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  1. St0ph added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    There were some weird props and things like the shell thing that made the movie impossible to place in time. That was the reason for that. I'm glad to see people being critical of the film here. Seems like it's almost universally loved but it didn't do much for me. I found thinking about the monster and how to survive if it were after you more interesting than the film itself. I liked the look of it especially since I'm a Michigan man and those neighborhoods looked straight out of my childhood. The soundtrack was also very cool. Not scary at all and just kinda boring I thought. 
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  2. St0ph added a post in a topic Metal Gear Solid V   

    I couldn't resist and played through the whole prologue. Metal Gear is still crazy and awesome! Not a lot of meat to it in the way of gameplay but as a cinematic opening action scene it's top notch.
    tim_schu[2:46 AM]now I've gotta sleep I expect to be doing lots of Metal Gearing tomorrow. 
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  3. St0ph added a post in a topic P1P Game Club (Unlicensed)   

    I watched some of a LP of that Street Fighter 2010 game and that shit looks craaaazy
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  4. St0ph added a post in a topic P1P Game Club (Unlicensed)   

    This is not the time for Torment. The time for long RPGs is late spring/early summer
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  5. St0ph added a post in a topic P1P Game Club (Unlicensed)   

    ah interesting. still vote for Dig but intrigued by whatever street fighter is. I just assumed SF4 came out in 2010 and you were lumping all the ultimate releases and shit into one thing. Looks like it came out in 2008.
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  6. St0ph added a post in a topic P1P Game Club (Unlicensed)   

    I voted The Dig because it's a game I'd like to revisit. SMW/Sonic are already talked about plenty. I couldn't give less a shit about modern Street Fighter. I already replayed Cave Story recently when a podcast I like did an episode on it.
    The Dig wins!... my vote anyway
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  7. St0ph added a post in a topic Just got into Board games   

    Betrayal trip report: First half of the game went well. Were able to explore a decent amount of house before triggering the Haunt. Once the haunt was revealed (37 Checkmate) the betrayer didn't seem able to make heads or tales of what he was supposed to do so we packed up the game and played Jackbox stuff the rest of the night. I looked at the Traitor book later and that shit was spelled out pretty clearly. I'll accept partial blame because I didn't explain a heck of a lot before we got started because Betrayal sort of explains itself as you play. The only thing I can see that would have been confusing is that in that particular Haunt the traitor is fairly passive and is mostly there to distract us while we try to defeat Death at chess. Oh well. Still a fun night. Resistance always goes over well. Fibbage, Drawful and YDKJ are also a good time.
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  8. St0ph added a post in a topic Just got into Board games   

    Finally got some more game time on the schedule for this weekend. Gonna be 6+ of us so I'm thinking Resistance is always a pretty safe go-to game. I ordered up the Hidden Agenda and Hostile Intent expansions for the occasion. I think I'm also going to break out Betrayal at House on the Hill for the first time which is a game I've always been curious about but have seen very mixed reviews about it among the more hardcore gamers. I guess the scenarios you get are a pretty mixed bag as far as quality goes and sometimes the Haunt starts way too early. We'll see how my mileage varies! Couple other small games to round out the evening like For Sale and Coup.

    You guys have any experience with Parsely games?

    They are pretty fun with a handful of people. It's like playing an old Sierra adventure game but live with people and you act as the computer parser. The first one is pretty simplistic but with each game I've noticed a little extra complexity being layered in.
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  9. St0ph added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    I have not seen Rick and Morty (I know. shame on me) but I just want to give a shout out to his small Parks and Recreation filibuster role.
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  10. St0ph added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    I watched the first episode of TD this season and didn't hate it but felt like it would be smart to bank a bunch of episodes before I watched it. I haven't gotten to it. I probably will not get to it.
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  11. St0ph added a post in a topic This is what a lack of copy edit staff buys you...   

    Sometimes I find his "I want to be the underdog like Rocky but also the heel like Rick Flair" persona annoying but he has brought a lot of really good content to the site and mostly seems like an okay dude.
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  12. St0ph added a post in a topic Greatest Game of 1998 Poll   

    I was very close to voting for a lot of these games but ended up choosing Starcraft. I played a whole hell of a lot of Starcraft.
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  13. St0ph added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    I just signed up for WWE Network free month so I could watch my favorite Roddy Piper hits and some other stuff while I've got it. Seems okay if you're into that sort of thing or want to revisit the classics.

    Best Piper moment is an interview right before his match with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 8 btw. It's wrestling at it's stupidest which is when it's the best.
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  14. St0ph added a post in a topic Restaurants that don't have real maple syrup tick me off   

    I've heard good things about Grade B maple syrup but don't think I've ever actually had it.
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  15. St0ph added a post in a topic Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is now in open beta   

    5 weeks into Tavern Brawl and I think it's mostly a success.

    Week 4: The Great Summoner Competition (When you play a spell summon a random minion equal to it's cost)
    Week 3: Spiders, Everywhere (All decks are entirely webspinners and a few class spells)
    Week 1: Showdown at Blackrock Mountain (Nefarian vs Rag)
    Week 5: Encounter at the Crossroads (Random decks)
    Week 2: Banana Brawl! (Whenever something dies you earn a banana card)

    I think that's how I'd rank them so far with Banana being the only one I'd call a disappointment.

    I like that I can complete quests in this mode especially when I have quests for classes I don't usually play.
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