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  1. Planet_JASE added a topic in Video Games   

    Project Giana Kickstarter (Giana Sisters Sequel)
    I wouldn't usually post something off of Kickstarter but I thought this would be applicable to a particular person's interests.

    Black Forest Games (formerly Spellbound of Giana Sisters DS fame) have started a Kickstarter to develop a Giana Sisters sequel, coming to PC, and possibly XBLA and PSN in the future.

    I would have felt remiss if I did not bring this to loveable old Phil's attention.

    From the looks of it, it may be worthy of checking out when it is released.
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  2. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 292 (05/28/12) - Invisible Robot   

    This podcast did not give me a virus.

    I approve of this and admire your continued efforts in improving your podcast.
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  3. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 287 (04/23/12) - The New Zealand Story   

    The beauty, however, is absolutely free. So there's that.
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  4. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 287 (04/23/12) - The New Zealand Story   

    I would like to take this opportunity to, on behalf of our fine neighbours in New Zealand say the following: They are an extremely lovely and pleasant people, who are fortunate enough to be so slow of wit and docile that they won't have realized your very offensive racism, CJ.

    Also, Australia is a country that is sparse of Mexican Take Away stores. This should not be taken as a reflection of us being a backward, stupid, or ultimately worthless country. Unlike some places.
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  5. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 286 (04/16/12) - Easy Baked   

    From my point of view, the issue I have with his statements were not because his output (or lack of) or even that he is part of the industry. My issue with what he said was the manner with which he said them and then responding to twitter replies with "suck my d--k" (No, he did. Really.). That just makes you a huge @sshole whose opinion, if it carried any truth or incisive insight, is now lost because you have no interpersonal and communication skills.

    I think his point (and I could be wrong) was that Japan had stagnated as far as game development and innovation were concerned. That the west were far more nimble in changing to meet customer needs and invested more time in Indie projects that explored different play styles and methods. I think he may have said that Japan were, for the most part, producing the same games that they were 10 years ago; in many cases still using the same franchises.

    This could have held a lot of weight if said correctly... apart from the fact that all of last year's top sellers in the west were all sequels. No new IP has really done anything in the past couple of years. Publishers are killing off anything that isn't Call of Duty or a proven franchise. And that he has made a f--king puzzle platformer. The last part is what really negates any opinion he has, for me.

    If you're going to tell a whole country to try doing something new, innovate, and try not to use well-worn path of previous generations, try to back that up with an example. Not with a game that fits into the biggest groove the industry has

    PS-I didn't think you were criticising his game, at all.
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  6. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 286 (04/16/12) - Easy Baked   

    Just because he hadn't made a game yet doesn't negate the validity, or his right, to make a comment or judgement. If this were the case we would have very few professional critics in the world.

    The only difference between a critic and a member of the industry spouting theories on what's wrong with entire countries is that some day, the industry professional will release a product that will be measured against the criticisms they applied to everyone else. And if sweeping, generalised statements are the currency that he deals in, then he won't care if people say "another f--king indie puzzle platformer with a unique art style? 2/10."
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  7. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 286 (04/16/12) - Easy Baked   

    Welcome to our fine land!

    Getting reliable internet is not a reality everywhere, though. My options for internet are restricted to 1 option (which, I assume is an oxymoron), which is a USB 3G modem. I don't even live out in the middle of nowhere, either. Farmers that are living 30 000kms from the closest city have more, and far better options.

    What have you decided to do on you Australian Tour?
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  8. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 286 (04/16/12) - Easy Baked   

    Aren't you meant to be out looking for Old Zealand?

    Anyway, the this is the longest I've had to wait for a new episode in, like, forever! Don't you ever leave me for so long ever again.
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  9. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Congrats to Phil on the birth of Finn!   

    Congratulations to you both. I hope Dana and Finn are doing well and wish you all the best.
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  10. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 278 (02/20/12) - Vita'd   

    You don't get it, do you? This version has some of the features that we would have expected to be included in the first iteration!

    Shut up and take my monies, Apple!
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  11. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Video Game Completion 2012 Official Thread   

    I'm not sure of how many games I completed last year (I think about 15); all I know is that I bought more than I played or finished.

    This year my plan is to buy no (NO!) games and to reduce my backlog as much as possible. The year is off to a good start:

    15 - Rayman Origins
    26 - Sonic Generation

    03 - Alice: Madness Returns
    25 - The Force Unleashed + DLC
    26 - The Force Unleashed II + DLC

    12 - Journey (fine, I bought a game. But I also played it straight away, so...)
    17 - Uncharted 3
    27 - Saints Row the Third

    10 - Bully: Scholarship Edition

    03 - Castlevania: Lord of Shadows

    On top of these, I've been chipping away at a few others, meaning that I'm close to finishing a few more games on top of what's been listed. My hope is that this year will be about enjoying playing games, rather than enjoying hunting down bargains for games that I'll not get around to playing for months upon months.
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  12. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 275 (01/30/12) - The Wrath of a Stranger   

    Awesome episode, especially the icecream talk at the end. This episode seemed to be a little bit more upbeat than the past couple. Perhaps the whole team has been rejuvenated by CJ's practice holidays?

    Even though I intended to join in on the Game Club, eventually I realized that I couldn't. My backlog is so extreme that I've promised myself that I won't buy any games this year. I'll be happy to join in on the next one if you pick a game that currently resides in my 'pile of shame.' Heck, the fact that you managed to pick a game that isn't part of the pile is impressive.
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  13. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Happy Birthday Phil!   

    Happy (belated) Birthday, Phil
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  14. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic PlayerOne - Steam Community Group   

    Is there room for one more, please?
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  15. Planet_JASE added a post in a topic Episode 270 (12/26/11) - T.Rux & G-Rubb   

    I won't agree that it falls into the category of a nerd argument but will concede that this very conversation about what constitutes a nerd argument skates very close to being one.
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