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Episode 183 (04/26/10) – Monster Mash

SPOILER WARNING: This episode contains a spoilerific Heavy Rain discussion from 22:20-36:30. If you do not want to hear major story spoilers for Heavy Rain, skip this section. This week! Games, games, games! Some of the game tapes covered in this episode include Heavy Rain (yes, with spoilers), Monster Hunter Tri, Sonic & Sega All-Stars […]

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Publisher: Sega Developer: Malibu Interactive Released: 1992   Anyone who’s listened to our fine podcast likely knows that I count this game as one of my all-time favourites. While Sega was so busy trying to show the world the benefits of their CD add on through full-motion video games like Night Trap and Sewer Shark, […]

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Episode 182 (04/19/10) – Suckura Wars

This week! Games! Talk! Tweets! Some of the game tapes discussed in this episode include Heavy Rain, Final Fight Double Impact, Final Fantasy XIII, The Saboteur, Track & Field, Sakura Wars: So Long My Love, Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver, Sonic All-Stars Racing and AlphaBounce. Warning: Heavy Rain spoilers from 21:15 – 44:10. Skip if you don’t want […]

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Episode 181 (04/12/10) – Post-Wedded Bliss

This week! Everyone’s back home and ready to talk games – like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Mr. Driller Drill Till You Drop, Mega Man 10, Netflix, Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril, Game & Watch Collection 2, various iPad games, Sonic All-Stars Racing, and more! Own an iPhone/iPod touch? We’ve got an app for […]

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Gaming on the iPad

I took the plunge and picked up an iPad. I’m sure that CJ did too, as he is also one of the Apple faithful. It’s a pretty amazing device, very fun to use (I’m using it to post this very blog), and the gaming experience is surprisingly good. Sure, it’s bulky to hold up if […]

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Episode 180 (4/5/10) – Hey You Kratos-chu

This week! It’s a special live podcast direct from CJ’s wedding. Join CJ, Phil, Greg and special guest Mike Rank (forum member twobitme) as they talk nuptials, games, extra large DSes and much much more. BTW, God of War III spoilers start at about 31:40 and go until 37:05. Own an iPhone/iPod touch? We’ve got […]

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