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  1. Oakstout added a post in a topic 351 (07/29/13) - I Shot the [Spoiler]   

    Well the only thing I got out of the whole show is that Stewy did a "your face" joke on Phil instead of the other way around.
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  2. Oakstout added a post in a topic Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Fruit Harder   

    Wanted to add my 3DS code here again. Feel free to add me and message me if you have done so. That way I can add you as well.

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  3. Oakstout added a post in a topic Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Fruit Harder   

    I just started a few days ago, so I'm way behind in getting things done, but I managed to get the house paid off, start the expansion and start work on the camp ground. I've also unlocked the island and set the ordinances to keep the shops open late. I have yet to get a sling shot and I'm pretty sure the game knows that because it keeps taunting me with floating gifts everyday.

    Also, the weather over the last few days has been rainy as well.

    Since I'm very new to Animal Crossing any advise or tips would be very helpful. Late last night I was able to get a ton of bugs.. not sure if that is the norm or just a coincidence.
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  4. Oakstout added a post in a topic 3DS Friend Code List - Visit from time to time to add the new people!   

    Since I picked up Animal Crossing New Leaf, I thought it was time to post this.

    3DS friend code
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  5. Oakstout added a post in a topic Injustice: Gods Among Us   

    If anyone gets it for the PS3 and is looking for some KOTH.. let me know.

    Add Oakstout

    I just need to be in the "Old Person not very dexterous" KOTH section.
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  6. Oakstout added a post in a topic 3DS XL or Vita?   

    I think the 3DS XL is winning for me right now. Yes, the Vita has a nicer look and the controls are exactly where they need to be.. I just feel that Nintendo will do all it can to keep the system stocked with good to great games. It seems that Sony is trying to win people over way too hard.. free games, releasing old PSone games and adding a lot of extra functions like a back touch pad. Honestly, I tried the Vita at Best Buy and played the LBP demo.. having to touch the front, the back and use the stick is kind of over complicating it a bit. yes, the technology is cool, but I think your over doing it just a bit to include all of them at the same time to play one simple cute game. I also tried out the 3DS XL and even thought the L and R triggers are cramped, playing Super Mario Land 3d was just crazy fun.

    I just think with the Vita's 249.00 bundle and you only getting a 4g stick, that will have to be upgraded just to take advantage of the PS+ free games, it is just too steep of a price tag right now. Plus the games run around 10$ more on average than a 3DS game I believe, which is insane. I think the decision is made. I appreciate all the advice. I will get a Vita later on, why not? The price will probably come down again in a few months and I do have the PS+ and hopefully when the price drops they'll do something about dropping the price on a few of their games.

    Again, it was a good discussion with lots of great ideas thanks.
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  7. Oakstout added a post in a topic 3DS XL or Vita?   

    The vita does sound like a better option, especially if the 3DS XL starts getting cheaper towards the middle of the year, I can pick it up then. I still have my DS lite so I can always get that out if I want to play some DS games. However, like Owozifa said, there seems to be more games out there for the 3DS, but if you factor in the play ability of PSP games and PS+ giving away games, the PSVita seems like a better option.. course, they have to start adding more games that don't suck to their line up and you have to get a bigger than 4gig stick if your going to take advantage of those free games too.
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  8. Oakstout added a post in a topic Vita game thread - Let's discuss   

    I just finished Uncharted and I only remember maybe 3 or 4 spots in the whole game where you had to Sixaxis unless your talking about shaking the monsters off you.. then I would agree it was a bit excessive but the balancing stuff wasn't that bad and it was far and inbetween other action so it didn't seem like much.
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  9. Oakstout added a post in a topic Video Game Completion 2012 Official Thread   

    Sadly the only thing I can report is that I finally finished my used copy of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. But I'm positive that I'll finish Uncharted 2 by the end of the year. Fingers crossed.
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  10. Oakstout added a post in a topic We's havin a baby....   

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  11. Oakstout added a post in a topic Streaming over a wireless network   

    You could try rebooting the router to see if that clears it up. Sometimes they can get stupid after a while. If the router is failing to keep the connection open between you and the ISP then its a router issue, which has happened a few times with me the linksys I've used. (Currently I'm using Netgear and it rocks!) But if its an issue outside of the PC then its the router. Try and see if your DS is having the same issue as your PSP or try connecting WIFI with your Iphone.
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  12. Oakstout added a post in a topic Gaming Headset   

    Yea I understand. My wife works for the Gov. and we'll be facing the same problem if it doesn't get fixed soon.
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  13. Oakstout added a topic in Chatterville   

    Gaming Headset
    I know a few people have a Turtle Beach headset and was wondering if anyone had the Turtle Beach PX21? I want a headset to use with my Xbox, PC and PS3 and that seemed to be one of the more inexpensive, under 100.00, set that I could find. Anyone have any other suggestions?

    I don't need surround or anything fancy. I just want to be able to chat with Xbox live, and PC and also be able to hear the game and such.

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  14. Oakstout added a post in a topic RIP, SSX.   

    Thanks Levity for the Video, man that made me feel good.

    Loved Tricky, too bad they are messing up a great series. They should offer all the previous ones on the PSN, now that would be awesome.
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  15. Oakstout added a post in a topic Episode 220 (01/10/11) - Thrusting and Rubbing   

    I worked at a Cale Yarborough's owned Hardee's in SC when I was in college. And I try not to eat at a Hardee's now.
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