast we welcome 1UP.com’s Jeremy Parish and talk about the virtual worlds we’ve been immersed in lately. That includes Mega Man 9, Little Big Planet (beta), WipEout HD, Kirby Super Star Ultra, Away Shuffle Dungeon, Chrono Trigger DS, Wario Land: Shake It, Duke Nukem 3D, Samba de Amigo, LEGO Batman and (naturally) Rock Band 2.

Running time: 1:43:21

This week’s links:
1UP.com: Retronauts
Jeremy Parish’s 1UP blog
Wired Game Life: Nikkei: New Nintendo DS Model Adds Camera, Music Playback
1UP.com blog: Mega Man 9: totally badical

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