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  1. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic The Last of Us   

    I heard a rumor that the Lead guy on this was the Lead guy on Enslaved. Looking for confirmation now.

    Edit: from Mark Richard Davies twitter. Said Lead designer from Enslaved and current Naughty Dog Game Designer.

    <br class="Apple-interchange-newline">@Ninjafr4meMark Richard DaviesOkay, so I never worked on Uncharted 3 - I was really doing this:… Finally I can stop lying!10 Dec via web
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  2. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic SKYRIM   

    As someone who barely played Oblivion, I am deeply hooked into Skyrim. I'm not sure what it was in Oblivion that turned me off, most likely the character upgrading screen, or the fact that all the enemies leveled when you did turned me off. The streamlined perks system of leveling in Skyrim is nice. As far as the installing on 360, it only takes up 3.8 GB and Bethesda says the game takes advantage of streaming data off the disc and thinks that is the cause of the blurry textures. This game has stopped me from finishing Uncharted 3 and I am only level 12 in Skyrim.

    Now if you'll excuse me, time for more Skyrim.
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  3. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Sony to limit game sharing starting November 18th   

    You had to figure this was coming eventually. I'm surprised it's this late in the generation.
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  4. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Lord of the Rings: War of the North   

    I bought this game due to interest and also Amazon generously giving me a $20 coupon. Played a little yesterday and seems okay. Not really digging the Elf mage combat. Might try one of the other dudes, and try online some. Feels like it could be cool online, but too bad the mage combat kinda sucks. I feel like I have to hit dudes with melee more than any magic. Your A.I. dudes are probably the cause of that, not drawing enough attention from the enemies.
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  5. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Batman: Arkham City   

    So I beat this last night, and did both endings. Too bad Rocksteady didn't add in a Wayne's World like melody in the one. Deciding if I should jump back in and do Riddler stuff.
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  6. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Batman: Arkham City   

    I agree with mik and Phil. Really enjoy roaming the city as Catwoman. I feel with her Rocksteady could incorporate some kind of morality choice system in a spinoff game. As someone who grew up watching old Adam West Batman reruns and the Tim Burton movies not having super deep knowledge of the Batman villains makes me not really care for the more obscure villains. I enjoy their arcs, but am not drawn to them as much as the others. I feel with a Catwoman game set in this setting they could make it more open ended by having little things to chose between. Even in the first couple segments I've played as Catwoman how cool would it have been if you could con your way out of those situations. Could be cool to play a truly open world game in the Batman universe.
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  7. JoeDVDChicola added a topic in Video Games   

    Ambassador Games now available for the 3DS
    Hey everyone just letting you all know that the NES games are available now. There is a weird procedure that you need to do to get your games. Luckily Patrick Klepek kindly put together a step by step walkthrough. Downloaded all of mine, not sure if I'll play everyone of them yet. Played Wrecking Crew, just as good as I remember.
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  8. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Episode 252 (08/22/11) - Urban Champions   

    I have to agree with my fellow Illinois'ns Chicago style is the best. Also only in Chicago would someone invent what is referred to as pizza pot pie. Haven't tried it yet cause it's on the northside, but will eventually.

    Edit: Youtube embed not working. Here's the link.
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  9. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Episode 250 (08/11/11) - Finally   

    Congrats Phil.

    Also figured you guys were kidding about ending the show. Now to track down some of those CJ fanzine's.
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  10. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Summer of Arcade begins with Bastion   

    I finished it recently as well. Really enjoyed the buildup to the end. Definitely going to go back and new game plus and use some of those late game weapons. I rocked the Musket/Carbine for a lot of the game. Great game for such a small team, very interested in what they do next. For those interested I'd recommend watching Giant Bomb's Building the Bastion videos. They are making of videos from the team.
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  11. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic L.A Noire   

    I just finished it as well and agree that the ending is kinda rushed and unfulfilled. The things I liked though were the late game characters and how the weaved the tails of the war back into focus. I guess I was expecting more carry-over story from desk to desk from the beginning instead of just the lead-up to the endgame.

    However with all the problems I had with the game, I'd bee there day one on the sequel.

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  12. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Persona 2 Innocent Sin getting a U.S. Release   

    According to Amazon it releases on Sept 20th. No soundtrack yet but Atlus usually adds that stuff later.
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  13. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Terraria   

    Heard this game was made by two people with the XNA tools. I'd be interested if it comes to XBLA in the future. Or Mac so I can play it on my laptop.
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  14. JoeDVDChicola added a post in a topic Brink   

    Brink has lots of good ideas but something just seems like it's missing. I like all the character customization options, but there could be more. The lack of a single-player story mode is also a problem, but the little story in there is okay. The 8 maps is a low amount, but there is good variety in the level design. The weapons are varied, but just don't feel all that good.

    This game has been delayed a couple times and it really could have used a couple more months. Mainly to fix the netcode and some of those lacking elements.

    I'll be looking forward to any upcoming patches and DLC that could elevate this game.

    This was my half-hearted attempt to get this post back on topic.
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  15. JoeDVDChicola added a topic in Video Games   

    Patrick Klepek joins as News editor
    I figure most everyone who keeps up with video game news has heard, but thought I'd see how the people here feel about a former EGMer joining a bunch of former Gamespot guys. As Jeff Gerstmann wrote in an article introducing Patrick, he states that the News features have been becoming less and less relevant and was glad to get someone the caliber of Patrick to join the team. As an daily viewer of GiantBomb, this news has me looking forward to daily updates about stories that would otherwise be glossed over. Lets also remember it was Patrick who broke the story of the Infinity Ward breakdown.
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