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  1. Raggen1 added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I just finished Dishonored. I actually liked Deus Ex: HR (the stealth was alot better than dishonored) but Dishonored did little for me. Like a lot of people have already said the game never draws you in, I never really looked forward to playing it.

    It was ok, but neither the stealth or action was best in class. I did like the world and the fact that you could solve the missions in different ways.

    Not as dissapointing as Darksiders 2, but close.

    On a positive note; I downloaded Unfinished Swan, and what a game! This game makes me smile, feel adventurous and relaxed. I've had more fun in one hour in this game than I had with Dishonored.

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  2. Raggen1 added a post in a topic Episode 312 (10/15/12) - Retrocity   

    Great episode:-)
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  3. Raggen1 added a post in a topic Gravity Rush   

    I'm at chapter 11, and I don't think I will finish this game. I really wanted to like it and I did in the beginning. But it gets repetitive and a little stale. The music and the graphics are too notch, But the game mechanics didn't hold my interest long enough.
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  4. Raggen1 added a post in a topic Episode 300 (07/23/12) - 300   

    Congrats on 300 episodes! I have been listening for about 2 years and it' still great. Adding Mike (or mich?) to the show only made the show better. I really appreciate the podcast, so thank you.

    And I'm really looking forward to Epic Mickey 2, I can't wait to hear Phil do his lovely mickey voice again. And please overdo it like last time:-)
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  5. Raggen1 added a post in a topic The For your Empire Super Topic   

    If you need any questions:

    - What's you favourite sequel to a game this generation? I just started playing Infamous 2, and I'm amazed at how much better the game is than the first. The mechanics, the missions and graphics. The first game didn't grab me at all but this is one of my favourite gaming experiences this generation and a rare occasion where an open world game really clicks with me.

    Anyone of you tried the LBP Karting beta? That was a pleasent suprise, really liking it.
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  6. Raggen1 added a post in a topic Those Dead Walkers keep coming...   

    So we finally got this in europe as well (came this thursday). I really liked episode 2 as well, so far it's one of my favourite gaming experience this year. Even bought season one of the TV show yesterday, so I'm slowly getting into this fiction.

    But the technical issues almost ruined it, the game was freezing up in almost every scene. I'm sure they're on a thight schedule, but that shite needs to be fixed in episode 3.
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  7. Raggen1 added a post in a topic Rage   

    I finally finished this last night. I bought it for 10$ a couple of months ago, and have been playing a couple of hours a week. For that price it was well worth it. I really liked the driving, finished all the races. The handling had a nice arcade feel to it. The guns, the A.I, the combat scenarios and 60fps made this a great shooter, although the missions got a bit repetitive after a while. There were a few mission that stood out, I really liked the subway mission and the one in prison.

    I also liked the degree of "open world" and the amount of missions. I never had a long list of mission, that usually stress me out (like in Borderlands)

    Played it for about 17 enjoyable hours and for 10$ that's not bad.

    But I have to agree with the internet about the ending. This game ended with a "pfff". That last mission was one of the worst in the entire game.
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  8. Raggen1 added a post in a topic P1P Hot Shots Golf Season 4 Thread   

    I'm sorry for being totally absent this season. It's been a couple of crazy weeks at work and combined with Euro2012, so I haven't had much time.. But I'll try to get back in the game if there's a season 5.
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  9. Raggen1 added a post in a topic The For your Empire Super Topic   

    Sounds like the definition a sane human being to me:-)

    A question for a rainy day:

    Do you think the "AAA" games for Vita will be ported over to the PS3? I'm sure they are thinking about it, considering the budgets on Uncharted, Gravity Rush, AC: Liberation.

    And I propose a weekly Gies segment, need to scratch that itch:-)
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  10. Raggen1 added a post in a topic The For your Empire Super Topic   

    I'm sure President Reagen would be proud; I'm what most americans would consider a leftist, and I'm coming from a country with social equality, high taxes and strong labour unions:-)

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  11. Raggen1 added a post in a topic Vita game thread - Let's discuss   

    Retail for Gravity Rush, and now I'm glad I went for it. It was in my mailbox yesterday. I haven't had the time to play it for more than two hours though, but my first impressions are really positive. The gameplay is great, so is the music and artstyle. The U.I. also seems very user-friendly.

    I wish 32 gb cards was coming to europe soon, I'd like to have as much as possible in digital form, I'm already filling up my 16 gb card, and I like to have some more music on there for custom soundtrack for Wipeout 2048.
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  12. Raggen1 added a post in a topic The For your Empire Super Topic   

    Thanks for discussing my question, a good discussion IMO. I agree with James that releasing a console a year later will be devastating for either company. I was having a beer with som old friends of mine a couple of weeks ago, and we talked briefly about the next generation of consoles. We're about 6 guys that have grown up with Playstation, but most of them agreed that if Playstation 4 is released a year later than Xbox, it would result in them buying a Xbox720 instead. I don't think Sony would do that, but after this week I realise that they are capable of repeating all the mistakes of the past.

    Intersted in hearing you opinion on Bioshock 2, I bought it on sale recently but couldn't get into it. It might be a good game but revisiting Rapture was a complete turn-off, and I turned it off after an hour.

    Looking forward to the E3 discussion, your up and downs during the week, and will James sell his Vita?
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  13. Raggen1 added a post in a topic Sony E3 2012   

    After watching that conference it seems to me that the Vita really isn't that important to Sony. I was expecting at least three or four big announcments for the Vita. And even if they don't like to demo Vita games on stage, the should have showed a montage. If you have 60 games coming in 2012 it might be an idea to show some of them! This should have been a Vita sales pitch, but instead they decide to talk about the Vita like it's a 6-year old system. A quite impressive fuck up.

    With the psn-titles announced before E3 I was quite pleased, beacause I prefer playing titles like that on my Vita and that's one of the reasons I bought it. There's stuff coming and I agree with Pete that it will be a niche system, and I'm personally ok with that. I just can't believe Sony are.

    On the plus side, good on Sony for making new I.Ps so late in the generation, and The Last of Us looks really good. But overall it wasn't much of a conference to write home about. Neither was Microsoft or EA, haven't seen Ubisoft.

    And man I'm getting tired of explosions, blood and gore, I really look forward to seeing what Nintendo got to offer, they usually avoid the bloodfest. Maybe they'll even sell me on the Wii U.
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  14. Raggen1 added a post in a topic The P1P Hot Shots Golf Season 3 Thread   

    Number 1!?! Woooot!

    But don't worry, I played like shite today.
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  15. Raggen1 added a post in a topic Vita game thread - Let's discuss   

    I am playing Velocity and have loved every minute of it. It's perfect for the Vita and the game mechanics really makes for an enjoyable experience. More people should check it out.

    Just played the Gravity Rush demo twice, and it's good. I struggled a bit with the controls but it got better on the second try. It was short and sweet, and enough for me to pre-order it.

    Still downloading the Resistance trial, the reviews have been all over the place so I'm looking forward to trying it myself.
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