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  1. probune added a post in a topic PAX East 2016 - On sale now!   

    This time I was waiting to try to get tickets, but I guess since I can't sit at my computer for all of November for whenever they decide to put every ticket on sale at once, I have to now buy overpriced tickets from scalpers. Or maybe I just won't go.
    Someone seriously needs to make a better run competitor to PAX. I like everything about it except for the way it's mismanaged.
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  2. probune added a post in a topic PAX East 2015   

    I didn't go this year. They pretty much fuck up this convention in the same ways every year. Terrible availability of passes, terrible scheduling... it's also too bad that the BCEC is located in the worst area ever, but it's not like they can change that.

    I didn't know anyone that could even get a ticket, and going to the con alone is too much of a hassle.
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  3. probune added a post in a topic inFAMOUS Second Son   

    This game does look pretty nice. And this is coming from a PC gamer who hasn't really played many console games in the last 3 years or so.

    It's a pretty fun game, but you guys should expect people to complain about the lack of content. It was very easy to 100%. I assume all I'd have to do for the platinum is beat the game as evil and max my evilness. This doesn't really bother me, because I figure if they added anything, it would just be the stupid open world game garbage that litters Assassin's Creed and all those other Ubisoft collectathon games. Not compelling gameplay.

    Oh yeah, also, are facial animations just getting amazing from every studio or what? The mocap and stuff really looked ridiculously good. Is this a Sucker Punch thing? I've never played one of their games before.
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  4. probune added a post in a topic PSN IDs for PS4 players   

    Haven't been here in a while, but I just got a PS4 and figured I'd post here so people would remember who I am when I send out a bunch of friend requests.

    PSN name's probune
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  5. probune added a post in a topic PAX East 2014   

    Me and kholdstare are going again. I didn't bother getting a Sunday pass, though. He couldn't get a Saturday one. Man, the situation with the passes was terrible.
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  6. probune added a post in a topic Who's cancelling console pre-orders with the recent game delays?   

    I was already intending to buy a PS4 next year when several games will be out. Now that there are literally zero games I want to play on it until then, it makes no difference.
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  7. probune added a post in a topic Videogame Kickstarters   

    I backed the 2 Double Fine kickstarters as well as
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  8. probune added a post in a topic XBL Deals/Games With Gold   

    Magic the Gathering is good. Unless they're giving out this year's game, which has bad decks.
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  9. probune added a post in a topic 2013 Steam Summer Sale Thread   

    Speaking of To The Moon, I bought that in the steam sale and played it. Pretty emotionally satisfying visual novel. I liked it.
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  10. probune added a post in a topic Video Game Trivia   

    The animal one was pretty ridiculous but the second to last one was pretty insane, not to mention the last one in the game.

    Hope no one saw my post in the few seconds when I accidentally gave it away.
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  11. probune added a post in a topic Video Game Trivia   

    Haha, Army of Two 2. Such a bad game with so many totally ridiculous/amazing/terrible moral choices.
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  12. probune added a post in a topic RIP Ryan Davis   

    Yep. Absolutely destroyed by this news, way more than I thought I would ever be.
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  13. probune added a post in a topic Broken Age? More like Half Age.   

    Totally agree about the scope of the project. It's pretty much exactly what I feel about it. Also agree on the rewards - physical rewards are nice, but they take so much time and money to put together than I doubt any big successful KS will do many of them in the future.
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  14. probune added a post in a topic Broken Age? More like Half Age.   

    As a backer, I'm not really unhappy about the news. I'm not losing anything. I still get the game when it comes out.

    Sure, I guess they might have mismanaged their funds. I find it easier to believe that the public's preconception of this project got so inflated after its success that they had to make it bigger and bigger to avoid being a disappointment to everyone, and that ate up all their money. In other words, to make the game that people thought that they would make with that money, it would take quite a bit more than 3 mil.
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