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  1. Maximus added a post in a topic amiibo are dead to me   

    I was pretty crazy about these things to start. I have all the ones up to the latest wave and I had all of those pre-ordered from an oversees site for about $10 more than retail, plus shipping. I kind of snapped out of the obsession the other day and asked myself WTF I was going to do with these things.

    Long story short, I canceled the pre-order and I think I'm done with these, unless I see one in a store that I would like. I'm not going to go out of my way to collect these things. Honestly, it feels good to be free!
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  2. Maximus added a post in a topic Gaming Jeopardy!   

    What is Chulip?
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  3. Maximus added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket 2015 - Round 2, Bracket 1   

    SMB3 - Orange Box is better value, but SMB3 is the better game.

    MGS - I've already said I'm not a big fan of most FF games, but the original MGS is the one game in that series that I do like, so it wins by default.

    SotN - LOVE both of these games, but I was still fresh to the Metroidvania formula when SotN came out and I've played it multiple times since. I havent't replayed SMG, but would not be upset if it won this one.

    Paper Mario - I love OOT, but TTYD is better.
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  4. Maximus added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket   

    FF7 is one of the the few FF games I can tolerate, but IMO Punch-Out is ass and elbows above it in every way!

    Can't wait for that sweet PS4 FF7 remake though.....
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  5. Maximus added a post in a topic 434: 50 Shades of Phillips   

    I've been listening to some old episodes and just came across the #1 phillips screwdriver debacle CJ had with his PS3. I've got nothing to add on this new episode, but I was still chuckling in my sleep over CJ's struggle's. Plyers... lol.

    Sorry for the interuption, the title was a funny reminder for me.
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  6. Maximus added a post in a topic Cookies.   

    I voted Oreo, but that would have to be double stuff golden oreos. Very specific, I know.

    Poor Chips Ahoy. I'm not a big cookie buyer (my wife is an amazing baker) but I would have thought there would have been at least 1 (pity) vote.
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  7. Maximus added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket 2015 - Round 1, Pool 8   

    Mystical Ninja - I don't really enjoy fighting games, and MN is a great game.

    Lunar - very tough call for me, as much as I like KotoR, Lunar was the first RPG I really loved, and as they say, you always remember your first love.

    Majora's Mask - Probably my biggest gaming shame is that I have never been able to play through more than the first hour of Ico. I've tried multiple times on the PS2 and recently with the remakes, but I always abandon ship. My overall distaste with escort missions is the primary reason.

    Metroid Prime - One of my all time favourates, although not been a fan of the Wii controls on the recent eShop release.
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  8. Maximus added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket 2015 - Round 1, Pool 7   

    SMW - No contest. One of the best games of all time vs. I game I've never played. Hopefully I'll remedy that when the 3DS version is released.

    RE2 - We need a remake of this game. I'm also not a big fan of any of the PS1 FF's.

    Alan Wake - This is likely a controversial choice, but as much as I feel TLoZ is an iconic classic, if I had the choice to replay either of these games today, I'd pick AW. Still feels wrong though...

    Earthbound - I actually don't love either of these choices, but I'll go with the one that I've actually finished. Interesting that a story about a young boy and his dog saving the world from an alien invasion makes more sense than anything found in MGS.
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  9. Maximus added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket 2015 - Round 1, Pool 6   

    Mario Kart 8 - I think this is likely a result of playing quite a bit of Mario Kart in the last few months, and not having played Chrono Trigger since the DS release. Both great IMO.

    RE 4 - not a difficult choice. RE 4 is one of my all time favourates and I've always remembered TP as meh.

    FFX - one of the few main series FF games I liked enough to finish. I've never really played the original FFT.

    TLoU - had to actually think about this one. I still haven't made a priority of playing through TLoU, but I'm confident that from what I've played, it's better than Shenmue, although Shenmue was a pretty awesome experience when it was released.
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  10. Maximus added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket 2015 - Round 1, Pool 3   

    I'm one of the silent voters, but I don't usually check the forums on the weekend, so I didn't see this until last night, and I voted before reading the shitshow that followed. I think I've been on time with the rest.

    I also voted for Mario Kart, but that was due to never playing Persona, so I'm good with whatever the decision is.
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  11. Maximus added a post in a topic Video Game Completion 2015 Official Thread   

    I think I finished about 5 games last year .

    1) Lego Batman 3 (vita) - 01/13
    2) Picross e5 (3ds) - 01/30
    3) Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (360) - 02/04
    4) Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (3ds) - 02/13
    5) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3ds) - 02/22
    6) infamous 2 (PS3) - 02/28
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  12. Maximus added a post in a topic The Great P1P Goatse 2014 Edition   

    1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (PC)
    2. Captain Toad (WU)
    3. Danganronpa (PSV)
    4. Mario Kart 8 (WU)
    5. Shovel Knight (eShop)
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  13. Maximus added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I've been playing the Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Has anyone else played this? As someone who really liked Gone Home, this is starting off quite nicely, and I'm hoping it continues the same vibe.

    Other than that, I've been playing some Disney Infinity 2.0. And by playing, I mean mostly watching, as my 2 year old and 4 year old are obsessed with randomly switching characters and fighting with each other. My wife and I did get a chance to play today in the Avengers playset, and we had a decent time. She fought with the camera early on and I wanted to quit way earlier than she did, but we managed through it and had a decent time. There were times when I just wanted to switch to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, as I feel as though that was a better version of this game (for me and not Disney).
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  14. Maximus added a post in a topic Favorite Games Completed in 2014   

    I'm one of those old fogies that just doesn't finish/play games anymore. However, thanks to my 3DS and the virtual console, I did finish Super Mario Bros., Mega Man 1,2, and 4, and Super Mario Land 1, 2 and 3) this year.

    Not going to rank them, just want to say thanks for this thread. Finding time for games is tough these days, and finding time for new releases is impossible for me. The games i want to play, my kids should not see, and they want to be on my lap playing along every chance we get. By the time they are in bed, I'm on my way there as well!

    I wouldn't change it for the world! Happy New Year everyone!
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  15. Maximus added a post in a topic I bought that - 2014 Edition   

    Haha. I can say the same, as I was surprised with all of the first releases on Christmas Day - including the rare 3. I've been scrambling a bit to secure the second and third releases (order and pre-order). I would like to extend a very hearty f-u new year to Nintendo for making some of these retail (and seemingly US) exclusive. I don't think I've ever disliked Nintendo this much.
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