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  1. soultron added a post in a topic Watchmen   

    Didn't do much for me, since I haven't read the book. I struggled to keep up with the breakneck pacing, and the movie felt really disjointed past the first half hour. I wanted it to be great, and I think with a Kill Bill style diptych treatment, it could've burned slower and been a better movie for the uninitiated.

    The opening was amazing, even though most people I know said that was the worst usage of Bob Dylan they've ever seen.

    Also, I wish the movie wasn't advertised as being this big ACTION epic, because it wasn't. It felt like an alternate history poem on how mankind is the most destructive force on the planet. It was neat to see retired non-super super heroes, but I just feel the whole "mankind's basic instincts of war and blah blah will be its own destruction" have been done before -- and done much better. (Many of Dr. Manhattan's monologues made me want to leave the theatre.)

    I wish I had read the book before going in because my one friend said it was really faithful to the source material, even though certain story elements and/or characters were left out. I'm glad he got the chance to enjoy it as much as he did. In that same breath, I hope if we get a Metal Gear Solid movie, it will get a strictly fan service treatment like the Watchmen did, because I know all of us here will really enjoy it.
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  2. soultron added a post in a topic The Killzone Thread   

    I returned my PS3 after I completed MGS4 so that I could afford a really nice bike I was looking at all year. Now that KZ2 is out, and I can't ride the bike I love so much, I'm starting to wonder if I made the wrong choice.

    The PS3 will love you all year round. A bicycle, however, will not. :[ x 999
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  3. soultron added a post in a topic Lost Planet 2   

    If you have serious problems overcoming the first boss, you hold no chance against the later bosses. I made the mistake on playing the game on Hard. I made it through. I never even want to contemplate the game on Extreme though. (IIRC your vitals drop at a really fast rate, which basically forces you to play the game as a speed run.)

    tl;dr -- the game's bosses only get harder, so don't bother playing the game if you find even the second boss to be "too tough."
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  4. soultron added a post in a topic Lost Planet 2   


    When you start fighting humans more than you do Akrid, then it's time to quit the SP campaign.
    When you start spending more time in a VS than you do on foot, then it's time to quit the SP campaign.
    When the story starts to grate... Uh, you should probably ignore this one and just refer to the above criteria.
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  5. soultron added a post in a topic Street Fighter IV   

    Haha. I asked for a ban from GAF. (Which I ditched P1 for, sadly.)

    Unfortunately for the internet, I think my opinion's worth someth--haha fuck that.

    Good thing to see everyone's still kicking here. I was planning on kicking it and reconnecting with all you swell folks over XBL, but then my XBOX decided to smote itself. :[
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  6. soultron added a post in a topic Do we have any Call of Duty players around here?   

    COD4 is basically the only game I play these days. My 360 died though, so when I'm back up and running I'll drop by this thread.

    I'm going through withdrawal. :[
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  7. soultron added a post in a topic Street Fighter IV   

    My second 360 pulled the same shit as the first. I was enjoying a wonderful round of COD4 when everything on screen started to take on an increasingly green hue. I hit reset in hopes that it would "fix" my problems, and I was presented with sound and no video. For those of you unfortunate enough to experience this, you'll know it ain't covered under the RROD warranty. $160 for "repairs" (see: refurb'd unit.) when a brand new Arcade costs $200 Canadian?

    All within the week of SFIV's launch.

    Fuck you, Microsoft. My Revenge Gauge is filled, and I plan unleashing Killzone 2, SFIV and a(nother) PS3 purchase on your collective asses.

    Can't wait to play (first and foremost though: AFFORD) this shit. I'm scared of going online and playing some of you guys. I remember being destroyed by Kirbutashi in basically every single MP game we used to play back a few years ago. Haha.
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  8. soultron added a post in a topic Lost Planet 2   

    Damn everyone who hated the first. It did suck, mainly because of the bait-and-holy-shit-SNOW-ZOE-switch tactics, but the online was genius. First JP MP game that was a hit, IMO. Tonnes of things were wrong with it, but it's probably wayyy better than what Bionic Commando's MP will be like.

    Mik's right about the atmosphere (for the first half of the game) though. I remember the parking garage section very early on in the game; coming in from the snowstorm outside, turning your flashlight on, and getting fucking swarmed by Akrid.

    I might check out LP Colonies in anticipation of this. Hopefully they'll be updating the online play so things like stun animations don't make you temporarily invincible.
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  9. soultron added a post in a topic GTA4 Discussion/Impressions Thread   

    I somehow managed to shoot one of that fucker's tires out with my SMG while chasing him down. Got out and beat him to death with my baseball bat when dude tried to run away. After about 10 tries, I fist pumped so hard upon finally beating it/Rivas.

    So yeah, shooting while driving is really difficult.

    I'm finished a few missions past The Holland Play and I'm really liking things so far. The lack of mission checkpoints are making things a bit annoying, like so many have already mentioned.
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  10. soultron added a post in a topic April Fools thread   

    GameCast 2. Check GAF.
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  11. soultron added a post in a topic STAR OCEAN 4 TRAILER   

    Um... do a barrel roll. Perhaps one might use the boost to get through.

    The music was painful to listen to.


    I've never played a SO game, but I think they're done by Tri-Ace, right? (They did Radiata... it was okay.) I'm interested, but the trailer did nothing for me.
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  12. soultron added a post in a topic Buying April's big games?   

    I just got RSV2 last weekend. I need to buy another 360 game now?

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  13. soultron added a post in a topic Dead Fantasy   

    I got bored about five minutes in. No one will ever lose, even though the FF crew always dishes mad damage.

    It's not that his work isn't spectacular, it's just that he draws from every tired anime fight choreography staple there is.
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  14. soultron added a post in a topic So, Sonic Unleashed   

    I like it. I just want it to be good. Maybe it will have a good camera too?!
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  15. soultron added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    Rainbow Six Vegas 2: More of the Same. Played some awesome coop on Realistic today, but I've done it all before. I would've gladly paid $20 for this as an expansion pack. Having paid $65 for it, I'm feeling a tonne of regret right about now.

    I want to give it more time to see if it's better than my night's initial impressions will have me believe, but I really have played this before, except it was called Rainbow Six Vegas.
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