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  1. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Metal Gear Solid V   

    Konami realized Sony's biggest money makers are its insurance company and SCE, so now they want a piece of that pie.
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  2. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    I blame Destiny and Mario Maker.
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  3. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    I think he meant misdirect.
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  4. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Halo 5 is a month away.   

    Oh for fuck's sake, SERIOUSLY?! I just now read about this, what the flying fuck? Honestly, I think it's fair game to say who it is: The Didact. The main antagonist of Halo 4. They didn't kill off the main antagonist of Halo 4... in Halo 4. They did it in a fucking comic book. Fuck you, 343/MS/whatever PoS published the comic book.
    Part of the reason why I love the way the whole "MCU" is treated is because the idea of an "expanded universe" is kept simple. You've got the movies and you've got the occasional TV show/Netflix series, the total sum of which will likely take you about a week's worth of "binge watching" or at worst a couple of weekends out of the year, but overall even if you don't watch ~all of it~, they work as standalone releases.
    The overwhelming reason why I hated the whole "Expanded Universe" crap in Star Wars, was/is because they had absolutely fuck-all creative and quality control over the constant stream of spin-offs. Most of it sucked, and most of it served no other purpose but to either contradict the "known canon" or just... made it worse by turning it all into a complex mess that lacked any cohesion. The good news about that though, was that at least Lucas made the smart decision of having final say on what was "genuine" canon, so even though it was ultimately all throwaway content (figuratively-- until Disney literally did just that, even the good stuff).
    MS desperately wanted Halo to be its own Star Wars-esque sci-fi cash cow, and it's treated it as such, we've had a mountain of "spin-offs" over the course of the last 14 years, all of which work a lot like the SW Expanded Universe: quality is a crapshoot, it comes in a billion forms (TV shows, books, spin-off games, comics/graphic novels, etc.) and the likelihood of the average Halo player getting interested in all of it is... well, miniscule. All "EU" stuff does is reward the uber-fan with throwaway content, the problem with Halo's non-game lore is that, unlike what Lucas "wisely" did with SW EU, MS wants everything to tie directly into the games.
    So you can't "casually" enjoy Halo as a self-contained series of games any more. No, now you have to play Halo 1, but if you ~really~ want to know the back story of Halo 1? You should read the books, also play Halo Reach and Halo Wars. Halo 2-3? ODST, and that animated short film thing that came out. Halo 4? Comics! Forward Onto Dawn! Halo 5? All of it,
    The fact that I need a Halo Wikipedia entry to figure out what piece goes where and why something the Chief or Locke says at some point in the game is the reason why most popular sci-fi sucks. Expanded universes work when even a casual observer can enjoy the context in which things are happening, which is something I think Marvel/Disney got right with the Marvel Cinematic Universe: you don't need a Wiki to learn the context of the movies, and the fact that it's restrained to the limitations of film and TV means that it's not going to take you several months or years to decipher a stupid riddle.
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  5. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    Not game related, but... Here's a post where a Gawker media employee complains about people getting mad over something trivial:
    BTW, the following Gawker media site posted this earlier in the day:
    and this:
    Aaand this:
    "You're not allowed to be mad about trivial shit, internet-- but here's a few articles about us voicing our opinions on trivial shit!"
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  6. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Upgrading console controllers.   

    The only thing I don't like about the DS4 is the battery life. Newer ones so far don't have the thumb stick issues, also the light isn't what's sucking up the battery apparently. It's the touch pad, GAF had a thread on this ages ago and they tested it, turning off the light gives the DS4 marginally better battery- like a half-hour or 60 minutes at most. Someone figured it's the touchpad since that's always on, even if you don't use it.
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  7. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Vita TV finally comes to the west   

    The only "problem" I've had with power supplies usually involve the cables that go from the outlet to the box, not the power supply itself. That happens often, especially with Sony. Granted, I'm sure they're probably universal, but I wouldn't want to take a risk.
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  8. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Vita TV finally comes to the west   

    He puts too much thinking effort into remembering anime lolis and not enough on remembering what power supply is for what console.
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  9. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Vita TV finally comes to the west   

    Production date says September 2014 (ie: P/D:09.2014), so it's definitely PSTV.
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  10. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Halo 5 is a month away.   

    60fps is a non-argument for Halo 5's single-player. The series has never been a twitch shooter and for the last 14 years has been developed with 30 in mind. It might make a difference in multiplayer, but other than "oh it's smooth" in SP? Most people are gonna notice fuck-all difference between it and Halo 4.
    The difference between 60 and 30 in MCC  and OG versions of Halo is unnoticeable when both perform at consistent 60/30, and it's only when stuttering comes into play in the original games (or rather, Halo 3 since the rest aren't 60fps locked) that it "makes a huge difference". So unless 343's intention is to make a game that DOESN'T play like a Halo game? 60fps is a massive waste of time outside of MP.
    I'm glad ND stuck to optimizing for 30 with U4. Halo 5 made so many sacrifices to run at a consistent 60 that it's not remotely worth it. The U4 demo was mindblowing, the difference between last-gen and current-gen Uncharted is noticeable by everyone. Then you've got Halo 5 and, well... It looks like a nicer looking Halo 4? "It runs so smooth!" isn't a good defense for a franchise that was never designed for 60 to begin with.
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  11. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    I think Phil Owen is a prime example of the problems games journalism has, but really?
    That's about as far as I got before laughing my ass off at the stupidity of Chimelarz' opinion piece. Especially when you're shitting on a video that was, 110% on-point. Quiet is a great character that's squandered by Kojima's consistent need to let everyone know he's kind of a massive perv. It wasn't just Quiet either, Kojima has increasingly gotten worse about how he treats women in his games. With the only major standouts in the entire series coming out of MGS and MGS3's The Boss. Virtually every other woman in MGS exists primarily to be a stereotypical female "type" and/or male gaze object whose character is written on tracing paper placed over a set of anime titties.
    Quiet isn't worth defending, maybe Stefanie Joosten's performance is, but Quiet throughout the entirety of MGSV has a primary reason for existing: To show you a mostly-naked woman do blatantly pervy shit (yes, let me "stretch" and show you my ass while you're in this helicopter! Cutscene where I strip down to my thong and bikini top while it rains, you say? DON'T MIND IF I DO!). The "redemption" moment Kojima tweeted about is so ill-conceived that you wonder if he was better off keeping his mouth shut and ignoring the critics.
    "Auteurs" and game designers have a problem with criticism. Sure there's plenty of crap out there, and there's people like Owen whose body of work is composed primarily of clickbait and self-centered articles with little substance to them. However, the implication that gaming critics "refuse to grow up" is beyond stupid.
    I had to mute Ken Levine on twitter the other day because his twitter feed has essentially devolved into retweets of people who metaphorically suck his dick by telling him how great Bioshock/cosplaying Bioshock characters/finding out anything about Bioshock is, that or him ranting about people who are the slightest bit critical of his games.
    Hell, I've either muted or stopped following game designers on Twitter because of shit like that. I get that it's twitter, but if your feed reads like you're saving shit as future masturbatory aid? The problem here isn't "gaming critics" it's your overblown ego and your thin-skin. This isn't phenomena I've witnessed with a majority of indies, but it has been phenomena I've witnessed with a lot of game designers and a good chunk of game developers who haved worked in "AAA" gaming.
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  12. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Video Game Weather   

    Also, Chaos Theory had my first "holy shit" gaming moment when it comes to weather. That first section with you sneaking through a rain-soaked compound in the caribbean was amazing. Seeing Sam getting soaked in rain and the "wet" effect on characters and environments was unreal to me.
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  13. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Video Game Weather   

    Watch Dogs is fine. It's well-polished and has its moments- the only thing bad about it is how uninspired it feels. It exists as filler, when it really shouldn't- the story is a fucking mess, the gameplay is serviceable and the gimmick never pans out. So for $20? It's worth it. I paid $60 and I got my money's worth, but it was certainly disappointing.
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  14. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Stop it, GAF   

    I think the general GAF community is relatively harmless when it comes to graphics arguments. However, GAF has a very large PC contingent that loves to hijack threads for the sole purpose of being dickwads over framerate and "IQ". Initially (and for obvious reasons) PS4 supporters did the whole Digital Foundry comparison stuff, but that has generally gone by the wayside given that for the most part? PS4 is the go-to platform for performance/visuals.
    Lately though, every pro-XBOX GAF member or pro-PC member has an axe to grind over it, and it usually revolves around absurdist bullshit like framerate (see Halo 5 for XBOX guys, any graphics/Uncharted thread for PC). pro-Nintendo GAF is for the most part quiet-- unless anything remotely critical of Nintendo pops-up.
    PC GAF is unsurprisingly obnoxious. I really liked reading about what Durante could do with botched PC ports and whatnot-- and then I read Durante posts on GAF and the guy comes off like an insufferable PC douchelord. Going out of his way to trash console gaming because- well, "PC master race". The frail masculinity of PC GAF is hilarious.
    God forbid people enjoy games on a modest budget or aren't interested in building a PC to game on one. If you ever point this out, they'll find a million reasons to tell you that you're wrong because PC gaming is cheap. Some dude from Australia brought up the fact that building a good rig would cost him $5,000 and he got a good dozen replies telling him he was wrong.
    Consoles have never had 60fps as a standard, and yet now it's a massive issue. Honestly, the DF stuff is also fueled by DF itself. A "tech analysis" site that spent the better part of last-gen arguing against sub-720p games and how 30fps was the standard (60 being a fantastic "get" but not a requirement) now argues that Halo 5 is how "console games ought to be". Y'know, a current-gen game that compromises resolutions, effects, lighting/shadows, texture filtering, etc. just so it can run at 60 is how a game "ought to be" on consoles, vs. a... I don't know-- compromise where you can get a steady framerate and uncompromised visuals? But, shock-and-awe, 30 is now sub-standard according to DF.
    And BTW? Did you know MS is doing this to better the gameplay for its e-Sports presence?! Yeah, you probably didn't, but Digital Foundry wanted you to know about this because... a tech-analysis site felt the need to inform you about how MS wants to enter e-Sports with Halo 5. Why? Because... uh... who knows?
    I like DF, when it actually does what it's supposed to do- but whenever they go out of their way to pepper their articles with some MS puffery-- if not, outright posting articles in defense of MS'? It's eyeroll-worthy.
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  15. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    Get out.
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