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  1. CptRoboto added a post in a topic 500: It's the 500th Episode Special   

    Haven't logged in since 2012, but had to just to say congrats on 500. Still quietly listening after 10 years. 
    Enjoyed Phil's blue snow balls!
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  2. CptRoboto added a post in a topic 345 (06/10/13): Often Online   

    Great show this week. I, like you CJ, am looking forward to Nintendo. Prediction: somehow Nintendo manages to pull it off like they've done with the 3ds. This time next year we'll be saying, "remember how bad the Wii U USED to be."

    Come visit my AC town Tardis.
    3ds= Cptroboto 4897-6497-8151 (let me know and I'll add back)
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  3. CptRoboto added a post in a topic PSN ID List   

    I'm on the Vita.

    PSN = Cptrobto

    Feel free to add me! thanks.
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  4. CptRoboto added a post in a topic 3DS Friend Code List - Visit from time to time to add the new people!   

    Just got my 3ds - please add - thanks
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  5. CptRoboto added a topic in Video Games   

    Puzzle Quest 2
    Hey everyone. I'm having trouble finding Puzzle Quest 2 locally. I see Amazon is selling it but all three of our Gamestops said they don't even have them as being shipped in their systems. What gives? Has anyone picked this one up yet? Is it as good as the first? Trying to find out the goods before I hit the purchase button online.
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  6. CptRoboto added a post in a topic Howdy   

    I've listened a couple of times on Sunday night but then my drive to work stinks the next day.

    As far as using games in the classroom there are a couple of ways, but the main thing I do is use a character creation sheet at the beginning of the year. All of the kids start out at level one and by doing good throughout the year they get bonus multipliers to use on tests and homework and special abilities while leveling up. Kind of like any RPG you've ever played. Plus I bring the DSi and PSP in and kids can earn some play time (I find they like that a lot better than candy or stickers). Scribblenaughts was a good one this year as it encouraged problem solving skills. We also stay on top of technology and video games usually lead the way in innovative ideas, i.e. Kinect. Everyone freaked out when I showed them the Milo video this past year.
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  7. CptRoboto added a topic in Introductions   

    Hello Everyone.
    Listening for about a year. 33 - married - 2 babies - one mama. I'm a teacher from Ga. I use video games in the classroom (xp is much more fun to earn than an A). I listen to a lot of podcasts to stay abreast of all that is good in the gaming world. PlayeOne and Radio Free Nintendo are my top picks since you both cater to older games who don't mind the Wii not having first person shooters.

    I have a secret gaming crush on Phil and listening to Ford makes me a better person.

    Thanks for the great show. Look forward to it every Monday morning.
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  8. CptRoboto added a post in a topic Episode 191 (06/21/10) - E3. Wa-bam!   

    I've been listening now for about a year and I've always wondered why you guys are always so quick to end the show? Is it a time issue? I always hate hearing "allllriiiiiggghhtty then." Keep it going guys.
    Phil was on fire this week. -wave my wiimote while feeding my cat. I shot coffee out of my nose.
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  9. CptRoboto added a post in a topic Episode 189 (06/07/10) - It's Luigi's Mansion for Grown-Ups   

    Long time listener and first time forum user. (I'm the old school Toys R Us guy)
    Just wanted to say that there was a nice sparkle to this week's podcast. I don't know if it was Ford's hosting (good job - way to stay positive as always) or everyone's Luigi impressions. Probably Ford.
    And when are we going to here about the new Blue Dragon Phil? There are NO reviews up anywhere. Tell your wife to get on it.
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