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  1. Jave added a post in a topic 495: ARPPU   

    I think Monster Hunter is probably the worst in show when it comes to games taking a long time to get fun. I love Monster Hunter, it's one of my all-time favourite franchises, but you really do need to suffer through that initial barrier to entry.
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  2. Jave added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    I'm putting ten bucks on "inarticulate"
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  3. Jave added a post in a topic The strange tale of Nioh   

    The biggest issue I had with LotF was really the little details. Animations that didn't feel right, enemies that practically never dropped their shields, attacks that were poorly telegraphed, if at all, and the fact that bosses would actually telegraph their moves would make them easier to kill than certain regular enemies. Maps that felt kind of aimless and windy for the sake of it... stuff like that. I honestly think they nailed like 90% of it, it was just a lot of little details that made for an unpleasant experience. I'd wait and get it for cheap, and don't feel compelled to finish it either.
    I'd feel a lot better about recommending Salt and Sanctuary. I don't know if you tried that or not. It's a flawed but interesting game. The worst thing about it is that it does leave a pretty bad first impression.
    Anyway... Nioh.
    So, here's a run I did that went relatively smoothly, thanks in no small part to me dumping a bunch of trash loot at the shrine all at once, and quickly gaining some levels and extra elixirs. (oh yeah, this game has loot, lots of it... and your shit breaks constantly, I hope they tweak that a bit) I think what this run best demonstrates is the value of avoiding being seen.
    Any amount of conflict runs the real risk of attracting the attention of more guards than you can handle at a time, so finding that optimal path really does help a lot. The downside is that it gets real repetitive. Walk on this roof, stab this guy in the back, turn this corner, fight the guy in armour, shoot an arrow at the guy on the roof, climb this ladder, fall off this ledge to avoid spawning an oni on the roof... it got pretty repetitive after a while.
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  4. Jave added a post in a topic Super Mario Maker level codes   

    Because there could be any number of reasons why I didn't star or comment on your course. Sometimes I just forget, sometimes I've got nothing useful to say about it, and sometimes I just don't think it's star-worthy. Stars should be awarded for merit. I don't just hand out rewards to people I like because I like them like some kind of Splatfest.
    So when I do star or comment, you can feel good about yourself, because you'll know you earned that star... and seriously, I forget to star courses a lot, so that's always a possibility too.
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  5. Jave added a post in a topic Super Mario Maker level codes   

    You gosh darned millennials and your sense of entitlement! Why don't 'yall go on your tweetbooks or whatever and whine to someone who cares!? [/getoffmylawn]
    So here's my most recent level: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/ACA1-0000-0230-055D
    The name, Toasted Buns refers to the stage's most prominent gimmick, where you need to ride on two flamethrowers moving on a track. I tried adding all kinds of different things to that section in order to up the challenge, but getting everything timed correctly would mean that most additions either didn't make any difference at all, or completely borked one of your jumps.
    Also, that seemingly pointless door transition was put there to reset the spawn points, that's a little free tip for anyone who has trouble getting track objects to line up correctly.
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  6. Jave added a post in a topic The strange tale of Nioh   

    I think that calling something "kind of like Dark Souls" or "the Dark Souls of _____" has already become a tired cliche, and it's not particularly true either.
    To me, it comes down to very specific beats that aren't commonplace in action RPGs, or hard games in general, but are very common among games inspired by Dark Souls. I haven't played that many games that I would explicitly call derivative. Nioh, Lords of the Fallen, and Salt and Sanctuary, and that's about it, and all three of those games pretty blatantly wear their influence on their sleeves.
    I think in the future, games will be able to have an equivalent to bonfires and souls recovery without feeling like a Dark Souls derivative, but not yet.
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  7. Jave added a post in a topic The strange tale of Nioh   

    I get what you mean, in that this game was already in development before Demon's Souls even existed. My first reaction to playing this was that it was a "me too" game cashing in on a trend, and now that I know the backstory, I realize that's not the case. This style of game really was the right choice to capture the feel they wanted, and they were looking into making this kind of game well before the rest of the industry had caught on.
    But at the same time, I don't think it's entirely unfair to call it a clone. They didn't just borrow from Souls, they copied damn near Everything.
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  8. Jave added a topic in Video Games   

    The strange tale of Nioh
    Apparently, this topic comes up on 8-4 Play, so I don't know how much of this is redundant information, but after playing the so-called "alpha demo" I decided to look this game up online, and apparently, it has a hell of a history, which is particularly strange, given how much the current product feels like a complete theft of a certain other game that is rather popular at the moment.
    Anyway, long story short, Nioh was original titled Oni (no relation to the Bungie game) and was announced in 2004(!) as a new game for the not-yet-released PS3 console. The original vision of the game was based on an unfinished sceenplay by none other than Akira Kurosawa... about a mixed-race samurai (Japanese father and European mother) named Williams. Akira's son, Hisao Kurosawa was also involved in the project, which would have seen a movie of the same name coincide with the game.
    By 2006, the game had changed names to Ni-Oh, and missed its launch date (yeah... you don't say) and after the merger between Tecmo and Koei, Team Ninja was tasked with finishing the game. Every few years, another quote would come out of an interview stating "yeah, it's coming along." The project was eventually moved to the PS4. Kinda like The Last Guardian, except no one seems to give much of a shit about it.
    So, fast forward to 2016, the game is re-announced as Nioh (now with 100% less hyphen) and planned for release at some point in 2016, ten years after the original release date, and twelve years after the original announcement.
    ... and it's a Dark Souls clone.
    So, yeah
    I've played a little of it, died many, many, many times, and here are some thoughts:
    - I'm not exaggerating. It's a Dark Souls clone! You have Amrita instead of Souls, Shrines instead of bonfires, Elixir instead of Estus, Ki instead of Stamina, and Oni instead of Undead. There are some mechanics on the periphery that differ a bit, but all the main beats line up perfectly.
    - When you die, you need to go back to your not-bloodstain to get your not-souls, lest you lose it forever, but for some reason, if you die without getting it back, you don't drop another not-bloodstain... so all your not-souls from that run are gone instantly irretrievable. There seems to be an in-game conceit for this, but it's a weird detail.
    - This is harder than Dark Souls. Like a lot. At first I thought it was me, but that seems to be the general impression. Now, Team Ninja has something of a reputation with making hard games, so I honestly don't know how much of this is on purpose, and how much is just the devs not quite understanding what makes Dark Souls tick. As you might expect, tryhards are already defending the difficulty.
    - There doesn't seem to be much in the way of weapon variety, but each weapon has three different "stances" a high one for slow attacks and high damage, a low stance for fast attacks, and a mid stance for something a little more balanced. You can have two melee weapons equipped and switch between them by pressing right on the d-pad, and you also have a separate weapon slot for your bow and arrows. Melee combat is mapped to the face buttons, and bow to the triggers, so both are accessible at a moment's notice, which is good, because Samurai were skilled archers first and foremost. (no seriously, look it up. Choreographed swordfighting has always been popular in Japanese entertainment, but real samurai were renowned for their archery skills) 
    - The setting is an absolutely perfect fit for this kind of game. Not only do caution and stealth fit in perfectly in this world, but the thick tension of a katana swordfight translates perfectly to the methodical combat of a Souls game. Not that the combat here is as methodical as Souls. It's a little faster, almost like they started with a conventional action game, then changed genres at some point during development to cash in on the popularity of a certain other game series. But surely, that can't be what happened.
    - Managing your not-stamina is huge. As soon as you run out, your character stops to catch his breath, leaving you completely vulnerable. Dodging costs less not-stamina than blocking, and you have certain attacks that deal what's called Ki Damage, meaning it doesn't hurt your opponent all that much, but depletes their stamina. Enemies are also prone to losing their breath, and that's when you can hit them with this game's equivalent to the backstab/visceral attack, wherein you run at them and hit triangle to deal critical damage.
    - I was going to comment that the game is gorgeous, but has some serious framerate issues. But in my research, I discovered that there's apparently a setting you can adjust from the title screen to change the game between Movie Mode and Action Mode. The former being better looking at the cost of performance, and the latter performing better at the cost of prettiness. I've only played a couple minutes in Action mode, so I can't make too direct a comparison, but that's pretty bold to put that option into a console game.
    - The controls need some serious tweaking. You character's movements are just... funny. They feel off somehow. But worse than that, the game really needs to do something about the dead zone on the left stick. I've lost count of how many times my dude randomly ran a few extra steps to the right after he should have stopped moving. Parrying (after the skill is unlocked) is accomplished by pressing attack while blocking, so trying to attack too soon after letting go of the block button causes you to either parry or have the input dropped entirely. Dodging would also sometimes not happen for reasons I'm not aware of.
    - That said, the game isn't out yet, so there is still time to improve the controls - but I'm not holding my breath.
    But anyway, all that being said. The demo is free, so it's still worth having a look at IMO. Apparently, you can only play this demo for a certain window of time (hence them calling it an alpha, I guess), and it grants you access to bonus content for the full game for free, but only if you can finish the demo. I think that last bit is my favourite part of this whole thing. 
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  9. Jave added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    Yes, exactly. Making a hard game isn't enough. When you're dancing on the bleeding edge between fair and unfair difficulty, everything has to be just right.
    At some point, someone has to experiment with making a (relatively) easier or more accessible Soulslike, and that game will be a hit, and there will be much gnashing of teeth and hurting of butt from the hardcore community.
    Anyway, I'm gonna keep playing Nioh for a while, free is free, after all. I can post my early impressions if anyone's interested.
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  10. Jave added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    Bloody hell, Team Ninja just released a so-called "Alpha Demo" of a game called Nioh, which is basically a souls-clone set in feudal Japan. And I don't just mean like "it's the Dark Souls of Sengoku action games" either, I mean like they made One Of Those games, and only the setting is different.
    It's officially a genre now, and I don't know if that's a good thing or not.
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  11. Jave added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    This is Babymetal, and if the Mercedes costume didn't make you sell your copy, there's no good reason why this should.
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  12. Jave added a post in a topic 494: Existential Dread   

    I can respect that they went for it. You know, instead of just using shitty unity assets and then calling it a throwback, they actually went all the way to replicate the old grime. As a stylistic choice, I can get behind that.
    But I also agree with Compeau, low poly graphics are a cool stylistic choice, but they look a lot better when you go for that "clean" look, with simple shapes and solid colours. Maybe some Gouraud shading while we're at it.
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  13. Jave added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

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  14. Jave added a post in a topic Fine, we'll start a Dark Souls 3 thread!   

    I am loving the directions this conversation has taken.
    You guys were right. Starting a Dark Souls 3 thread was a great idea.
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  15. Jave added a post in a topic Fine, we'll start a Dark Souls 3 thread!   

    I liked that boss because he's at least slow enough that you can put some distance between him and yourself if you need to, and also use elements in the room for cover. Mind you, I came to Smouldering Lake way later in my playthrough, because I didn't actually realize it was there until I saw mention of it online and looked it up. So I was much better prepared to take him on.
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