Episode 103 (10/13/08) – That real Randy Quaid feel

This week: We welcome special guest Wombat (of the CAGcast) to the show to ‘shoot the bull’ and talk games. Amongst them are Mega Man 9, Orbient, Lego Batman, PURE, Valhalla Knights 2, Every Extend Extra, Little Big Planet, Rock Band 2, The Club, and Beat n’ Groovy. Plus we discuss some of the bigger stories out of the Tokyo Game Show, Sega CD, Night Trap, Jake Lloyd, Action Max…and more. Also, don’t forget to change your Xbox 360 gamerpic to you-know-what on October 20. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Running time: 1:46:33

This week’s links:
Cheap Ass Gamer
UGO Games Blog
bit Generations
Art Style: Orbient
Wikipedia: Action Max
Youtube: Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future
Youtube: Altered Beast in 5:53

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