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  1. frostyxc added a post in a topic Piracy rules the web......   

    I pirated Robot Unicorn the other day. Did a shit on it...

    Okay, not really.
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  2. frostyxc added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    I usually lurk (once a month), but I thought I'd register and comment on this fantastic writing archival service.

    First off... why do you guys hate journalism?!? Italics mean sarcasm, write? Right? Wright? Whatever. There're know copy editor hear.

    Does anyone else's skin crawl when these folks call themselves "journalists", or when the work is blanketed under "journalism"? I went to journalism school and hated almost everything they tried to teach me, but I still gleaned the difference between product reviews/industry PR/news stringing and actual journalism... which I still hate. Did I already mention that I hated journalism school?

    Other than that, whatever happened to keeping sentences simple and clear? I know we all want to be funny and clever in any writing we do, but there's no place for it in a simple news rip or product review. There is a place for overwriting and it's called Stephen King.

    I occasionally help un-native English speakers wright things sometimes... *cough* Sorry, I was trying to channel Kotaku.

    Anyway, I occasionally help non-native English speakers with papers and they try to do the exact same thing. Long, meandering sentences that lose the point in the middle of a long thought on the perils of rice production and the inherent difficulties in the public sector of nard-kicking up your bung in the mouth of searing madness. I always tell them to keep it simple, so they aren't mistakenly placed on a no-fly list. Who's telling these writers to be mindful of the same thing? It's hard to get off of a no-fly list! And if you're placed on one, you can't go to Japan and tell everyone about how cool everything in Japan is! They should understand that, right? Good... because I didn't. *Underware in vending mashines! LOLZ!*

    Okay, that was weird. Keep up the good work, guys! I don't like reading stuff on those sites (I can make up a top-five list in my head, thank you very much!), so it's nice to have everything in one place.
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