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  1. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 473: Pretty Good Tombstone   

    Dammit, my wife kicked me out of bed for laughing too much with my earphones on. 
    Great episode! Everyone was on fire tonight. 
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  2. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 458: Listen Up Esther   

    Hey guys, you know we don't mind if you give us a quick update on the games you are still playing. I haven't played The Witcher, but I'm totally fine if you want to give a little anecdote or a little update of what is going on. Maybe even just what is going on in the story, or something funny that happened. 
    We are all game nerds, we don't mind if you want to talk about the same game a little more :-)
    Also, I thought that Phil's voice sounded like Choose Goose.
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  3. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 430: The End of Near is Near   

    S.T.E.A.M: The nub on the new 3DS does indeed control the camera nicely. You can invert axis as well.
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  4. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 417 (11/03/14) - Ketchup Chips or Treat   

    I love the Eternal Darkness bathtub scene for a classic jump scare.
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  5. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 378 (02/03/14) - Quality of Life   

    Ah. there was definitely a trick to her. Just look up an FAQ to see how to wail on her. Be a pity to get that far and not finish the game.

    I didn't do any end game content afterwards either, I was happy with my 68 hours
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  6. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 378 (02/03/14) - Quality of Life   

    CJ, good on you for giving Toki Tori+ a go. Off TV play works fantastic, i played about half the game that way.

    Just those two simple commands: Stomp and Whistle. Even just 1 hour into the game and i guarantee you will encounter puzzles that will make you smile when you solve them

    Bravely Default: About 40 hours in, being a PAL gamer. It's SO GOOD. If you liked FF3 and FF4 on the DS, it's that. But prettier, bigger, more handheld friendly (like how CJ mentioned, you can tweak difficulty level and encounter rate). And best of all, its FUNNY! The dialogue is great! Having a blast with it.

    And to anyone who didn't beat EO4, I played right through and finished it, playtime 68 hours. I didn't grind at all? I think if your playtime is around the 70 hour mark, you should be able to beat the final boss, I don't remember him being too hard, maybe there was a trick to him. The final boss in Mario and Luigi Dream Team was harder if you ask me!!!
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  7. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 360 (09/30/13) - 360 360   

    Nice send off episode for the 360. Any chance we can get one for Wii and PS3?

    I'd love to hear your Wii launch stories, first impressions of motion controls (Wii Sports?) and top 5 Wii games.

    Same of course with PS3
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  8. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 353 (08/12/13) - Fielding of Dreams   

    Oh yes, OOT 3DS was a GREAT upgrade. Well worth purchasing to play again.

    WW HD, Prime Trilogy, OOT 3DS, I really like this trend, and I am perfectly happy to re-buy these games if someone has taken the time to upgrade them.

    I think I would still prefer the Prime trilogy to use the Wii Remote though, that is just a marriage made in heaven. HD *would* be nice, but the Wii controls were all I ever wanted.
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  9. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 353 (08/12/13) - Fielding of Dreams   

    I'm surprised no-one mentioned the other big Nintendo re-release. Metroid Trilogy. It's a direct comparison to WW HD.

    Sure, it's 2 GC games and a Wii game (making it more of a collection, than a single game), with Wii controls grafted on and a couple little gameplay tweeks, for $60. Possibly even higher now. Possibly even going to be a collectors item for much more.

    WW is arguably getting MUCH more of a makeover. But more importantly, it's a way to play WW with what you have under your TV.

    Having upgraded Wii to Wii-U I no longer have a GC under my TV. It's nice to have Prime trilogy, and soon, WW HD, playable on my Wii-U.

    Now if only we could get a GC 4-Swords remake...
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  10. InvaderREN added a post in a topic 349 (07/15/13): Bears The Logo Of Your Favorite Sports Team   

    I have browsed his Youtube, webpage and FB account and I can't find that GoT track.

    I am teh blind.

    Can you link to it?
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  11. InvaderREN added a post in a topic Episode 329 (02/11/13) - Where There's Smoke...   

    Your talk about Microsoft and Sony meeting in a secret room to talk about killing used game sales reminds me of the Prisoner's Dilemma. (and yes, Iv'e been playing a lot of Virtue's Last Reward lately...)

    Micro and Sony meet in office:

    1. If they BOTH agree to implement a code to disable re-sale games they BOTH make good bank, as everyone is forced to buy new games. (but can not afford to buy as MANY games)

    2. If they both agree to implement the code but then Sony betrays Micro and doesn't, everyone supports the Sony system and they make MAD bank.

    3. If Micro betrays Sony, Micro makes mad bank as consumers support their system

    4. They both agree to implement the code both they BOTH betray each other and do not implement it - they both make average bank (consumers split purchases between both systems).

    So the situation is... If either one Sony or Micro implements the code while the other DOES NOT.... BOOM, good bye consumers.

    Would you risk it?
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  12. InvaderREN added a post in a topic Episode 329 (02/11/13) - Where There's Smoke...   

    The escape portions are very touch heavy, but I'm sure it would be fine on the Vita. The escape rooms are SO good, you feel really smart when you solve them
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  13. InvaderREN added a post in a topic Episode 329 (02/11/13) - Where There's Smoke...   

    Both games have great "escape rooms" so the core game is pretty similar.

    Where VLR triumphs over 999 is the branching story path. You can pick ANY story line at ANY time and just jump there! No more replaying sections again!

    So you may escape a room, follow the story for a while and then decide to "jump" over to another lane, see what would have happened over there.

    This works because every path just adds some more story, some more character background, some more mystery. It is NOT a linear story, you don't have to play through like that. It's more like a puzzle, each path gives you a piece (a piece of story that is) and you just begin to understand.

    So yeah, similar game, but just infinitely more fun to play, as you have 100% control over how you want to progress.

    Watch out for save corruption bug on 3DS tho, google that shit.
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  14. InvaderREN added a post in a topic Episode 329 (02/11/13) - Where There's Smoke...   

    Been watching Gravity Falls with my 4 year old son. We both love it.

    Finished up Sticker Star. I've played all the Paper Mario games, including the abortion that was Super Paper Mario on the Wii.

    Sticker Star was just lacking something... Story? Humour? Challenge? I never felt I needed anything other than basic stickers for anything but boss fights.

    1000 year Door is still the king of Paper Mario game.

    About 15 hours into Virtues Last Reward, now THERE is a fantastic game!!
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  15. InvaderREN added a post in a topic Etrian Odyssey 4, demo out now!   

    Yeah, they are very niche. Not for casual gamers!

    You go out slightly unprepared? You die.
    You don't return to town soon enough? You die.
    You have made a bad team that can't handle all situations? You die.
    You stray a little too far from your self created map, or you didn't map something quite right? You die
    You fight a FOE before you are ready, You die.
    You take a peek at the next floor, out of interest, before you are fully prepared? You die

    And no auto save either! In all the above situations, you lose your progress, start again from town, from your last save.

    Yet all that just makes the game even more exciting, as you carefully pick your way around the maze, your team that you have spend hours agonizing over every single skill point spent on every single character... YOU don't make the above mistakes and you love it.

    gets the heart rate going.

    It's the Dark Souls/Demon Souls rush.
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