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    Angry Gamer Podcast
    Hi everyone -

    Series 4 of the Angry Gamer podcast has been going for a while now so I thought I'd plug it here.

    For those who haven't heard it before (and that would be most of you), the Angry Gamer Podcast is a 10-15 minute weekly show that tries to be honest, funny and full of swear words to try and make everyone sound hard and clever.

    Some series highlights:

    Episode 4.01 - Series Debut - It's back! The world's shortest gaming podcast* returns to take on the entire world and leave nothing standing in its wake. Hear all about who is running the Xbox 360 technical support call center, what it's like to walk into a game store these days, and other such video gaming nonsense!

    Episode 4.02 - Jumping Jehosaphat - Featuring Peter Moore's first day at Electronic Arts, us complaining that all our Xbox 360s have died, and a look back onto a wax cylinder recording of a 1930's era Angry Gamer Radio Talkie Program! It's the Angry Gamer Podcast, one tenth the size of a normal podcast and only one third the calories!

    Episode 4.06 - Terrrrible! - We talk about the storyline of Bioshock, spoiling the storyline of Bioshock, playing the Call of Duty 4 beta, not playing the Call of Duty 4 beta, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Cam's whinging, Halo 3, how fucking nice it must be not to have to play video games, witnessing the triumphant return of Gamestradamus, and listen to Electronic Arts' plans for their new Activision Revision Devision!

    Episode 4.09 - 60 Frames Per Second - In this week's episode of hard-hitting gaming current affairs show, 60 Frames Per Second, we uncover the hard truths of gaming! We interview the We Hate Jade Raymond club, discover the dark secrets of modern gaming in a report no gamer can afford to miss, and wrap things up with a chilling expose of PlayStation 3: To Catch A Pre-Orderer!

    Episode 4.11 - We Buy Atari - The short version: We buy Atari. The long version: We buy Atari, try to come up with some good new games for the company, and meet Nolan Bushnell. Check out the best episode this season!

    Any comments? I know it's not full of insider news and rumor-mongering, but we try to put on a good show anyway.
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  2. AGFlamey added a topic in Other Podcasts   

    Angry Gamer Podcast Series 4
    Hi guys,

    I saw there was some people discussing the Angry Gamer Podcast here previously, thought I'd drop in and plug Series 4 in case you weren't aware the show was back "on the air"

    Subscription link:

    There's been four episodes so far - episode 5 comes out tomorrow. One a week. Typically an episode goes from ten to fifteen minutes. Would love to hear what you guys think of them!

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