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  1. SpoonZ added a post in a topic help with a an odd Sega Saturn Adapter   

    Thanks Stewy! I guess it seems like a useless chunk of plastic without all the othe bits n bobs then. . Cheers.
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  2. SpoonZ added a topic in Video Games   

    help with a an odd Sega Saturn Adapter
    Wondering if any P1Pers can help me out...

    I've just got hold of a box of Sega Saturn knick knacks for my game room and there was this X-terminator Game Adapter in with the stuff. Does anyone know what it's for? There's a pic here http://t.co/uYLOuiWb
    Top photo is the cart, bottom pic is what comes up when you turn it on - but there's no other options.

    When you plug the cart into the saturn slot, there is another cart slot on the top? could this be for a megadrive (genesis) or master system cart. Unfortunately I don't have any to test it out with.

    I thought it might be like a game shark or action replay cart. But there no other options on the screen.

    I've done a google with no luck... Any help would be appreciated, cheers everyone.
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  3. SpoonZ added a post in a topic Most Underrated Game of 2012?   

    For me it's Carrier Command Gaea Missions.
    It's certainly not a game for those brought up on in game tutorials and auto saves.
    If, like me, you wasted hours on the original then you will adore this remake.
    Yes, the AI is wonky, the game is very tough and unforgiving, but, you will instantly recall programming waypoints and then manually taking control of your units to do the stuff the AI has trouble with yourself.
    I've already sunk dozens of hours into this game and can't recommend it highly enough ( to players of the original )
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  4. SpoonZ added a post in a topic Nintendo Network IDs!   

    I'm SpoonZ in the miiverse
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  5. SpoonZ added a post in a topic Gravity Rush   

    I'm 100% with you here... When I was playing the game I felt like "GAME OF THE YEAR".. I was really having fun..... A few weeks after I've finished it, I look back and can't really remember most of the story, I have little interest in any DLC and it's pretty much resigned to the shelf. is there a name for this syndrome? is it just "shineynewnessgame" I really loved this game but really don't want to pick it up again.

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  6. SpoonZ added a post in a topic Vita game thread - Let's discuss   

    @kurichan I'll have to try and get online for some Unit 13 coop - Unfortunately though Lumines is sucking my life away. It's way too addictive.
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  7. SpoonZ added a post in a topic Congrats to Phil on the birth of Finn!   

    Congratulations to Phil and Mrs Phil. Will Nintendo still be pushing Pokemon when Finn's old enough to play games and what number Final Fantasy will he complete first. Sweapstake anyone?
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  8. SpoonZ added a post in a topic Vita Friends List   

    I'm SpoonZgfx

    I have lots of free spots on my list because I'm a sad and lonely billy no mates.
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  9. SpoonZ added a post in a topic The Vita will thrive/die/break the Internet!!!!!!   

    I picked mine up from JB HI Fi just as they were closing. The girl on the till had to call over her supervisor to put through the "pre-order stuff" as it was the first one she had done today!

    Also the Australian Internet broke today... But I don't think it was anything to do with the Vita
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  10. SpoonZ added a post in a topic Resident Evil Revelaitons   

    I picked it up on release day - with the frankencirclepad. Played through the prologue - and Episode 1. To be honest It's not really grabbed me yet - I'll see how things go after episode 2. The controls with the circle pad are OK but still a bit imprecise and finicky. I've had a couple of "that made me jump" moments already - Usually because I'm too busy hunting in corners for ammo and have missed the "Monster Closet" opening.
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  11. SpoonZ added a post in a topic I bought that - 2012 Edition   

    Great Idea - I'm sure to have spunked away a tonne of cash by the end of the year (although by resisting Spyro it won't be as much as it could be)

    Ace Combat Assault Horizon - 3DS
    Resident Evil Revelations - c/w The Frankencirclepad for the 3DS
    Tekken 3D Prime $59

    PS Vita
    Uncharted Golden Showers
    Modnation Racers Road Trip
    FIFA Football
    Wipeout 2048
    Escape Plan
    Super Stardust Delta
    Hot Shots Golf
    Motor Storm RC (Australia didn't get it free - but at $10 for both versions it's a steal)
    Unit 13
    Reality Fighters
    Lumines ES

    Fight night round 4
    Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare
    Infamous 2
    Resistance 3

    Endless Oceans 2

    XBOX 360
    IL2 Sturmovik & Blazing Angels Sqns of WWII ($20 for both)
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  12. SpoonZ added a post in a topic New Syndicate is yet another in the line of 'FPSequels'   

    Well, we're not gettiing is in Australia. stoopid censorship laws .
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  13. SpoonZ added a post in a topic The Player One "Get In Shape" 2012 thread   

    Well done Mik, We're a month in. How's everyone else doing?

    I''ve been plugging away 30 minutes a day on the wife's cross training machine. I've not lost a butt-ton of weight but I certainly feel fitter already and my legs are permanently "restless"

    More importantly for me though is that I'm still smoke-free after a month.
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  14. SpoonZ added a post in a topic Retro Game Memories   

    The only way to play spy hunter was on the cabinet with the yoke type wheel and the gas pedal.

    I remember going on holiday when I was about 10 or 11 and putting more cash in that than the huge and shiny super hang-on (I was too small to sit on that huge plastic bike) and space harrier ( I got a tenth of the playtime for twice the price).

    If I had a really good game of spy hunter I would just make it to the boat level. The use of the Peter Gunn theme was inspired.

    I think I've played most of the console ports and none of them have lived up to the original... If I could own one dedicated retro game cabinet it would have to be either spy hunter or paperboy. (it would be a tough choice).
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  15. SpoonZ added a post in a topic This is a pretty cool website   

    Thanks Tron - I like knocking a quick one out too.
    I aways end up googling to see how long I've got left to go - Especially if things are getting a bit tedious after a few hours (LOZ Phantom Hourglass for eg)
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