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  1. davidmt added a post in a topic 470: Spartans Without Helmets   

    Greg's comments on Snoopy's Adventure seemed pretty accurate.  It does feel like a budget release and the levels are uninspired (feels sort of like something you'd see in a 16-bit era mascot game).  Another thing I've noticed is the frame rate is not very smooth, which is my biggest complaint because the game does look nice.  I got it on Xbox1 so not sure if the other versions are like that also. Still, it is a Peanuts game which are far and few between so I had to get it.  
    Thank you for the explanation on Lego Dimension.  I'm waiting for a sale but if my understanding is correct, the best way to purchase extras are to get the "level" packs for the franchises you really like and get the "fun" packs for ones you are sorta interested in?  I am assuming you can play the hub worlds with either option but the level pack adds the extra content not in the base game.
    Finally, for Phil:

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  2. davidmt added a post in a topic PSN IDs for PS4 players   


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  3. davidmt added a post in a topic 346: Look Out for the Mousies   

    After listening to this latest episode, I thought I'd share with you one of my prized possessions.
    Minty fresh, purchased 8/3/94 from Kay-Bee Toys for 19.99.
    I wanted to love this game but I found it got too difficult too quickly, and I think I gave up after a couple levels.

    ... and yes I called the hotline. I completely forgot about that and it made me laugh. Thanks guys.

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  4. davidmt added a post in a topic 3DS Friend Code List - Visit from time to time to add the new people!   

    0044-2818-2294. Thanks guys!
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  5. davidmt added a post in a topic Pac-Man Championship Edition DX   

    I had no idea this was scheduled for this week. I immediately went to download and bought after one game in trial-mode.

    Yeah, the game is awesome. Looks like there are tons of different modes and skins, much more than what was offered in Championship Edition.
    I only got to try a few games as I unfortunately had to go to work. So far, the best part of the game is eating a chain of a dozen+ ghosts in a row. Very satisfying!
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  6. davidmt added a post in a topic Intellivsion and Atari collections on DS   

    That Intellivision collection has been sitting around for years looking for a publisher. I do have nostalgia for the Intellivision and have a lot of respect for the guys trying to keep the brand alive, but most of the games just don't hold up unfortunately. Plus, my favorite Intellvision game Burgertime will never show up anywhere due to licensing. Jindofox is right, the AD&D games will be on the DS, but under different names. I don't think the same holds true for the Tron series, although they did put them on one of the plug-and-plug controllers that came out a few years ago. Apparently those things sold very well.

    I am a sucker for these retro packages though. I would hate to admit how many times I re-bought the Namco Collections.

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  7. davidmt added a post in a topic Apple Gamecenter is Live   

    Here is the list of GameCenter enabled games, so far (taken from TouchArcade)

    Ace Tennis 2010 Online°
    Adrenaline Golf Online°
    Bomber Online°

    Cannon Challenge 2
    Chalkboard Jumper
    Chalkboard Jumper Lite
    City Story
    Cocoto Kart Online°
    Cocoto Magic Circus°
    Comb 2010 [10 Achievements]
    Cro-Mag Rally° [18 Achievements]

    Dice Match
    DinoSmash Online°
    Doodle Control
    Doodle Squares HD
    Enigmo° [8 Achievements]
    Enigmo 2°

    Farm Story
    Farmville by Zynga [30 Achievements]
    Field Fencer° [10 Achievements]
    Field Runners [65 Achievements]
    Flight Control [12 Achievements]

    Glow Burst
    GraalOnline Classic°
    GraalOnline Classic+°

    Halli Galli
    HappyFunBall [1 Achievement]
    Icarus-X [30 Achievements]
    iMobsters Don
    Instant Tap
    Isaac Newton's Gravity

    Keep The Ball
    Megaplex Madness - Now Playing
    Ms. Pac-Man [25 Achievements]
    Nanosaur 2°

    Pac-Man [25 Achievements]
    Poodle Jumper
    Real Racing
    Regent Style vs Trombone [4 Achievements]

    Scramble: Challenge Edition by Zynga° [46 Achievements]
    Star Dunk [19 Achievements]
    Super Mega Worm
    Tappi Bear All In 1
    Touchgrind [13 Achievements]

    World Series of Poker Hold'em Legend° [28 Achievements]
    World War Desert Edition
    WordsWorth° [20 Achievements]
    Worldy Wings [30 Achievements]
    Zen Bound 2 Universal [11 Achievements]
    Zentomino [15 Achievements]

    52Anthem [11 Achievements]

    ---Coming Soon---

    Altered Beast
    Angry Birds*
    Bit.Trip Beat
    Chu Chu Rocket (Planned Release Date: October)
    Create A Mall [15 Achievements]
    Dungeon Hunter 2
    Free Zombie Hero - Kill Angry War Ninja
    Fruit Ninja
    Gunstar Heroes
    iFishing World Championship° [26 Achievements]
    Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour
    Kingdom Conquest
    Love Love
    Martian Swarm
    Monster Dash
    Project Sword*
    Puppet Jump 3D°
    Smash Fiesta!
    The Incident
    Truckers Delight: Episode 1
    Uggles Match HD

    ° - Online Multiplayer confirmed
    * - Online Multiplayer indicated

    credit: http://forums.toucha...ead.php?t=65946
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  8. davidmt added a post in a topic Episode 155 (10/12/09) - Now With Two Balls   

    Thank you for mentioning the Arkedo Studios JUMP game. I rarely look at the Indie games on XBL, and this game looks like it will be right up my alley.
    On a side note, really liked the Majora's Mask GameClub review. I've not played the game and it really sounds like a blast.

    I think I'll try to participate in GameClub this time, been wanting to go back to Luigi's Mansion.
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  9. davidmt added a post in a topic Episode 141 (7/6/09) - Johnny Sega and the Turbo Touches   

    Ah, the good ol' Reader Service Card. I cracked up when Phil started that discussion, something I had totally forgot about. Thank you Phil for bringing back that memory.
    I used to routinely fill out those cards from VGCE for the sole reason of getting mail. I LOVED getting things in the mail and I guess I still do to this day. However, I don't recall ever getting anything GOOD back from those stupid cards. At least, never a controller or anything like that.
    I believe I still have most of the VGCE issues at my parents house -- I should go find them. It really was a great magazine.
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  10. davidmt added a post in a topic Episode 129 (04/13/09) - The DSi of the Storm   

    When my Xbox died a few months ago, I don't believe I even GOT an option to have a coffin delivered. Microsoft wanted me to print out a pre-paid shipping label and attach it to my own box.
    Are you sure this isn't the case here as well? I remember it wasn't 100% clear when I tried to get mine repaired.
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  11. davidmt added a post in a topic Circuit City going out of Business   

    I'm going to really miss CC. They always had some good deals.
    I have a memory of a July 4th sale several years ago where they cleared out tons of games for $5. I drove around to 3 stores and came back with like 20 games.
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  12. davidmt added a post in a topic EGM closing   

    There is a torrent available for all the 1UP FM podcasts:
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  13. davidmt added a post in a topic EGM closing   

    I totally agree. I am sitting here shocked while reading all the Twitters. I knew EGM was on its way out, but always felt the podcasts would continue to carry the torch. I never thought the staff would be let go either. So sad.

    I've got about 20 years worth of EGM magazines sitting in my basement. I've never had the heart to get rid of them.
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  14. davidmt added a post in a topic Video Game Purchases 2009 OFFICIAL THREAD   

    Eternal Sonata ($10-GoGamer)
    Ninja Gaiden II ($10-Best Buy)
    Sonic Genesis Collection (Preordered)
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  15. davidmt added a post in a topic Puzzle Game Recommendation   

    Hmm, I've heard some good things about that one. Good suggestion.
    EDIT: Yes, this game is indeed awesome. Exactly what I was looking for. Just cleared Level 1 with 100%. Thank you!
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