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  1. WiserTime added a post in a topic Episode 300 (07/23/12) - 300   

    Hi guys, Rich here. I am so glad that the reaction to the show has been positive. I left town this morning for a 2-country, 4-day jaunt involving planes, trains, and automobiles, and was slightly concerned that a torch- and pitchfork-wielding internet would be at my virtual doorstep when I landed in Milwaukee this evening.

    I did not want to screw this up.

    A few quick things:

    #1: I felt like the world's biggest dope when I went to play the first "congrats" message to the guys only to have my PC take a dump on me at that moment. This was about, oh, 6 minutes into the show. The guys were very gracious, but had to be thinking "geez, this dude is really screwing the pooch". This moment is the very last part of the episode zinger, which Greg beautifully caps. Needless to say, I was crestfallen. Of course, Mike predicts exactly such a thing happening (as heard in an earlier part of the zinger).

    #2: As you can tell from yet another part of the zinger, we didn't go into this recording knowing this would actually be the 300th episode. My original pitch to the gang was to do a side/special episode, interviewing the hosts about what it's like to do 300 shows and create a community from scratch. The fact that it actually wound up being used as the real episode - canon, as it were - is just spectacular.

    #3: I can't say thank you enough times to Greg, CJ, Phil, and Mike for agreeing to join me for an evening. What a unique experience! I mean, how many shows would ever do such a thing? As a longtime listener and fan, it was surreal. As I told the guys after the show, my only regret was that I was so concerned the whole time about getting all the technology to work that I probably didn't enjoy being in the moment as much as I should have.

    #4: Greg Ford is a great man.

    #5: I can't believe I didn't ask Phil to do Milo. Swing and a miss.

    Thanks to Mike, Phil, CJ, and Greg for going along with my crazy idea, and thanks to everyone who posted here for being so nice. It's not often you get to be a big part of one of your favorite things. What a great, great day.
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  2. WiserTime added a post in a topic Madden 2013 P1P League   

    I so desperately want to be in this league but my PS3 simply refuses to talk to my router whether by wi-fi or direct connection. In fact, the only way I can do anything PSN-related anymore is by using my Verizon hotspot for system updates and such.

    No PS3 multiplayer for me.

    Damn you, launch day PS3 (and empty bank account)!
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  3. WiserTime added a topic in Video Games   

    Greg Sewart's all-time best racing games (Part 1)
    Hiya gang. Our favorite Canadian racing expert weighed in on the best racers of the NES, Sega, and Sega CD era on GamesRadar. Right here:


    Part 2 is next week, along with a podcast of the whole interview. He's a great interview - and man does he know his stuff.

    Many thanks to Greg for letting me spend a couple of hours with him. Thank God (for me and the column, that is) the rest of the P1P crew doesn't let him talk about this stuff!
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  4. WiserTime added a post in a topic Thank you, Player One Podcast   

    It's an internal podcast for work. I've been ranting to my bosses about how we should take advantage of things like blogs and podcasts to get our message out to prospective customers and employees. After enough blather, one of them looked at me and said "OK OK then go make it happen."

    So having no experience (other than listening to them) I've had to piece it together. Not an easy task at all, even for someone like me...a decently tech-savvy guy but far from a programmer/solutions architect.

    It's been a fun but time-consuming process. It's really opened my eyes in a lot of ways, including being very appreciative of the efforts you guys go to to make POP happen every week with such quality. I know you guys make fun of yourselves all the time, but let's face it...it's a big deal to have done this almost 200 times and keep it interesting. Which you guys do in spades.
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  5. WiserTime added a post in a topic Thank you, Player One Podcast   

    It amazes me how you guys keep cranking these suckers out, week after week. I've been listening for at least 2 years now, and have gradually stopped listening to most other gaming 'casts (other than the occasional 4 Guys 1 UP or random Sports Anomaly) just because of time constraints. Now that I'm doing my own podcast for work, it's really hit home how dedicated you are, how tough it is to keep it fresh and interesting, and how easy it would be to have it sound like crap.

    So I wanted to make you guys aware of how much I love the show and look forward to it every week. Keep up the great work!
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  6. WiserTime added a topic in Introductions   

    Thank you, Player One Podcast
    (from the GAF thread I started)

    I love the Player One Podcast.

    I’ve recently begun podcasting for work, and it amazes me how much time, effort, and skill it takes to actually produce an entertaining podcast. Believe me, it ain’t easy. Getting people in place with the right gear, having an interesting dialogue, then editing and publishing your work is a giant pain in the neck even in the best of circumstances.

    The gang at POP has managed to do this for a staggering 170-plus consecutive weeks!

    Each and every week, CJ, Phil, Sewart, and Ford manage to put together the most enjoyable, relaxed, and downright fun-to-listen-to ‘cast and make it sound easy.

    Sure, they may not always talk about the latest games. Considering that everyone else does, that’s actually kind of nice. I enjoy the fact that they’re playing games that came out more than a week or so ago, because normal people like me (with jobs and kids and other responsibilities) can’t possibly keep up with all the new stuff that comes out these days.

    Sure, they may skew heavily towards anime, Japanese themes, and platformers. What’s funny is that I don’t normally go for most genres they do. Yet I still love the show. Plus, you can always count on Sewart to weigh in on racers and Ford to occasionally pipe up about sports titles. At some point, each and every kind of game is mentioned.

    CJ – how I love your unabashed love for Apple; your utter inability to come close to finishing (almost) any game; your disdain of podcast editing contrasted with your unwavering commitment to producing POP every week.

    Phil – how I love your obstinate refusal to beat Mega Man 9; your incomprehensible dissection of Japanese animation minutae; your gleeful, ignorant hatred of all things sports; and your open disdain of Greg Ford.

    Sewart – as a fellow Dad of a toddler, how I love your sharing of video games with your kids; your loathing of online multiplayer; your unapologetic defense of Motherland Canada; and your hockey prowess.

    Ford – how I love your refusal to quit the POP despite Phil’s continuing abuse; your widely varying tastes and opinions; your co-ed beer parties, and steadfast desire to make everyone else wait to record while you wrap up a few rounds of Modern Warfare.

    Thanks, POP, for being the best podcast out there. Keep it up few decades, if ya don’t mind.
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