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  1. Maximus added a post in a topic Game Club Unlicensed #3 - Grim Fandango   

    So I went to start this up on Vita last night... only I forgot that I had deleted a awhile ago to make some room on my memory card. And then I had to update the system to access the store.
    So I fell asleep before the game installed, but it's ready to go for tonight!
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  2. Maximus added a post in a topic PSN Releases and Deals   

    Does the Vita version launch later? The description says it's cross buy, but I couldn't find the Vita version on the store.
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  3. Maximus added a post in a topic ATB: Licensed Game   

    Spider-Man (PS1)
    Spider-Man 2
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Lego Batman games
    Arkham City
    Energizer Batteries presents Alan Wake
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  4. Maximus added a post in a topic Game Club Unlicensed #3 - Grim Fandango   

    I have been trying to play through The Dig (lttp). I was going to start this up last night, and I had a quick peek at the trophies, but ran out of energy before I could start it up. 
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  5. Maximus added a post in a topic Game Club Unlicensed #2 - The Dig   

    I remember when my dad first got a cd-rom for his PC, it came with a compilation of Lucas Arts games (Monkey Island, Loom, Indiana Jones etc.), which I loved, so the visual style of this game is quite nostalgic. I'm actually surprised I had never heard of it before now.
    I also don't remember haven't such a hard time with the puzzles in my youth, but I am sure my brain does not work the same as it once did, lol. I'm just past the part where you repair the lens and restore power (I again had to resort to a faq for this, and afterwards, I don't think I would have made it past here if i hadn't). So I'm early on and have had to resort to a guide twice already. Not great, but I'm okay with it.
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  6. Maximus added a post in a topic Video Game Completion 2016 Official Thread   

    With the exception of a few discounted pre-orders, I am avoiding any new game purchases this year and focusing on my backlog. I've made a list of about 20-25 games I want to try and finish, which is daunting as I haven't finished more than a handful of games in each of the past few years. I am sure I will once again get derailed once golf season starts up, but I seem to work better with goals and lists, so here goes.
    The Stanley Parable (PC) - 08/01/16Picross e6 (3DS) - 11/01/16
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  7. Maximus added a post in a topic Game Club Unlicensed #2 - The Dig   

    So I played this for a hour or so last night. I'll admit I haven't played one of these types of games in a long while, but I was stuck at a few points for awhile, and had to resort to a faq just to figure out what to do with the asteroid in the first place.
    I actually thought the story was interesting and the voice acting decent enough to keep going, although i may switch to Grim Fandango before returning to finish it up. I'm not sure if I can handle the frustration of playing 2 types of these games at the same time.
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  8. Maximus added a post in a topic Game Club Unlicensed #2 - The Dig   

    I have it and meant to get in on this. I was staring at my PC the other day and fired up and played through the Stanley Principle when I clearly should have given this a go. I am really focusing on my backlog of games and avoiding any new purchases so I am going to try and fire it up tonight if I find the time and energy.
    I'm totally in for Grim Fandango, though. I just finished up Picross e6 and need a new bedtime portable game.
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  9. Maximus added a post in a topic ATB: Sports Game   

    Hot Shots GolfNHL 2000NFL 2K5Wii Sports/ResortNHL 94Punch Out!! (nes)Mario GolfVirtua TennisGriffey presents MLBNBA Jam
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  10. Maximus added a post in a topic ATB: Sports Game   

    NHL 2000Ken Griffey presents MLBHot Shots Golf: World InvitationalNFL 2K5Wii Sports (bowling)Madden 95 
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  11. Maximus added a post in a topic amiibo are dead to me   

    I was pretty crazy about these things to start. I have all the ones up to the latest wave and I had all of those pre-ordered from an oversees site for about $10 more than retail, plus shipping. I kind of snapped out of the obsession the other day and asked myself WTF I was going to do with these things.

    Long story short, I canceled the pre-order and I think I'm done with these, unless I see one in a store that I would like. I'm not going to go out of my way to collect these things. Honestly, it feels good to be free!
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  12. Maximus added a post in a topic Gaming Jeopardy!   

    What is Chulip?
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  13. Maximus added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket 2015 - Round 2, Bracket 1   

    SMB3 - Orange Box is better value, but SMB3 is the better game.

    MGS - I've already said I'm not a big fan of most FF games, but the original MGS is the one game in that series that I do like, so it wins by default.

    SotN - LOVE both of these games, but I was still fresh to the Metroidvania formula when SotN came out and I've played it multiple times since. I havent't replayed SMG, but would not be upset if it won this one.

    Paper Mario - I love OOT, but TTYD is better.
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  14. Maximus added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket   

    FF7 is one of the the few FF games I can tolerate, but IMO Punch-Out is ass and elbows above it in every way!

    Can't wait for that sweet PS4 FF7 remake though.....
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  15. Maximus added a post in a topic 434: 50 Shades of Phillips   

    I've been listening to some old episodes and just came across the #1 phillips screwdriver debacle CJ had with his PS3. I've got nothing to add on this new episode, but I was still chuckling in my sleep over CJ's struggle's. Plyers... lol.

    Sorry for the interuption, the title was a funny reminder for me.
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