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  1. xXMETALLICAMANx added a post in a topic Episode 271 (01/02/12) - The One With All The 2011 Wrap-Up   

    Loved this episode it was nice to finally see the games I liked get mentioned and also find out about games i didn't know about like VVVV. By far I felt this was the best game "Award Show" I've seen in 2011. And for my first year listening to this podcast I loved it and I would suggest it to anybody (that likes games of course) and even with the parts of the podcast where you weren't talking about games. I found these parts actually quite enjoyable, and it was also let the you know more about the people your listening to. So thank you for a great year and I look forward to this year.
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  2. xXMETALLICAMANx added a topic in Video Games   

    Video Game Video of the week 1

    I do not own this I found this i'll be doing this once a week now
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  3. xXMETALLICAMANx added a post in a topic P1P Community Games of the Year 2011 - Voting Thread   

    Please note games not in order from 10-1 just games I really liked.1.Portal 2
    3. Skyward Sword
    4.Super Mario 3D Land
    5.Mortal Kombat
    6.Battlefield 3
    7.Pokemon Black/White
    8.Mario Kart 7


    10. Ocarina of time 3D

    best moment: Johnny Cage Mortal Kombat "...Im gonna take you out to dinner"

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  4. xXMETALLICAMANx added a topic in Video Games   

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Cinematic Reveal Trailer

    looks pretty cool if i do say so myself if of course if its anything like this
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  5. xXMETALLICAMANx added a post in a topic Episode 262 (10/31/11) - Spooky   

    I agree...that is all
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  6. xXMETALLICAMANx added a post in a topic PowerUp Heroes   

    This looks kinda cool but the thing that seems strange to me is that i never heard of it till now
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  7. xXMETALLICAMANx added a post in a topic Other than Shantae, is there anything on DSiware worth buying?   

    Id have to say if you do not have a smart phone I would suggest Plants vs Zombies but if you can get it for the PC/Mac it has WAY more additions than this one but its still okay and a good buy at around $5 I think.
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  8. xXMETALLICAMANx added a post in a topic Video Game Type Costume ideas!   

    That sounds like a good idea. Real easy. Thanks
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  9. xXMETALLICAMANx added a topic in Video Games   

    Video Game Type Costume ideas!
    Hey guys! Halloween is coming and I always loved dressing up in funny cool and possibly stupid stuff just to get a kick out of it and see how my friends react. When thinking of something I was surprised to find out that I never did a video game costume. So i am going to take advantage of this moment and wear one this Halloween,but I couldn't think of anything. So this is were your part comes in, please post video game costumes that you feel are good for a 13 year old the one I think is cool wins. The prize is.....um lets go with praise and admiration uh yea that's good.

    Good luck
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  10. xXMETALLICAMANx added a post in a topic Nintendo 3DS | Where are the Achievements?   

    Although the achievements for a Nintendo console would be cool it will most likely never happen due to the fact that if you had noticed nintendo has shown that they do not relate themselves to the PS3 or the 360.If you look at all of the wii/3ds online features they are similar in some ways but for the most part they are completely different. No add ons or map packs, still use friend codes other that GT, most of the wii's games do not even have online multiplayer were as the PS3 and Xbox 360 about 99%(guess) have online multiplayer.
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