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  1. JaguarCRO added a post in a topic Episode 191 (06/21/10) - E3. Wa-bam!   

    The real king of Sequels was actually Nintendo (especially on the 3DS) and yet most people praised their line-up (I personally really like sequels as they are almost always better than the 1st game in countless ways.)
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  2. JaguarCRO added a post in a topic Episode 191 (06/21/10) - E3. Wa-bam!   

    But look at what you have been playing on your XBox... Forza III, Backyard Sports, and Halo ODST.. More sequels than not.

    And one could really argue your sequel vs New games count.

    Just with the1st Party Sony Move games(Heroes on the Move, Sorcery, Sports Champions, Eye Pet, TV SuperStars, Start the Party, The Shoot, and Kung Fu Rider) I count 8 all brand new games , featured in the Move section of presentation.
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  3. JaguarCRO added a post in a topic Episode 191 (06/21/10) - E3. Wa-bam!   

    I talked to a Sony rep at the show and they said all the demos on the disc would be downloadable for those who don't buy the "Starter pack". (I have a PS Eye from Eye of Judgement so I don't need to re-buy it).

    I am still hoping for an announcement from EA that they are bringing Boom Blox over as those 2 titles were one of my favorite 3rd party multiplayer games on the Wii.
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  4. JaguarCRO added a post in a topic Episode 191 (06/21/10) - E3. Wa-bam!   

    The point wasn't that you just "missed games" it was that you missed whole topics about lack of games (Microsoft) and lack of game pricing (3DS) and tons of remakes (3DS - vs past criticism of PSP - Which I think is very much warranted)

    The other point I was trying to make was that I was at E3, got to play several of these games and my personal experience contradicted several statements made. (no deathmatch mode in Twisted Metal, Playable game of Motorstorm Apocalypse, Move support being integrated into Core titles, 3DS not actually having any games to play at the show - at least for the non elite media!)

    The EA Press Conference had Burnout and of course the Ubisoft conference had Assassin's creed, but maybe you guys didn't watch or review those.

    I thought since this was an E3 summary show that they were 2 good games to highlight. (Hence the "E3. Wa bam!" topic and not the "E3 Press Conferences of only Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo...Wa-bam!" topic)
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  5. JaguarCRO added a post in a topic Episode 191 (06/21/10) - E3. Wa-bam!   

    I have been listening to your podcasts for a long time and I usually appreciate your insightful commentary, but this time I think this episode really was clouded by your love of the potential for the 3DS.

    Now I was fortunate to be able to go to E3 and I think the 3DS has a bunch of potential but has 3 big problems
    1) System Price - Contrary to the statement made Nintendo keeps increasing the price of the Nintendo DS Line. In fact all 3 models have been the same price or increased the price of the previous version:
    a) Nintendo DS Lite - 129.99 (previous Nintendo DS price 129.99)
    b) Nintendo DSi - 169.99
    c) Nintendo DSXL - 189.99
    d) Nintendo 3DS - (Definitely at least 199.99 - My guess is $249.99) - It is especially important as Nintendo has said they won't lose money on the system.

    2) Game Prices - No mention at all. This is the most troubling to me. Nintendo already releases their 1st Party Nintendo DS Titles at $35 and they have stated that costs for the 3DS titles are in the same realm as the Wii does that mean we have ~$50 portable games coming our way.... I avoided the PSP when it was first released as their titles were $39.99

    3) The same game over again just on a portable. This is exactly what Sony got slammed for on the PSP (just the same title as the PS2).

    There were no real games for attendees to try (at least in the regular 3DS line) if you were non-media as there were all just little tech demos of the technology.

    One other side note is that almost everything of interest in Nintendo's booth was 2011. In fact only one title of interest to me that they displayed was for 2010 (Kirby's Epic Yarn)

    On the other 2
    Microsoft- Where is the criticism of Microsoft for not announcing a single new non-Kinect title? And they had a year and they couldn't show a single integrated game with Kinect (ie non mini game based)

    Sony - Games I got to play

    Motorstorm Apocalypse was playable on the show floor. It was an early build and it was in 3D. I personally am a fan of Motorstorm Pacific Rift,and found Apocalypse looking cool and quite fun at this early stage.
    Socom 4 with Move support - I have never played a Socom game but this one was really fun. Reminded me of the first game i liked in first person style on the Wii (The Godfather Game)
    LittleBig Planet 2 again with Move Support - I mean they have the ability to remap any button and just about any kind of motion for any creator to make an original game. This has so much potential it is crazy!
    Twisted Metal - Within the first few minutes they talk about bringing back the old modes (ie Deathmatch.. etc)
    I played the game in Deathmatch mode and it was crazy and fun.
    Sly Collection - I played a 3D flight mini-game, I think from Sly 3, and it was pretty good. I have never played the Sly games so this will be a good chance for me to catch up.
    Marvel vs Capcom 3 - I am not much of a fighting game fan but this seemed more interesting than Super Street Fighter 4 because I like the Marvel characters better.
    DC Universe - Yeah really wasn't impressed by this game.

    Other games you guys totally missed:
    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - The Burnout guys are doing a Need for Speed game and it is Open World!!! - I got to play it in the EA booth and it was a lot of fun playing as both the Cop and the "Racer"
    Lara Croft: Guardian of Light - Excellent Isometric style same screen local or online co-op game in the vein of Diablo (with some light puzzles thrown in). Very fun and releasing this summer on the PSN and XBox Live.
    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - They did it. I played the multiplayer demo with 6 other players and had a great time. (I came in 2nd) They have produced a fun multiplayer version of Assassin's creed. (This is from someone who rarely plays online multiplayer games anymore). And they will still have a 15+ hour single player game to go with it. Sold!

    In the words of Marcus:
    "Step up your game!" - You guys can do much better.
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