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  1. Fozec added a post in a topic Mass Effect 2 PS3 demo   

    I'm about 30 hours into ME2 and holy shit! I knew the game was well regarded, but I had no idea I'd get so hooked on it. It's been a long time since I've been this addicted to a game. I wonder how many 360 console sales this PS3 release will generate? I've never owned a 360, but I'm thinking seriously about getting one just to play the first game.
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  2. Fozec added a post in a topic Enslaved: Odyssey to the West   

    Grizzly Adams eh? If that's on PS3 I'm in for day one.
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  3. Fozec added a post in a topic Enslaved: Odyssey to the West   

    I'm about halfway through the game on PS3 and I like it very much. This is really my kind of game, but I was put off by the technical issues in the demo. They don't seem as bad so far in the retail game. Love the story, gameplay is solid fun. The animation seems kind of jerky, and maybe some more dev time would have made the game better, but I'm really enjoying it as-is.
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  4. Fozec added a post in a topic Force Unleashed 2 Demo is out now......   

    I played the demo last night. Unfortunately this game has the same problem that bugged me in the first one: terrible, terrible voice acting for Darth Vader. Half the people I know do a better James Earl Jones than whoever Lucasarts uses. This has been a problem as far back as TIE Fighter at least. I don't know why they have so much trouble finding someone to do a good JEJ impression.

    Otherwise the game looks great to me. I enjoyed the first one, so I'm sure I'll like this one too. Just need to finish up Enslaved before Tuesday.
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  5. Fozec added a post in a topic Episode 206 (10/04/10) - The Color of Hulk   

    I was playing the PS3 demo, and the problems were so bad that Monkey completely disappeared from the screen twice during in-engine cutscenes. Luckily he always reappeared when I regained control. I wonder if there's any chance of this being better in the retail release? I really want to like this game. Too bad I don't have a 360.

    Agreed on the Boo Berry. I always rediscover this fact after shopping at Target around this time of year.
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  6. Fozec added a post in a topic October really wants to redo what May was   

    Kmart is giving a $25 gaming coupon with Enslaved if anyone is interested.
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  7. Fozec added a post in a topic Quick help needed near the end of Arkham Asylum......   

    Is there a grate under your feet you can drop down to?
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  8. Fozec added a post in a topic October really wants to redo what May was   

    I just played through the Enslaved demo. The lack of polish really bothered me. Graphical glitches, jerky controls, etc., undermine what should be a great game. Like Sewart, the game was really calling to me. After the demo I'm thinking pass though. I'll be interested to hear from those that buy the game whether any of the problems in the demo are fixed.

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  9. Fozec added a topic in Video Games   

    PSPhone mockup at Engadget
    Looks good to me. This would solve Sony's handheld problem and Android's gaming problem all at once.

    My link
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  10. Fozec added a post in a topic LEGO Harry Potter   

    Does he throw forks at you?
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  11. Fozec added a post in a topic LEGO Harry Potter   

    I always bring this up in any discussion of Harry Potter. If you haven't read the books and want to give them a try, I highly recommend the audiobooks. For whatever reason the US and UK publishers of Harry Potter each had a different version recorded, both by Brits. I've only heard the US version, which is narrated by Jim Dale. He is really good, and does unique voices for each character. I prefer his "radio" version to even the best of the movies. The UK audio books are narrated by Stephen Fry, so I would assume they're wonderful as well. I've never been able to bring myself to try them because I love the Jim Dale version so much.

    As for the game, I love the Lego games and I love Harry Potter, so I will definitely pick this up sometime. Since I haven't seen a super deal on it this week and since I have a big backlog of games right now, I'll probably wait for the price to drop. Definite must buy for me... eventually.
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  12. Fozec added a post in a topic Episode 192 (06/28/10) - Wedgies   

    Thanks for the Frank Welker mention. I always found his Megatron voice as distinctive as Peter Cullen's voice for Optimus Prime. I was very disappointed Michael Bay didn't bring him back for the movies, and instead went with such a generic mean villain voice. Also, even though Soundwave's voice is always highly modulated, it never sounds right when done by someone else.

    I'm really enjoying War for Cybertron now, but at first the voices really threw me off. Add Frank Welker to this game and for me it would be a 9.5. I even like the multiplayer, and I'm not usually a fan of that.
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  13. Fozec added a post in a topic POP Community Opinions on Transformers WfC   

    I've spent some time with the game now, and I'm enjoying it. It's not quite what I was hoping for, but I wouldn't say I'm disappointed with it either. Most of my complaints are of the "don't embarrass me at Bot Con" variety, so I won't bother with those here. I will say that I'm enjoying the multiplayer more than the single player campaign. I'm having fun customizing the characters to look like the cartoon and then fighting it out. Of course I suck as always at multiplayer shooters, but it's still fun. On the single player side I'm two chapters into the Decepticon campaign and finding it a little boring. I was looking forward to fighting other Transformers I know, but these waves of nameless Autobots aren't doing it for me. Maybe that will get better later on. The game has an 83 on Metacritic right now, and that seems about right to me.

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  14. Fozec added a post in a topic Transformers: War for Cybertron   

    I wouldn't mind trying some multiplayer tonight. Which platform are you on? I'm on PSN, hacker alias "Fozec".

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  15. Fozec added a post in a topic Dead Space new for $9.95 free shipping   

    I just took advantage of this. I for one appreciate the deal threads, as I check this forum a lot more often than CAG. Thanks!
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