Episode 157 (10/26/09) – That’s Evolution!


This week! Topics of conversation in tweets include the first/worst game we’ve imported, Modern Warfare 2 dedicated servers, internet anger, Dead Space Wii’s lackluster sales, paying extra to get games early, and which big-name game between now and March will be the biggest commercial failure. Then we get along to games of the week, which include Space Invaders Extreme 2, Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo, Beatles Rock Band (Abbey Road DLC), Guitar Hero: World Tour, DJ Hero, Rock Band iPhone, Borderlands, Lips Number One Hits, and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.

Also, we’re (still) running a contest for a new theme song. Deadline for entries is now Friday, October 30. Details can be found here. Follow us on twitter at twitter.com/p1podcast.

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This week’s links:

CJ’s Best Buy blog post

The Yakyuken Special

Ranma 1/2 Battle Renaissance

Blue Seed Saturn

The Beatles Rock Band Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

cyberhadji’s etsy store

“Don’t Stop Believin'” by Kkrusty

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  • tGill

    overall my impressions of RockBand for the iphone was a lot better

    I have an original iphone (because I paid $500 to import it -.-) and the game was Super smooth and lag free unlike tap tap revenge 3 which was a slideshow. Also the game does have local 4 player bluetooth multiplayer, the online ‘multiplayer via scoring’ is terrible. Although I agree the $10 price point is not great, and the starpower shaking thing is also bad. (taptap does this too but u can disable it)

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  • Tony

    Phil said, “Ya know what?” 5 times in 25 seconds starting at 1:27:37. That’s 1 “Ya know what?” every 5 seconds.

  • RB

    At least Phil always has nude modeling to fall back on if the teaching stuff doesn’t work out.

  • msaeger

    This is the far superior Steve Martin musical number http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOtMizMQ6oM

  • Shakey Steve

    That Steve Martin number is god-awful!!

  • Dan

    Why are there still monkeys: