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  1. BlindGuardian12 added a post in a topic Share your XBL Gamertags   

    Just joined xbox gold for the free game. I prefer my ps3, but I went ahead and joined xbox I have no friends on it. I'm not a competative player, I'm too old. Anyway, my gamertag is Homersteve. On PS3 my ID is BlindGuardian12
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  2. BlindGuardian12 added a post in a topic The Player One Podcast "Get in Shape 2011" thread.   

    I started eating right dec 28th and lost 25 lbs (226.5 to 201). Started using EA Active 2 about a month ago. Can anybody add me to their workout group? Thanks
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  3. BlindGuardian12 added a post in a topic Win a Copy of 180 for iPhone!   

    Shaka zulu... Shaka zili... Shaka whaka... Shaka wiki ... Would love a code for the game. Thanks p1p for the contest. Btw, i wuv u too phil.
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