Tweets from last night: PAX Day 1 edition


So I ended up not doing any blogging like I thought I might at Day 1 of Penny Arcade Expo ’09. But I did Tweet. ‘Cuz I could do it from my iPhone. And it was pretty easy. In case you don’t follow me on Twitter or abhor social networking of any kind (like Phil), I present to you a blog post of all my tweetings from yesterday.

Gots my media badge, heading over to PAX. See y’all there.

Wandering around PAX. Wearing Noby Noby Boy t-shirt and Adult Swim hoodie. Say hi if ya see me.

Just bought 2 Harmonix t-shirts. Effing awesome.

Just played Halo ODST firefight mode.

In line to pick up a Guild Wars 2 art book for my brother.

My most anticipated game of the year, seriously. Harmonix’s booth is awesome too. #PAX

Played Ratchet at Sony booth. Game is awesome and kinda cel shaded. Classic Ratchet, hover boots are awesome.

In line for gaming journalism panel. #PAX

Once again this games journalism panel is preachy and pretentious. At least so far.

@exxy keepin’ it real about the games journalism.

@kobunheat re: need for vets – since game journalism doesn’t pay well, need for stability later sometimes could push ppl out.

@kobunheat also, vets are more expensive for outlets to keep on. It’s not necessarily that they don’t love journalism or want to stay.

Turtle power!

Time to find some PAX grub, methinks.

Mario and princess peach rocking “Kung Fu Fighting” on LEGO Rock Band.

“This is like my Woodstock.” #overheardatpax

Split second is really frigging excellent. Can’t wait for Spring 2010 when it’s out.

3G is miserable here. iPhone gets no bars most of the time. Switching to EDGE!

Played the RB Beatles Gretsch guitar. Very nice guitar but I like the bulk/heft of the GHWT guitar better.

So that means exactly what you think it means…not gonna get any Beatles RB instruments.

Do print journalists not come to PAX? Good amt. of online folk but doesn’t seem like the last few print pubs have anyone here.

@Grecco sure did. It’s exactly like Rock Band. But the notes on the highway are little LEGO bricks. I’ll buy it.

Gonna check me out some White Knight Chronicles next.

Know what game doesn’t appear to demo too well? White Knight Chronicles. Watching someone else play. Not exciting.

Confirmed. White Knight Chronicles is a bore. Had to skip a half-dozen cutscenes to get to anything, and that was after 5 min of ’em.

Played Motorstorm PSP, enjoyed it. Tried GT5 PSP and yep, it’s GT. That series just is not for me. Im an arcade racing kinda guy.

Heavy Rain is a game that sure says “fuck” a lot.

Coming in 2011, Halo 3 Damacy.

@Grecco activison ain’t here outside of blizzard stuff. 🙁 shame, as I was looking forward to trying DJ Hero.

And that is it! Time for me to go get some coffee and then head back over to PAX.

Check out my tweets from Days 2 and 3 here.

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