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  1. bell801 added a post in a topic Episode 39 (07/23/07) - Our Contributions to Society   

    A few gafsters pointed me in the direction of this forum and I am thoroughly unimpressed. Listening to your podcast's latest episode leads me to believe you children have clearly missed the point of microsoft game studio's current marketing plan.

    We have SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE (that's including halo, gta, madden, fifa, scene it, viva pinata, and naruto: rise of a ninja) and ANYONE CAN PLAY. By letting microsoft have me introduce this year's lineup as corporate vice president, theyve proven that anyone can play, yes, including me.

    I also noticed your episode's title takes a stab at something i asked another internet user. Well it isn't funny. More like your taking away previous contributions to today's humor society.

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