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  1. Rigby added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    Eve Online, Dark Souls
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  2. Rigby added a post in a topic SKYRIM   

    I'll just leave my steam screenshots here. They contain some TG and DB stuff. GOTY for what I played this year.
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  3. Rigby added a post in a topic Harvard says marijuana is.....good?   

    Hmm, legalize something that would create an entire new industry creating jobs in production, distribution, sales, marketing, technical, and general? Nah, we don't need jobs.
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  4. Rigby added a post in a topic E3 Conferences Summary Thread   

    I really don't understand the microsoft handlebar apparatus.

    Dust 514 is going to be awesome. I found out about it a bit ago and I am looking forward to something so ambitious coming to fruition.

    The vita is striking a chord with me even though I don't really play portable games often. I definitely want to try one.
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  5. Rigby added a post in a topic Del Sol Civic   

    The only real qualifications you should have if you are looking to buy your own car should be, can you afford it, will it get you from A to B reliably for an extended amount of time, and it has a relatively low maintenance cost and decent gas mileage. "Sporty" really doesn't help any of those goals at all.

    No matter what you drive people will assume things about you though. For instance I have a '95 BMW 525 and people think I am rich or sell drugs. Even though the trim is falling off and there are several dents and the windshield is cracked that doesn't stop people from being generally rude to someone they think is rich because they pulled into a gas station at night to clean the windshield. They think you are just acting like a douche but in reality you couldn't see out of the windshield because your wipers don't work.

    I am 23 and have been through about 7 vehicles. Bad luck there. Next car I get will be something that I can work on myself and be able to get the parts at Auto Zone or just move so I don't need a damn car.
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  6. Rigby added a post in a topic This whole PSN outage thing sucks.   

    You guys have come so far. Missing PSN despite it's huge lack of community and games. I am so proud of you. *sniff*
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  7. Rigby added a post in a topic Multiple Sources Confirm New Nintendo Console to be revealed by E3   

    What I meant by this was the essentially HD when referring to most consumer electronics is a buzzword in nothing more. Nintendo is now years behind on the HD front and it will be interesting to see how they enter the field after dealing with hardware that just can't touch the competitors. Will the games run natively in those resolutions or just be hastily upressed? How will they handle the changes to art style that were almost industry wide? Will the online offerings feel like they are from 15 years ago? At least I can answer that one, yes.
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  8. Rigby added a post in a topic Multiple Sources Confirm New Nintendo Console to be revealed by E3   

    I am curious to see what Nintendo's version of "HD" is.
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  9. Rigby added a post in a topic Starcraft 2   

    Hopefully we can get some 2v2 going. I will try to be online during normal people hours sometime.
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  10. Rigby added a topic in Online Gaming   

    Starcraft 2
    If anyone still has an itch to play I would like to have a few more on my friends list to play some games with for fun. Seems like everyone I knew doesn't log in to battlenet anymore.

    Send a request to sirrigby at teh gmailz.
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  11. Rigby added a post in a topic The curse of the wagon wheel   

    What would actually be more eco friendly is delivering our games through the magic of the internets. Completely skipping the step that involves making shitty cases as an attempt to appear eco friendly.
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  12. Rigby added a post in a topic Episode 228 (03/07/11) - Like Flubber   

    Until I listened to the show I had the impression the 3DS was 3D on both screens. It gives me a headache just thinking about only the top screen being 3D.

    I guess they needed something else to add for the 3DSi.
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  13. Rigby added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I have been participating in the RIFT beta. Looking forward to the launch of the game. I cancelled my WoW sub to take a break from MMO's in the meantime.
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  14. Rigby added a post in a topic Demon's Souls isn't That Hard   

    Sequel in the works heading to both PS3 and 360 called Dark Souls. Super pumped! If you are not then you are a terrible person. The biggest thing that catches my eye about this is the world will be "seamless". This could put some interesting twists into play and give them the space to add a ton of new and unexpected features. Can't wait to walk around and explore while being anxious about whats going to try an come eat me next.

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  15. Rigby added a post in a topic PS3 master key leakes   

    I didn't see it posted, I suppose I should have elaborated (which I will and then some). The idea of a kill switch is a good one, and necessary in my mind if it is used on a platform that is meant to be closed. The guy(s) hacking the PS3 and other devices do so under the guise of "homebrew applications" most of the time. That is all well and good but they are knowingly violating multiple policies. Most people who actually put these hacks to use are not going to be making any of their own homebrew, they will be pirating games.

    The PS3 has been out for a while and up until now has not been hacked. If it took that long, Mr. Geohot probably has some talent that could probably be more constructively utilized elsewhere. Instead of, you know, providing people with tools to steal things. What a waste.
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