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  1. juanster added a post in a topic Titanfall 2   

    I can't decide between this or Battlefield.
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  2. juanster added a post in a topic Whatcha Readin'   

    I just read that Steve Dillon passed away today  
    He was easily one of my Top 5 artists of all-time. R.I.P.
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  3. juanster added a post in a topic The Nintendo Switch   

    Wow, that looked good! I'm digging the name too.
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  4. juanster added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    I just watched the trailer for Logan and thought it was great! It really reminds me of The Last of Us.
    Logan Trailer
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  5. juanster added a post in a topic SMT IV: Apocalypse   

    I loved SMT IV and plan on getting to this eventually. Thanks for the impressions.
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  6. juanster added a post in a topic Choosing games for Gamecube Classic Edition   

    1 Metroid Prime
    2 Wind Waker
    3 Super Mario Sunshine
    4 Lost Kingdoms
    5 Sega Soccer Slam
    6 Ikaruga
    7 F-Zero GX
    8 Viewtiful Joe
    9 Ultimate Muscle: Legends vs. New Generation
    10 Resident Evil
    11 Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door
    12 Odama
    13 MGS: Twin Snakes
    14 Mario Superstar Baseball
    15 Mario Kart: Double Dash
    16 Eternal Darkness
    17 Disney Sports Soccer
    18 Def Jam Vendetta
    19 Cubivore
    20 Animal Crossing
    21 SSX Tricky
    22 Wave Race: Blue Storm
    23 Super Smash Bros. Melee
    24 Skies of Arcadia Legends
    25 Star Fox Adventures
    26 Pikmin 2
    27 Luigi's Mansion
    28 Pac-Man Vs.
    29 Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
    30 Burnout 3: Takedown

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  7. juanster added a post in a topic ATB: Online Multiplayer Game   

    1. Rainbow Six 3
    2. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
    3. Overwatch
    4. Left 4 Dead
    5. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
    6. Rocket League
    7. Mario Kart 8
    8. Splatoon 
    9. TOCA Race Driver 2
    10. Shadowrun (360)
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  8. juanster added a post in a topic Best foreign language movies to watch without subtitles?   

    I've sat through episodes of Korean/Japanese soap operas on lonely Saturday afternoons for some reason. I think I was getting the gist of it.
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  9. juanster added a post in a topic ATB: Online Multiplayer Game   

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  10. juanster added a post in a topic Anyone want to post pics of your gaming den/collections?   

    I just finished up my video game room last night! Well, 99% finished; i just have to hang one more shelf, tidy up some cables and alphabetize all my books.
    Here are a few views of the whole area:

    It isn't the most elegant solution, but all my controllers are stored behind the games.

    For my PS2 light-gun station, I was able to get a hold of a bigger CRT since the last time i posted pics. The speakers won't working, but luckily I had a spare set of PC speakers that I hooked up with a 3.5mm to stereo cable. I lost my Sega Saturn Stunner, but I plan on picking one up and using this TV for Saturn light-gun games as well.

    My main TV isn't fancy at all, it's an Apex 40" LCD. The picture quality is OK at best, but the reason why I love it is because it has HDMI x3, Component x2 AND S-video & VGA, which is how I connect my Saturn and Dreamcast. The PC is also hooked up to this TV via HDMI. I work from home some days and extend my work laptop's screen to this TV via VGA. I use the VGA box on the right to switch between the Dreamcast and work laptop.

    Here is the piece that really makes the room pop. I used to have the coffee table in the middle of the room, which made it cumbersome to get around. I recently bought a PS4 steering wheel and learned that my mother-in-law had a spare Sony LCD she wasn't using. I decided to move the table to the side and build a racing station. I didn't want to keep disassembling the wheel after using it, so I just mounted it to the table itself. You can see my PS4 and WiiU in the second level of the table. I actually had to cut the second level to make room for the pedals, you can see that I used some 2x4s to support it (which I now realize I forgot to paint).
    The PS4 is connected to an HDMI splitter that goes to both TVs; I just turn on the TV I want to play on. This TV's only purpose is to play racing games on it. Since the wheel also works on PC, I plan an splitting the PC's signal to this TV too. On the table, you can see the laptop dock that is connected to the main TV as well as a baby monitor. I typically play at night when everyone is asleep on the second floor. Since this room is in the basement, I wanted to a way to listen if the kids wake up or if my wife needed me for something. And if i'm wearing headphones, the monitor lights up when it registers a sound so I'm covered there too.

    That's it for the main tour, but here are some close-up pics if anyone is interested. You'll see Simpsons figures sprinkled throughout the room.
    On top of the games shelf, I decided to put all my different Homers and other random Simpsons figures.

    Here is the Genesis wall again.

    My video game book area, with Sonic as the main star.

    If anyone remembers, I mentioned that I needed to be a shelf for my graphic novels that are behind the TV. I used some 2x4s and did just that, now you can see the books from behind the TV.

    All my bag and boarded comics are in this filing cabinet. You can see my Rock Band drums and guitar stored next to it. Now that my kids are old enough, we plan on having a Rock Band family night. 

    Video game magazines.

    I'm really happy with the way the room turned out. 
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  11. juanster added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    season 2 was something really special. "International Assassin" is one the best episodes of anything that I have ever seen.
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  12. juanster added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    Episode 2
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  13. juanster added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    I just finished watching the first episode and thought it was great! The music is unbelievable. 
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  14. juanster added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    Yeah, I can't wait until tomorrow. All of the previews I've read have been positive.
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  15. juanster added a post in a topic UFC 3: Super Nintendo vs. Sega Genesis (Results)   

    Even I didn't expect the Genesis to win.
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