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  1. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic Anyone here buying the PS4 Neo model?   

    Out of the two "upgrades", Neo is the one I'm most likely to get considering the circumstances. I think I'm gonna end up opting on buying a Neo, saving up for a gaming PC over a Scorpio and going the XB1S route for XBONE games that I can't get on PC.
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  2. Indy aka Rex added a topic in Video Games   

    Zenimax's VR lawsuit: "Palmer Luckey lied, we totally created VR, not him. Give us money."
    Linking to GAF because this whole scenario is batshit crazy with the amount of reaching Zenimax is making to pretty much try and milk John Carmack's "defection" to Oculus/Facebook's purchase of Oculus.
    The best part about this? The heaps of readily available information online that point out how insane Zenimax's claims are, the GAF thread alone has some choice posts:
    ZeniMax/Bethesda has a long history of pulling some real shady BS to "get its way". Most notably, the whole Prey 2 debacle.
    And how they ultimately ended up getting the Fallout IP from Interplay.
    For as much shit as other publishers get for their "unpleasantness", a lot of that stuff pales in comparison to the way Zenimax/Bethesda does "business" in the industry, some of this stuff you'd sooner expect from the mob than you would a legitimate business dealing with videogames.
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  3. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    Dreamcast isn't white. It's off-white. Also, the black Sega Sports DC and the red RE:CV DC were the best looking DCs ever released. I mean, save for the dumb Sega Sports logo on that black DC.
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  4. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    This is in fact a myth. Nothing looks better in white. Everything looks better in black, or red. Maybe off-white, like a grey-ish white, or grey. Hell, wood grain finish over white any day.
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  5. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    It's 40% reduction in height, 10% reduction in width and 20% reduction in length. You're right though, it's not PS2 slim levels of reduction, but its the closest we've gotten since then that for hardware without affecting functionality (Wii Mini stripped away networking, component, etc).
    The PS3 slim was smaller, but it's still massive for a size reduction, likewise the 360 Slim was smaller relative to the OG 360, but it's still a chubby block of plastic/metal. The XBONE S is similarly small relative to the XBONE, but it's still PS4-sized (save for length). This is still taking more powerful hardware that was already in a form factor that even by release standards was considered "tight" due to its heat output, and stuffing it into a significantly smaller box. I wonder if we'll get a third revision down the line or if they'll stick with this until a PS4 Neo slim.
    As for plastics? I don't see where you're getting "nicer plastics" from? It's the same matte plastic that Sony uses on the PS4, and that's the same finish/plastic that Sony used on the PS3 Slim. The only difference is there's fewer gloss touches on the PS4 (Logos, button icons, inner-strip).
    Anyway, Sean: The big deal about a PS4 Slim is the fact that this implies further cost reductions to existing hardware, and the likely possibility of a $399 PS4 Neo when that releases. That would fall in-line with the rumors that Sony would plan to sell Neo side-by-side with the regular PS4 as an entry-level product for families who would just want a cheap alternative for their kids.
    A $199 PS4 would probably be a welcome intro to gaming for casual gamers. (Although I don't see a $199 PS4 Slim happening until 2018...) core gamers are gonna go for Neo, Slim isn't for them. I think that while PS4 Slim is objectively less functional than an XB Slim, this will probably have the opposite effect that the XBONE S had on people. Microsoft's hand being forced to make the XBONE S more enticing by having HDR, 4K, etc. kind of lets some of the air out of Scorpio's tires. You're under no obligation to get a PS4 Slim, it's a design and cost reduction, not a replacement. But with the XBONE S? I mean... You could get one now and wait a few years for a cheaper Scorpio. It's got 4K, it's got HDR, it's got better performance (not by much, but it's better). What's Scorpio's benefit when you've got a lot of its functionality now instead of a year from now.
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  6. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    I love my PS3 Slim, it's great, but really guys? PS3 Slim over these?

    PS2 Slim is everything a redesign should be: Impossibly small/convenient and faithful to the original. PSOne is cute, PS3 Slim is a properly nice looking PS3... PS2 Slim? I mean, we're never getting anything that cool. No other "slim" redesign has come close to being that level of "how the fuck did they make it so tiny!?".
    Granted, I'm sure Sony could theoretically get there with an HDD-Less PS4 slim, but.... That's a necessity for the PS4.
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  7. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    All you Canadians complaining about your weak dollar. I say that's a fair price to pay to not deal with the 2016 presidential election. Wanna trade Trump for Trudeaux? America would probably weather through a weak dollar if it means they don't have to vote for anyone in November and just let the most important Canadian Justin run the country.
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  8. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    The PSP launch price in Japan was about $30 more than the DS, it was $100 more than the DS in the US, but that also included Spider-Man 2, a UMD disc with demos, a memory stick, headphones + PSP "controller", a soft case and a strap. The barebones release was $50 more than a DS. Considering the fact that the PSP was pushing out PS2-quality graphics, was a multimedia device with movie/music support and built-in browser? The PSP was far more capable than the DS. Compared to the PSP, the DS was pushing N64-quality 3D games. It also launched with way more software (the DS had a dismal 1st year).
    As for the Vita/3DS? I mean, let's not forget that the 3DS launched at the same price as the Vita. The only reason it dropped below $200 was because Nintendo couldn't sell the damn things at that price. The 3DS was a worse machine for the same price point, and had it succeeded? It would have been the same price as a machine that was carrying a GPU and CPU that you could only find on $500-600 flagship smartphones and the 3rd gen iPad.
    So yes, relative to the 3DS and iPhone/Galaxy S/iPad, the Vita was cheap. It launched at the same price the 3DS launched, it was cheaper than Apple and Samsung's devices which used the same hardware and it offered more than the 3DS was capable of.
    Relative to what the competition had? Both PSP and PSV were cheap, the hardware was more powerful and it either cost a fraction more, the same price or cheaper in some cases.
    EDIT: And if we take price drops into consideration, both PSP and Vita leveled out with the DS/3DS. By the end of their lifespan you could get a PSP for $129.99 while similarly a DSi XL could go for $129.99. A N3DS/3DSXL retail for the same or more than a PSVita Slim.
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  9. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    Canada doesn't exist to the world, it's an ice cold winter hellscape where people speak English and French and sometmes handsome prime ministers show up out of the blue.
    I mean, you can believe whatever you want, that doesn't mean it's true.
    Except it won't. Because companies don't do price increases for cheaper hardware. Canada's weakened currency aside, PS4 got a price hike because of circumstances outside of Sony's control. And again: what's Canada, eh?
    The current price will drop regardless of anything since the Slim is a replacement to an existing model that'll be cleared out by stores.
    So $399 US. Which is literally what I said.
    PSVR is:
    1. The cheapest VR platform available for a console/PC.
    2. A new platform that's untested and unproven for a mainstream audience.
    3. Priced and stocked for early adopters.
    PSVR isn't cheap to make and it's niche for now. The PS1 was cheap, the PS2 was cheap, the PS4 was/is cheap, the PSP and PSVita were cheap compared to the competition and considering what they offered relative to the competition. The only time Sony's stuff has been "pricy" was the PS3, and the only thing cheap that generation was the Wii, which cost as much because it used then-6-year-old hardware. The PS3 was one of the cheapest and blu-ray players around and the cheapest multi-media device around.
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  10. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    Uhhh... That would put the PS4 in-line with that its actual cost is now, which won't happen if there's a Slim. That would also make the Slim MORE expensive than what the PS4 currently costs, which also wouldn't make sense since it's supposed to be ~cheaper~ to manufacture and sell. No one's going to spend more to get less.
    And Sony isn't doing another $500+ console after PS3 and XBONE both bombed at those prices. They might be arrogant now, but they're not stupid.
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  11. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    Speculation on pricing anyone?
    I'm gonna go with:
    PS4 OG: $249-274.99 stock clearance.PS4 Slim: $299  500GB/349 1TBPS4 Neo: $399 500GB/1TB March 2017.
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  12. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    *This is the PS4 Slim, not Neo. Things ~could~ change for Neo, but that's optimistic.
    People don't mistakenly value one size over another. The only people that care about HDD size aren't a factor to Sony. And the size limit will remain because Sony values weight, dimensions and cost over storage space. 3.5" drives are both larger in size and heavier, a 3.5" drive could easily be 1/3 of the PS4's weight and that is even more important for something like a PS4 Slim which is a reduction in both cost and size to Sony.
    We already have 3TB 2.5" drives, but it's not cheap. Storage space is irrelevant to Sony, shipping costs and size reductions are important to Sony. 3.5" drives aren't cheaper to Sony because they weigh more and they're larger, gig size doesn't matter. That's the consumer's problem, not Sony's. If anything, they've done the consumer somewhat of a service by actually allowing the capability of getting larger HDDs without having to rebuy an entire console. They could easily alleviate size concerns by going the MS route and just allowing external drives.
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  13. Indy aka Rex added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    The fact that their event's taking place barely a month prior to PSVR and likely a week prior to this coming out? It seems odd to posit a 2016 release for another Playstation console/platform. My best guess is they've revised Neo for 2017, likely upped its power to better match Scorpio and they'll probably release first too.
    I mean, that's been the case since the PS3, I doubt they'll change it for the slim. But don't get your hopes up for a 2TB Neo, so long as 2TB is the maximum "affordable" capacity for a 2.5" HDD? Sony's just going to use that as their storage size for a premium model. Expect 500GB at the lowest, at best 1TB,
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  14. Indy aka Rex added a topic in Video Games   

    I'm all in on a PS4 slim considering how tiny it is. I'm talking PS2 > PS2 Slim levels of reduction:

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