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  1. Jave added a post in a topic Nintendo eShop   

    I doubt it. Soul Axiom been kicking around on PS4 and Steam, and they announced the WiiU version a longass time ago. I played a demo for it, I think it was 2 years ago at this point. It was around the same time they released that demo for the WiiU version of Freedom Planet. Part of some Nindies thing.
    It's from the developers of Master Reboot, and seemed a whole lot like "just more of that" from what I saw.
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  2. Jave added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    There's an irony to this that will surely be lost on the people involved. 
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  3. Jave added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    The future of political witch hunting in this country is a bit of a mystery to me.
    When Harper was in power, the attack ads and mud flinging were at an all-time high. Every election, the conservatives had a catchy slogan not for their own party, but as a takedown of the liberal leader (He's just not worth the risk, He's just not ready, He's not in it for you etc). The liberals tried to fling mud back with the "He actually said that, we're not making this up" series of attack ads, if they've kept that up since then, they've been doing it in other parts of the country, because I'm not exposed to it in New Brunswick.
    But Canadian politics is basically a pendulum. It swings one way, then the other, then back again, and so on. Whenever we're fed up with one part, we vote in the other one, then we keep voting for them until we get fed up again, then switch. I'm not saying Justin Trudeau isn't a worthy leader, the dude's got politics in his DNA, but what got him into office was enough people got sick and tired of Harper, and Harper only got the job because enough people were sick and tired of Chretien and Paul Martin.
    I always tell people to remain non-partizan until the very last minute, then pick your side based on policies and track records, but I don't know if that applies in America, where everything is so freaking polarized.
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  4. Jave added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I tried to play Oblivion this one time, and the only thing I enjoyed was the scenery... and Patrick Stewart, of course.
    So my rage regarding The Tomorrow Children has cooled down a bit, so I jumped back in and was immediately handed $200 worth of free in-game currency (edit: by which I mean that I was given a chunk of paid currency for free). I think it has something to do with issues that occurred during server maintenance, but I'd like to think it was a make-good after having such an awful experience with selfish players burning off the entire wood and coal supplies.
    Funny enough, when I came back in, wood was still in dire numbers, but coal seemed to have been restocked to a healthy amount. Buildings in the town were all moved around for no good reason, several defence turrets were missing, and about half the shops were just gone without a trace. I just fell right back into the grind. Run the treadmill, do some mining and gathering, run the treadmill, build up the residential district, run the treadmill, etc. For the record, I was one of two people in my town, and the only one running the treadmill. I would like to reiterate that if more people would do it, this wouldn't be as much of an issue.
    And then something happened that endeared me to the game all over again: and I am so back in!
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  5. Jave added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I think my fascination with The Tomorrow Children may have died as quickly as it came about. Everything about the game is really interesting... unfortunately, you have to play it with other people, and people are fucking stupid.
    So, maintaining a sustainable supply of electricity is an aspect of the game, you can either play a little minigame where you run on a treadmill to generate power, or once your town hits a certain population, you gain access to a furnace where resources can be burned to generate power. The treadmill minigame isn't fun, so it's not like I don't understand why people don't want to do it, but there's no in-game resource cost to doing it, and if everybody contributes a little bit, then no-one has to toil away endlessly just to try and keep up. So I logged in today to find that not only had the entire coal supply been depleted, and wood was clearly also being dipped into, but people were continuing to burn through town resources faster than they were bringing them in. DO THE GODDAMN MATH, YOU IMBECILES!
    No more resources means no more new buildings, no more repairing existing buildings, which means infrastructure will eventually collapse, which means goodbye to the town I worked so hard to help build, and good fucking riddance!
    Some of the most interesting games I've played this year have been stuff with some hype and a lot of anger when it didn't promise. I get the feeling The Tomorrow Children is going to follow that pattern when it gets out of early access. A lot of people are gonna want to have wacky adventures in a Russian Modernist world, and won't take too kindly to having to help maintain a stable infrastructure.
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  6. Jave added a post in a topic Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past   

    I've made very little progress so far, but that's not a knock on the game at all. There's just a lot of other stuff that caught my eye around the same time, what with a new SMT, The Tomorrow Children, Pac Man CE2, and Scholar of the First Sin being on sale on PSN (dammit I'm a sucker).
    Dragon Quest 7 is my lay down and unwind game.
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  7. Jave added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I caved and got the founders' pack for The Tomorrow Children. I think this might be skirting the edge of my affinity for strange and pointless games.'
    So what's it like? Well, have you ever played an RTS and wondered what it'd be like to be one of the random mooks instead of in control of the whole army? That's pretty much this game. A lot of this game is picking things up and putting them somewhere else. That's not to say I'm not enjoying it, but much like No Man's Sky, this is a type of game that I can fully understand most people not getting into.
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  8. Jave added a post in a topic Nintendo eShop   

    Well sure, I suppose it goes without saying that my recommendation doesn't apply to anyone who already owns the game. Didn't really seem worth my time to add that as a caveat.
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  9. Jave added a post in a topic Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past   

    It took me about an hour and a half to get into my first fight. I never played the game on PS1, so I don't really have a point of comparison for how much the pacing was picked up.
    At any rate, it did feel a bit slow. Not so much because there's no "action," but because a lot of that time is taken up with walking back and forth over the same area, finding which dialog triggers the next event flag and then rinsing and repeating. It doesn't strike me as a deliberate decision so much as a relic of making the transition from cartridges to CDs. They're still using the same game flow that they did in the 16bit titles, but suddenly with exponentially more space to work with.
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  10. Jave added a post in a topic Nintendo eShop   

    I rather foolishly bought Steel Empire at full price at some point. It's a fantastic game... but an overpriced one. You guys really should get on that while it's cheap.
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  11. Jave added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    Charming and repetitive are the two things that stand out about it to me as well. You can probably ignore most of the repetition and just critical path it to the end, but I'm pretty sure everyone who plays it ends up juggling two or three main jobs and dabbles in all the others.
    I was mainly a hunter and a chef.
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  12. Jave added a post in a topic Stop it, GAF   

    I think he was being a little bit facetious.
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  13. Jave added a post in a topic Xbox One NES Emulator Passes Certification   

    Emulation in and of itself is technically not piracy, but it's also a huge liability. I imagine this will get shut down pretty quickly.
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  14. Jave added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    Me too.
    I've never had any conflict with finding something offensive and funny at the same time.
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  15. Jave added a post in a topic No Man's Sky   

    I almost wasn't going to watch that video for fear of yet another whinefest, but I'm glad I did.
    It sums up how I feel about the game pretty well, both positives and negatives.
    Like, a couple weeks ago, I was on some random planet mining some random ore, when I caught sight of this thing out the corner of my eye:
    The experience of just happening upon something like this is meaningful to me. I get that it's just a combination of prefab parts, and that you can't really interact with it outside of either killing it or watching it bumble around, but that's not the point. This thing wasn't put there to be found, it just happened as a result of a math formula coming together just the right way this one time. Most of the animals I see in this game tend to look quite similar to ones I see on other planets, but the three minutes I spent looking at these guys was the only time I've seen anything remotely like it in tens of hours worth of game time.
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