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  1. probune added a post in a topic Uncharted 4: A Thief's End   

    I'm offended. Apologize.
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  2. probune added a post in a topic Uncharted 4: A Thief's End   

    I only mentioned it once. The first time I just said I don't play console games, which could mean that I only play mobile or handheld. Not exactly something worthy of mockery imo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  3. probune added a post in a topic It was foolish to read the comments, but I did it anyway.   

    What's this about?
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  4. probune added a post in a topic Uncharted 4: A Thief's End   

    What do I play now, or what have I played? I don't play many games now. It's all Overwatch and Hearthstone. I used to play almost every kind of game about 7-8 years ago or so.
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  5. probune added a post in a topic Overwatch - Blizzard's next game.   

    I played a ton of this on PC when the beta was out. I was also in closed beta too. I'm temped to also pick it up on console too because console players are bad and I will be able to kill them a lot.
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  6. probune added a post in a topic Uncharted 4: A Thief's End   

    I played and finished this game. FYI, I don't play console games any more, and didn't play Uncharted 3 so that colors my opinion a bit.
    I really love the facial animations. The writing is not absolutely amazing like Last of Us or what I remember of Uncharted 2, but it's still pretty good, and the voice acting is just the best. Naughty Dog has become really good at designing platforming sequences; I never found myself lost like I did in previous games with no idea where to go. The stealth makes combat so much more fun, because the shooting and gunfights still suck a big dick. They also designed their scenarios much better than the old Uncharted formula where enemies spawn in front of you, then more enemies spawn in front of you, and then enemies spawn behind you. I'm playing Uncharted 1 again and almost literally every encounter is this.
    Also, as someone who only plays PC games, this game is very pretty. I'm very happy that console games have good image quality in many cases.
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  7. probune added a post in a topic The Witness   

    I'm there right now. Pretty messed up place. Some of those puzzles are pretty rude.
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  8. probune added a post in a topic The Witness   

    I don't remember exactly, because I think that game came out eight years ago and the last time I played it for any length of time was then. I do kind of remember that puzzle, though, because it was one of the last ones I did. I think I remember that somewhere it tries to train you on that concept. As I recall, in that puzzle you have to slow down a bunch of koopas so hey would bounce off each other and you can bounce off of one, right? I think that can happen in some room later on by itself. Obviously I'm not sure, though.
     I'm pretty sure I didn't use a guide in Braid, because there wasn't a guide out for the game when I was playing it. It's possible I did look stuff up and don't remember it, though. It was a while ago.
    The thing I do remember, though, is that when I went into that level, I thought that I would eventually have to get a double jump later in the game because there was no way I could figure out to get the stars or puzzle pieces or whatever the things you get in that game are, and when I did that puzzle, I was pretty amazed with its design.
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  9. probune added a post in a topic The Witness   

    If you don't like this kind of thing, you probably won't like The Witness. It doesn't have as much of that as Braid does, but it is designed in the way Jonathan Blow designed Braid in that his puzzles are meant to deliberately mislead you. When he trains you in how to do these puzzles, he knows (probably from rigorous playtesting) how most people do the puzzle and deliberately prevents you from solving it in all of those ways. Since the puzzle training isn't exactly straightforward, he also knows the ways in which you think you know what he's training you to do, and prevents you from solving the puzzle in that way as well. And plenty of the solutions are esoteric.
    I don't think that's bad design, though. I actually think that's the best kind of design because it actually makes you feel smart when you discover the solution. I've never solved a puzzle arbitrarily in this game thus far and thought "I never would have thought of that solution if I didn't cheese it" as if I was playing a 90s adventure game or something. Those are the type of puzzles that I usually consider to be badly designed.
    Also, I loved Braid. A lot. It didn't matter that the story was offensively pretentious and actually made me think that Blow is a complete faux intellectual asshat. (There's more of that side of him in this game but not as much thus far.)
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  10. probune added a post in a topic This forum is, by far, the one I have the most posts on.   

    I come here every so often to check stuff out. I don't really post any more because I don't listen to the podcast. Nothing against the Player One guys or anything, but I don't play console games any more, and don't even listen to gaming podcasts any more for the most part. Mostly I just play Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, occasionally League of Legends/Smite/DOTA2, or single player games on PC.
    Jdub still exists too! I talk to him and chat with him often. He's not around much, though.
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  11. probune added a post in a topic PAX East 2016 - On sale now!   

    This time I was waiting to try to get tickets, but I guess since I can't sit at my computer for all of November for whenever they decide to put every ticket on sale at once, I have to now buy overpriced tickets from scalpers. Or maybe I just won't go.
    Someone seriously needs to make a better run competitor to PAX. I like everything about it except for the way it's mismanaged.
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  12. probune added a post in a topic PAX East 2015   

    I didn't go this year. They pretty much fuck up this convention in the same ways every year. Terrible availability of passes, terrible scheduling... it's also too bad that the BCEC is located in the worst area ever, but it's not like they can change that.

    I didn't know anyone that could even get a ticket, and going to the con alone is too much of a hassle.
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  13. probune added a post in a topic PC Gaming   

  14. probune added a post in a topic inFAMOUS Second Son   

    This game does look pretty nice. And this is coming from a PC gamer who hasn't really played many console games in the last 3 years or so.

    It's a pretty fun game, but you guys should expect people to complain about the lack of content. It was very easy to 100%. I assume all I'd have to do for the platinum is beat the game as evil and max my evilness. This doesn't really bother me, because I figure if they added anything, it would just be the stupid open world game garbage that litters Assassin's Creed and all those other Ubisoft collectathon games. Not compelling gameplay.

    Oh yeah, also, are facial animations just getting amazing from every studio or what? The mocap and stuff really looked ridiculously good. Is this a Sucker Punch thing? I've never played one of their games before.
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