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  1. Vokyous added a post in a topic 3DS Friend Code List - Visit from time to time to add the new people!   

    Also, if you're running the camera app, the number of pictures you've taken will be displayed there. Not sure if anything else shows off personalized information like that.
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  2. Vokyous added a post in a topic 3DS Friend Code List - Visit from time to time to add the new people!   

    I'm in the very same boat as drewmg up above.

    If you want to add me, my friend code is 3866-8011-6021

    About to register everyone else now.
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  3. Vokyous added a post in a topic Animal Crossing City Folk General Thread   

    Ooh, ouch. Just checked out the designer… that's definitely going to be a pain if you're trying to be precise. I wish there was a setting to handle all in-game menus and options with the buttons on the controller. I'm not disliking the current setup… it's just that it still feels a bit awkward having to point at everything. Plus, I think some things could be simplified if they just had a shortcut button on the controller.

    I picked the game up with the Wii-Speak… still haven't given it a shot though. Going to go add everyone else with a friend code…

    @Kirbu, Outlaw:

    Fear of Terrorism, Outbreak Spreads Throughout Town
    Murasame Resident Opens Gateway to Potential Terrorism
    Murasame, AC

    The citizens of Murasame are in a mass panic after possible terrorist attacks yesterday evening. A Murasame resident (name withheld), opened the main gate then proceeded to stand dormant and inattentive on the Murasame Bus Station platform while unknown individuals entered the town. "I just felt like doing it," the resident explained, "The game just came out and I wanted to let people run through the town."

    Sometime after the gate was open, a suspicious message addressed to the resident explained that "Your animals now are infected. Sorry bout that." When the letter was revealed to police, it sent the town's overwhelming animal population into a state of panic. Fortunately, no cases of infection have been recorded in Murasame, although Tabby, one of the residents, temporarily passed out from asphyxiation after insisting that holding her breath would "help keep the nerve gas away." Tabby told us: "They did it in a movie once. I'd show you, but I lent the video to Chester. Hey, I have an idea, me-WOW! Could you get the movie back from Chester for me? I would totally be in your debt for, like, forever, me-WOW." If there has truly been a biological attack, analysts are unclear of the motives behind it.

    Tabby going to dig a fallout shelter. She saw it in a movie once.

    The letter's sender, Steven (possibly an alias), appears to have written a second message on the town's bulletin board, calling the resident who left the gate open "a loser." A later message, written by "Matt," said to ignore Steven, and said to visit Oiyaba, a town of "pure awesome and NO losers," Although this comment seemed to be in opposition to Steven's, investigators are looking into a possible terrorist connection between the two unidentified writers as well as their connection to Oiyaba.

    Officials have explained that two unidentified individuals entered Murasame sometime around 7:00pm, although these reports have still been unclear. Booker, one of the animals in charge watching Murasame's main gate, went on record as saying, "Um, uh… Yeah, well… I think we let a few people in through the gate. I… umm, am not exactly sure about who we let th-through the gate… or wh-what they even looked like… but yes, visitors definitely came in… I think. I'm… s-sorry." Booker feels that if two people did indeed enter Murasame, they were probably Steven and Matt… maybe…

    Tension escalated when the main Murasame user began to see a sore develop on his Wii-Mote thumb (which absolutely wasn't a blood blister I got earlier in the day after slamming my finger in a ladder). If biological agents are indeed involved in the situation, it's possible that they have already escaped into other regions, even the real world.

    Since Murasame and its surrounding areas have woefully undercut hospital funds to strengthen their commercial zones, there is great concern that, if some sort of deadly agent has been released into the area, residents will be unable to receive proper medical treatment. The only available medicine is sold in severely limited quantities at Nook's Cranny, an establishment which has violated health codes for years and has been said to have ties with the raccoon mafia. Tom Nook, the owner of the shop, refuses to comment on the situation.

    In addition, at some time before midnight, Murasame lost connection to the central Nintendo WFC servers after the cable modem the city runs on could no longer maintain a connection to the Internet. Some residents have claimed to suffer from minor memory loss and having visions of being verbally abused by a mole with a hardhat. There was some initial concern that these symptoms were brought on by biological agents, but Animal Crossing Error Code 91010 tells us otherwise. Either way, network failure isn't entirely uncommon, but due to the incidents of last night, authorities refuse to disregard it as part of an elaborate terrorist plot.

    Previous attacks to neighboring areas have been limited to rampant tree vandalism and net-to-face harassment. If yesterday's threats are true to their word, they will mark one of the darkest days in the region's history.

    Police uncovered four oranges, fruits uncommon to Murasame, and a stack of 100 bells near the front gate. The evidence was carefully removed from the scene, and is being thoroughly tested for harmful biological agents. Until further notice, authorities are urging citizens to be extremely wary of imported fruit, and to report any suspicious sightings to the officers at the main gate.

    The resident who opened the gate, whom some now see as the cause of all these problems, followed up with us shortly before printing. "Okay, look… I'm not worried about this stuff at all…" he explained, "It's just that this Outlaw… this Steven, went and called me a loser on the bulletin board. So now I'm totally gonna have to go to his town and run over all his flowers."

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  4. Vokyous added a post in a topic Animal Crossing City Folk General Thread   

    Name: Ben
    Town: Murasame
    Fruit: Apples

    Just added everyone who put up their info so far. I’m gonna be out for the next few hours, but I’ll leave my gates open if anyone wants to drop in to grab some exotic fruit/ransack an unprotected town.

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  5. Vokyous added a post in a topic Animal Crossing City Folk General Thread   

    Up until... well... pretty much right now, I've been telling myself that I wouldn't get City Folk… that it wasn't enough of a upgrade to keep me interested.

    I was a FOOL!

    Now that game's launch is imminent, it's clear that nothing can keep me from igniting the flames with the idol of my heart! My one true love! The only girl that's enough of an ANIMAL (figuratively and literally) for me! The dear, sweet Mitzi.

    Baby, I looove youuuuuuuuuuuu!

    So yeah... I'm in. Gonna go check if any local stores have it on their shelves early.

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  6. Vokyous added a post in a topic Mirror's Edge   

    The demo's up in the US store, which is good news for people that have run out of active email addresses to create foreign Playstation Network accounts with (a.k.a. me).

    Glad to see people are liking it... can't wait for the download to finish.
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  7. Vokyous added a post in a topic Presidential Election 08   

    I just put my true colors up on my GamerTag... I only wish that people outside my friends list could see them as well.

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  8. Vokyous added a post in a topic Little Big Planet Beta   

    I just got a spare Japanese beta key. If anyone is still looking for a code, just send me a PM and I'll mail it your way.

    EDIT: ...and it's gone!
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  9. Vokyous added a post in a topic Cable identification help!   

    Ah, found them! Looks like they're called Piggyback Cables.

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  10. Vokyous added a post in a topic Little Big Planet Beta   


    I wasn't about to let LittleBigPlanet just destroy all my progress, so I made backups of my save data to the other user accounts on my system (as well as to practically every memory card that my sweaty, spastic hands could get a hold of). Just to see what would happen, I tried starting LBP under my Japanese PSN account (which now had my corrupted save data), and lo and behold, my entire saved game loaded up under a different username. Copying this data back to my main account made everything peachy keen.

    It looks like quite a few people on NeoGAF have run into data corruption errors, so the problem might be fairly common. If anyone gets the same error, I'd really recommend doing a quick data swap to see if that clears things up.
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  11. Vokyous added a post in a topic Klonoa Wii   

    I flipped my lid when I first saw the announcements for this one yesterday. Hopefully the game will come Stateside at some point, but I have my doubts since Klonoa has never really been a hot seller over here. Either way, this is SO a first-day import for me... even if my American Wii isn't capable of running Japanese games by the time it comes out.

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  12. Vokyous added a post in a topic Little Big Planet Beta   

    Keep refreshing! I just made it in at around comment 530!

    If you're not logged in, hit https://secureus.playstation.com/PSN/SignIn...om/default.aspx before you endlessly press refresh. Their sign-in page is still working fine!
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  13. Vokyous added a post in a topic Duke Nukem 3D on Xbox Live   

    Yeah, I downloaded this one too. It was one of the few games that I've stayed up to grab right as it appeared on the Marketplace. I've always loved Duke Nukem 3D, and this is one of the best renditions I've played so far.

    The film system is such a nice addition. It's awesome to be able to easily jump back in time a few seconds if you mess up, rather than starting the whole level over. It's also pretty cool that you can enter into any replay (your own or someone else's) at whatever point if you want, and play from there.

    On the other hand, the film feature may have killed the leaderboards. I just sat down to try speed running some of the levels, and found that they accept your final time even if you use the replay feature to shave off mistakes from your playthrough. So... people already pretty much have perfect runs of the levels. Still, it's pretty rad to watch these replays--just check out the first place run of level one, where Duke effortlessly wall jumps his way to victory in 10 seconds .

    I still haven't given it a shot online, but I'm definitely up for it. How well has the game run for those that have tried it?

    EDIT: Wow! Wait... It's surprisingly easy to beat the first level like that, even without rewinding time. Man, getting tips from other people's replays is great!
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  14. Vokyous added a post in a topic Mega Man 9   

    There's some more pics of the NES press kit CD over at http://forum.rockmanpm.com/index.php?topic=7313.0

    The image of the back of the box is definitely the best one...

    They also link to the disc from the press kit, which has already made its way online. There's really nothing new or exciting on it--you can already find many the images elsewhere on the internet (i.e. the first post of this thread)--although it DOES contain the biggest picture of Dr. Light you'll ever have on your computer, period.
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