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  1. Tron added a post in a topic Whatcha listenin' to?   

    holy shit, y'all. I just discovered the band "Ghost". I had heard of them for a couple years, but never really listened to them. I saw a facebook post mentioning them on Blabbermouth (a metal blog) a week ago or so. Then the other day, my son was hanging out while I was on the computer, and I asked him if he wanted to check out some new music. So I pulled up this video and was instantly hooked.
    I could not believe how good they are. The fact that they won a grammy does not shock me at all. I've totally bought into the mystique of how nobody knows who they are or what they look like.
    They have two albums on Amazon Prime free streaming, their first and third. Of course you can find it on youtube. So worth it, guys. If you're into hard rock/metal at all, you owe it to yourself to check it out.
    Oh, and P.S., my son loved the songs, but he said it scared him when he was trying to go to bed, haha.
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  2. Tron added a post in a topic People with career ambitions that trump EVERYTHING else.   

    The Age of NASA is over, anyway. Zippy funding.
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  3. Tron added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    Really? I was all stressed out. And that scene with CORRRALLLLL. Much stress.
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  4. Tron added a post in a topic My trip to Tokyo (56K DIAF)   

    The girl I met was like "ahhhh..kawaaiiiiii". it was hilarious.
    I thought the same thing when making the thread title, but figured I would leave it as more of a "picture heavy warning".
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  5. Tron added a post in a topic My trip to Tokyo (56K DIAF)   

    Thanks, boo. Still baby faced when I shave it off, haha. Let me know if he has any questions.
    That must have been expensive right?
    I'm 36, so you can still do it.
    It's definitely helpful to have money, but it really wasn't too expensive. I spent no more than $9 on lunch, and remember there is no tipping on food. Even the drinks at the restaurant in the government building were $6 for beer, and $8 for that whiskey. There was a $5 cover charge, though. It's definitely not any more expensive than going to NYC or Washington DC. The exchange rate is pretty good right now, with 100 yen equaling 1 USD, approximately. It also makes it easy to calculate USD prices on things, since you just knock off two zeroes.
    Thanks for all the replies guys, glad you liked the post.
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  6. Tron added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    TWD season opener was next level bonkers.
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  7. Tron added a post in a topic My trip to Tokyo (56K DIAF)   

    They were super tasty. I have never seen it in the states, which sucks.
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  8. Tron added a post in a topic My trip to Tokyo (56K DIAF)   

    Day 3 was solely devoted to Penn State and Akihabara! Unfortunately, this post will be light on pictures. I just didn't take too many pictures while shopping.
    Everyone was teasing me - "Do you really think PSU has a chance?". I didn't know, but I sure knew I had time to watch the first half before I checked out of my hotel.

    I got it streaming via watchespn + vpn for the tv, and was able to stream the home audio as well. gotta love japanese internet. the game was really good, and at halftime I was pretty pleased. PSU was playing great against the #2 team in the country. I put my earbuds in, and took my bag to my other hotel (I had to have a different hotel Sat. night due to me not booking in time). The game continued, and I made my way to Akihabara. I needed lunch, so I stopped at CoCo Curry.

    Very tasty, and I was eating and fist pumping as the seconds counted off and PSU won. I was so happy!
    I started making the quick walk over to Akihabara proper.

    I'm sure the hosts will recognize these pictures. It was sunday, and they had shut down the street, so you could just freely walk wherever. That was really cool. The legions of foreign tourists, not so much. I had the stores I wanted to go in all mapped out. The first was super potato. It was expensive, like everyone said. Check out these choice games.

    I found these rock mans at Mandarake.

    Thug life in Japan outside of BEEP.

    Found Matt and Ally playing in BEEP.

    Back out on the street, a Carl's Jr, and a cat cafe.

    Greg's Jam

    I went into probably six different game stores. I was looking for the Yakuza series, Metal gear Solid series, Rockman famicom, zelda famicom, and zelda super famicom. I also wanted LoLo for my wife, but they were so expensive! I ended up getting her a Dr. Mario. I went to Super Potato, two or three Traders, Family game store, BEEP, Mandarake, and finally a store on the main strip called retro game camp, where i ended up finding the last Yakuza main series game I needed (for a great price, too!).
    Finally, I was about to give up, and decided to go to ONE more Book OFF to look for some manga I wanted, the first issue of Sanctuary, which is from the mid 90's. I probably went into five different Book OFF's during my stay, and NOBODY had it. This last Book OFF finally "paid off", in a way.

    They had them, but no number one. I just wanted number one for collecter's sake, so I ended up getting number 12, the last issue.
    I bought Yakuza 1-5, Of the End, Kenzan, and Black Panther, the first PSP game. I found the second PSP game, but it was too much money for me. I didn't find Ishin ANYWHERE, which was surprising to me. I didn't bother buying Kiwami (1&2 remastered). I found Zelda for SFC at BEEP. The box was a little beat up, but it was only $12. The cover art is so beautiful. I got MGS: Peace Walker for PSP, and MGS 3 and 4. I couldn't find MGS1 and 2 for a price I wanted. I couldn't find MGS1 for less than $25.
    I walked 7 miles.
    Day 4, I just stayed in the hotel until I had to go to the airport. I was so wiped from all the walking. It was a great trip, and I had a ton of fun. Hope you guys enjoyed the read.

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  9. Tron added a post in a topic My trip to Tokyo (56K DIAF)   

    Day two was planned for Shibuya in the morning, and Shinjuku in the afternoon/evening.
    I got to the famous intersection, and found the dog statue. I took a panorama of the intersection. I did a facebook live video, but apparently it didn't work right due to the internet speed.

    It was so annoying to get a pic of this statue with nobody in it. Everyone was crowding around. So many foreigners and tourists. I get you want a picture with the statue, but give people who just want a photo a chance.
    I had to get some breakfast, so I went to Krispy Kreme.

    I thought these were funny. I did not get all of them, but I did get one.

    I saw this and laughed. When was the last time anyone saw a Shakey's pizza?

    Saw my first cat cafe. The sign was meowing, which was very annoying.

    Fucking outback. Gross.

    I had some good curry for lunch.

    I walked around a bunch more in Shibuya, but didn't take any pictures. I found a Taito game zone, which had an arcade in the basement. This place was insane. Smoke filled, dank, loud as fuck, and lots of gambling along with fighting games. I couldn't stand to be in there very long with the smoke and noise. It was the first time I really felt like my dad - old.
    I decided it wasn't late enough to go to Shinjuku yet, so I went to Nakano broadway.

    I only took the one picture. This place was weird. It was sort of like a flea market, with all sorts of tiny shops in a mall, but then there was a super high end watch shop. Like, I didn't see a watch cheaper than 2 grand US there, and they had watches over 80k US there. Very weird. Most of the shops were anime and toys, and junk. And a random grocery store thrown in there. There was one Mandarake devoted to games (out of four or five Mandarakes in the mall), but they were pretty expensive.
    Finally, I went to Shinjuku. It was overcast, but I wanted to see sunset at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building towers. You can walk from the Shinjuku station underground all the way to the government building. I accidentally went into the building next to the towers, but it was still very tall. I took this picture looking down the middle of the building, and it made my palms sweat, since you could look almost straight down.

    Finally, I figured out to go to the real towers.

    It had some great views up there. I went to the north tower.

    It was hard to get pics without the reflection in the glass, and the day was very overcast, so I didn't get real fantastic views. I could barely see the Tokyo Sky Tree.
    So after I got a few photos, the line to go back down was hideously long. I was not about that, so I saw there was a restaurant. Unfortunately, it wasn't open until 1730. It was 1620, so I decided to just hang out and wait. Sunset was 1659, so that worked out. I sat down on a bench and read my kindle, lol.
    I got some night time shots, and then finally the restaurant opened. I had a beer and my first Japanese whiskey.

    You can see the tokyo tower here, barely.

    After I paid my bill, they gave me this little oragami crane. The least they could do, considering the prices, haha.

    I headed to Shinjuku proper to get some dinner.

    Not bad for "fast food". The batter was really light.
    Finally made it to Kabuki-cho, made famous to me by the Yakuza series. This was one of my goals, to check out this area.

    Nothing could prepare me for the visual and aural onslaught of this area. Even Godzilla was here.

    I felt like I knew the place's buildings from the game, but I didn't realize how crowded it would be. I hadn't really picked out anywhere to go in this area, so I decided to bail over to Golden Gai, aka the Champion District from the Yakuza series. This was more my style. Small, cramped bars, not many tourists, and a really cool atmosphere. I walked in to the first place, which boasted no cover and 500 yen drinks. I was standing there, drinking a crappy beer, and a young Japanese kid started talking to me. He spoke really good english, which was cool. He was waiting for a friend, and I talked about checking out Bar Plastic Model from "No More Heroes". His friend showed, and he suggested we go find BPM. I said hell yeah, and we all went off. This is one of the "streets" in Golden Gai.

    After asking around, and finally checking the map, we found the place. Matt and Ally with some of the toys at BPM.

    My new friends. The guy is pointing to a sign that says bar plastic model in japanese. It was so nice having someone who could translate. They told the owner I was here because of a game, and we had a quick chat about Suda 51, who he said he was friends with. The whole place was a tribute to the 80's and 90's. I picked out a record (Loudness) just to look at, and the owner's wife immediately put it on the turn table for me. Later, she put on the Daytona USA theme, and the zelda theme. It was awesome. One of the patrons had a "Do androids dream of electric sheep" shirt on. I had to explain Blade Runner to my friends, they had no clue, haha. Young people.
    We hopped over to a bar on the second story, which was packed. we found room, though, and I tried a new japanese whisky.

    At midnight we headed out to the train, since the last train comes at around 12:30. They made sure I got on the right one, which was really nice. We exchanged email addresses. I got back to my hotel, and completely crashed. I walked 11 miles.
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  10. Tron added a topic in Chatterville   

    My trip to Tokyo (56K DIAF)
    I thought you guys would be interested in my trip to tokyo, so here's my write-up. All photos taken with my Nexus 6P. Sorry, but my ugly mug is in some of them.
    I arrived Friday around lunchtime via train, because I was elsewhere in the country for work. After dropping off my bags, I went to Ginza for lunch, at the Ginza Lion Bar. It was setup like a german beer hall, which was cool.

    I had some tasty beers, two of which I had never had before.

    After this, I walked down to the Hakuhnikan Toy Park, which is a five or six story toy store. They had some cool stuff, and I was able to snag a decently priced hello kitty for my daughter.
    Next, I walked down to the fish market. Unfortunately, I got this one shitty picture of the sign, and then mostly all the stores were closing since it was about 3-4pm. No big deal, because I hadn't really planned on coming here, I just had some spare time to kill.

    I had a hike to get to the train station, because my next stop was Odaiba. I saw some good engrish along the way. No a drunks!

    On the train, I saw a shitload of motorsport related tents setup in a parking lot, I was immediately intrigued, so I got off the train and did some investigating.

    I couldn't get in, but it turns out it was a D1 drift event in tokyo. They had a bunch of grandstands built, but the event was the next day. Too bad, I would have liked to have seen it.
    I finally made it to the mall in Odaiba, which was my stop to get a couple lego mini figures, who would represent my son and daughter, so I could take them with me on my travels. Super cheesy, I know. They didn't have the short lego legs, so I had to make due. 

    I saw those Mario karts that you can drive on the streets. I didn't manage to get a pic of the people in the karts before they took off, though.

    Got teleported to NYC for a second.

    I waited until dark to get this shot of the rainbow bridge. I was hoping it would be lit up more, but the panorama shot worked awesome.

    I have no idea what this building is, but it looks like something from hitchhiker's guide.

    I went back to the mall to eat, and I ran into a mini car museum in the mall. I took a bunch of pictures. They had some real cool cars. These two were my favorites, though.

    I got back to the smallest hotel room I'd ever been in, and crashed. I walked 8 miles.

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  11. Tron added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I played game dev story for like 3 hours.
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  12. Tron added a post in a topic I Bought This (Chatterville Edition)   

    The ICO one isn't as good as the Shadow, to me, but they are both nice.
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  13. Tron added a post in a topic People with career ambitions that trump EVERYTHING else.   

    Good luck with the new job
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  14. Tron added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    I read most of the thread. My comments are that I'm really excited for it, but mostly because it's new nintendo. I don't plan on taking this thing "on the go", but maybe the kids will for a doctor's appointment or something. I bet it will be more affordable than PSVR, as well.
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  15. Tron added a post in a topic Whatcha Eatin'?   

    I had some good curry and sushi in japan, not at the same time.
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