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  1. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    ??? Do you mean the Switch logo? If the intentionis to envoke the Famicom, then the system itself would be white and a deep crimson. The logo does not invoke the Famicom or even the Famicom Family logo which was simple black text.

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  2. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic Nintendo Direct Thread   

    Ditto, except replace 3DS with Vita.
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  3. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    I'm not upset - it's simply odd timing. Nintendo is such a children focused company yet they're not releasing their new platform in time for Christmas or delaying it until it would be about ready for Christmas next year. March is odd timing.
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  4. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic Ganbatte, Satoshi-Kun! Gēmu suru!   

    Oh boy, exciting news!
    Compile Heart has released an “image trailer” for its upcoming Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune.

    Voice by Vert's CV Rina Sato, the text in the trailer reads, “In an empty world, the four goddesses created ‘The World Tree Leanverde.’ The land and sea appeared with the tiny world tree sapling at the center. Finally, the goddesses gave the world a name. Its name, ‘Arsgard.‘”
    The Tamsoft-developed, Unreal Engine 4-based fantasy RPG will most likely be a timed exclusive for PS Vita with a later Steam version to follow. There is no release date yet, but the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation, due out on October 27, will have the latest information. Expect news to leak ahead of the magazine’s release in the early morning on Tuesday, October 25.
    Along with the teaser trailer, Dengeki Online has gone up with an online preview of Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune ahead of this week’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine coverage. The preview provides three new images, including a snippet of the key visual, a Neptune character model, and an in-game screenshot.

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  5. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    Look on the bright side. They could have called it the "Wii Switch". I'm actually shocked it isn't branded Wii somehow. Nintendo has been attached to that awful name for so long most of us are numb to how absolutely stupid it is. It would not have been surprising for the NX to be called Wii _______. I'll still be calling it NX though, both because that's a better name and it references the Excelesor from Star Trek III.
    This is probably correct. I don't think that Nintendo's first party lineup will differ from that of the WiiU's. That means we're going to see yet another new version of the same games we always see (smash brothers, mario kart, zelda...) while Nintendo continues to ignore other franchises like F-Zero and Metroid.
    I'm....mixed. On the one hand it's great. Reminds me of the Vita. Speedy load times, can't get scratched. It also means no WiiU backwards compatibility, but that's just one of those sacrificies there would be no good solution for. My concern is the cartridge format will almost certainly have a storage cap lower than that of blurays.
    By how much remains to be seen, but this could be a case of N64 carts vs PlayStation CDs or Gamecube mini DVDs vs the DVD-9 format of the PS2 and Xbox all over again when it comes to capcity and therefore what games can even be put on the Nintendo platform by third parties due to storage limits. I know flash storage has increased by leaps and bounds - it's one of the reasons I was excited about the concept of the Retro VGS. But where cartridges would have been perfectly fine for that ill-fated indie platform, on a stage where the average PS4 and Xbox One game are 50GB+ how will the NX versions of those games even work?

    Vita game cartridges are about the closest analogy since they have a higher capacity than 3DS carts, but large scale project Vita games don't compete with the PS4. The only recent case where that's true is with Trails of Cold Steel 2 on PS3 and Vita, and directly compared its clear the Vita version is more compressed to fit on the cart. I'm worried that NX versions of games that come out on PS4 and Xbox One as well won't look as good and perhaps may even be missing features the other versions get, thus making the NX version the inferior one to buy....thus causing a repeat of the WiiU sales situation for all but exclusive games and scaring away third parties. It's a conundrum for sure.
    I do too in a way, since small cases take up less room on the shelf and you can therefore fit more games on a shelf. *shakes fist at oversized collector's editions*

    I'm hoping that NX games will use a case the size of Vita games. Just make them white instead of blue. Same size. That size, Nintendo won't need to cut holes in the cases as they do with WiiU and 3DS cases. Make the cases small so they can be solid. Enough whole the damn hole filled cases.
    I agree. Just not totally sure I like the color of the NX pro controller. Also why are the ABXY buttons so FUCKING HUGE!? Did you notice that? Hopefully it won't be like that with the final version. Those buttons look like they're made for the fattest otaku on the planet only, at least three times the size of the buttons on standard controllers.
    As I've said, I think it's baffling for Nintendo to have revealed it now. They should ahve done so at E3. Or at TGS. Now doesn't make any sense. I also don't understand why Nintendo would choose to release the console in the spring - gaming buzz peaks in the fall and that's when most consoles are traditionally released. This is why I've been so admient the NX would not release in March - a March release does not make sense.

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  6. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    The idea of local multiplayer on a 7" tablet is absurd. People hate the idea of sharing a screen to begin with - a large reason online gaming took off the way it did was it meant gamers could have entire screens to themselves without having to deal with splitscreen.

    I know when I have multiplayer sessions with even just one friend we always game on the biggest screen possible. Even my laptop's 17" screen is usually considered too small for multiplayer - I connect it up to the 60" via the HDMI output for a far more enjoyable local multiplayer experience. Scaling that down to a 7" screen at the park with makeshift controllers? No way would I EVER do that, even if I were still a kid. That's like sharing a DMG GameBoy with someone else while using it at the same time.

    This is yet again, Nintendo just doing what they assume is correct ignoring what gamers actually want.
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  7. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic Hyperdimension Neptunia   

    I didn't like her at first, but Segami kinda grows on you with time.

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  8. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    but it ruins the portable aspect of it. the asymmetrical design is absolutely stupid if it ruins the entire unit by using individual buttons in a diamond layout in place of a dpad.

    Anyone who has ever tried the left handed mode in Metroid Prime Hunters on DS, Super Smash TV on SNES, or the manual aim of Earth Defense Force Portable 2 on PSP knows that buttons do NOT make a good subititue for a proper dpad.

    Unless Nintendo makes a proper module with a dpad. If they do that, then problem solved I guess. SOme people have speculated they'll make like GameCube shaped modules and such, so making a proper dpad would be the most sensible thing.
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  9. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    I didn't even notice this until now, but the base unit doesn't have a dpad! THE ONE THING Nintendo does better than everyone else the NX fucks up!

    Really hoping the unit shown in the video is just the prototype though. No dpad really will cost the sale for me.
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  10. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    Yeah I do too. Means they are unrepairable if anything goes wrong since you're dealing with an ASIC and under fucking epoxy. Cheap yes, but for the trash bin if anything ever goes even slightly wrong.
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  11. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic Twitter, please.   

  12. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    You have the good one. The Flashback 2 is a reverse engineered clone of the VCS using modern components. It's not an Famiclone (the first Flashback) nor is itan ARM based ASIC gloptop like the ones that proceeded the Flashback 2.

    I also own the Flashback 2 and yeah, there's no reason to even look at any of the others. None of them are correct to the hardware as Flashback 2 is.
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  13. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    And that, is exactly what concerns me.

    I like the core concept of the thing. A console that is also a handheld. I use my Vita TV a whole lot. If I could just use my Vita for both on the go and TV play it would save me the extra cost and extra set up.

    The question will be if NX delivers anything I really care about. That's honestly dubious. Will NX be more powerful than PS4 and Xbox One? If so, by how much? Will it be considered an eighth gen platform, or will be the first of the ninth in a weird zone of its own much like the Dreamcast was prior to the PS2, GameCube and Xbox and then be quickly outpaced?
    Third parties are going to continue to develop for well-established platforms. I don't see NX getting games that PS4 won't. Potentially a lot of multiplats. Which is fine but doesn't give third party reasoning to buy NX. So that leaves first party. I'm sick to death with the same things we always get. Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Brothers, Zelda. Great games for those who like them. I'm just sick of them. I like Mario Kart 8. Never want to play it though because it's Mario Kart. again.

    Will NX be any different in terms of its first party lineup than WiiU has been? I don't see why it would be. The last F-Zero game was Japan only and for GameBoy Advance. It was time for a new F-Zero game ten years ago. And for Metroid, you need to look to projects like AM2R to get your fix. What's stopping Nintendo?

    I just feel in looking for reasons to care about NX, the gimmicky hardware isn't a good enough reason to get overly excited.
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  14. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    I just don't get the people who fawn over it and proclaim "WOW THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER REGARDLESS OF IF IT EVEN HAS GAMES".
    I don't care about platform. As long as there aren't glaring issues with the hardware or controller design, it's the software that gets almost my sole attention. The reason I'm such a fan of the Vita has everything to do with the library of games on the Vita - not the hardware itself. beautiful OLED screen comfortable design and even the system power are secondary to the fact that it has a heap of games that I really like and will replay for years.
    I was someone who camped out on launch day for the Wii. Nintendo had me caught up in all the hype. Trauma Center on the TV, Virtual Console was going to be the most amazing thing ever. The Opera Web browser. So cool. But slowly I realized what a fool I had been. Virtual Console was a pile of crap, Trauma Center Second Opinion wasn't as good as the DS original, and ultimately the Wii offered only a handful of games that really appealed to me. That dampened my interest of the WiiU at launch and for years into it's life. Only my love for Shantae brought me onboard.

    NX needs hooks to get me excited. The best thing I saw in the reveal is the Pro Controller. That thing looks boss. Even if I don't buy an NX I'll probably buy one of those controllers along with a Mayflash adapter when they come out. I really, really love the WiiU Pro Controller.
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  15. Satoshi_Matrix added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    I waited until the summer of 2015 to buy a WiiU and since then I've bought just ten games for it's entire library. The WiiU just.......deoesn't have many games that appeal to me. I wish it did.

    About the best thing I have to say about the WiiU is that the WiiU Classic Controller Pro is about the best thing Nintendo has ever done. That controller is so absolutely wonderful and use it almost daily. Unfortunately, I use it with a USB adapter on my Ouya as the primary controller for playing Ouya games. The last time I had it synced up to my WiiU was a little after Mario Maker came out.

    So NX doesn't exactly thrill me because I don't see Nintendo going in a completely different direction than WiiU. Far more likely they'll just do the same old thing, slightly revised. We'll get Mario 3D platformer, Smash Brothers, Mario Party and other casual experiences. But will we get Metroid? Pilotwings? Star Fox (that isn't a tablet driven mess) and most importantly, F-Zero? I feel like everythign I want from Nintendo they ignore yet I'm expected to be as hyped for NX as N64 kid was on Christmas. 
    There's a rumor that NX will be region free and that is one important step in the right direction, but Nintendo could royally fuck that up by making their store region locked thus preventing any DLC or such played on non native games. To be fair the Vita has this problem but regions can be switched by switcihing the memory card. If something that is possible on NX, I'll at least go along with it. Region free gaming is so important in this age where publishers like Tecmo are too pussy to put out Dead or Alive 3 in the west in fear of feminist backlash. 

    So I'll wait and see what happens with NX.

    Honestly whenevr Nintendo gets around to announcing the 3DS successor it'll be more exciting. Their new console offering is kind of meh to me.
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