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    So I've discovered. I guess some people just can't let go of someone else picking their clothes for them.
    Also partially I just think a tie with jeans is dumb. I'm fairly opinionated on this, but either dress up, which is fine, or dress casual and ditch the tie. I'd much rather wear slacks than a tie. It's impractical and it looks weird.
    Hipster gonna hipster, though.
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    This is our society.

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  4. Owozifa added a post in a topic The strange tale of Nioh   

    I still have to beat the Ninja Gaiden games. Exploding shuriken ninjas can eat a dick.
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    Basically, video games are pretty awesome.
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    I would have pegged you as a useless figure collector.
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  7. Owozifa added a post in a topic What do you think the NX is going to be?   

    To me my love of the Wii U library just as with anything comes with asterisks when talking to other people. Like the games Jeremy Parish saved on the DS in his collection he noted that it's not precisely a list to recommend to other people because it's tailored to his interests. Once other people get into the mix there are other things to consider. My boyfriend would never in a million years pick a Wii U over a PS4 and probably a lot of the library isn't his bag, but he's warmed up to some stuff like Mario Party 10 because of my enthusiasm and playing with me. Doesn't mean he'd go full Nintendo fan. Likewise he's part of the reason I play way more shooters and stuff now than before, because I play with him. We started our relationship playing stuff like Army of Two. A game I would have never looked twice at on a shelf otherwise. Somehow despite completely different takes on games we find plenty of common ground and get along.
    And he doesn't make fun of me for liking the Wii U, funnily enough. :P
    (Done now for serious.)
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  8. Owozifa added a post in a topic What do you think the NX is going to be?   

    And before you say anything I know there are PS4 games for me, but I'm talking about enough to build a game library out of. I'm not really including indie games either, because we haven't included them in Wii U talk.
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  9. Owozifa added a post in a topic What do you think the NX is going to be?   

    I guess the weird part is that it's absolutely understandable to me that someone might love the PS4 library, but...
    to pretend that the Wii U library isn't better is a stretch.
    Now if you can tell me why inverting your statement is somehow less objectively true other than "just because" please let me know. That's the only part I take issue with. That we're "pretending" to have opinions.
    It's taken me a long time to open up to certain types of games. I'm very glad that I have a wider taste now than when I started college. But go back to the start of college and half the games on the PS4 shelf in my living room would -never- have been there. But pretty much all the Wii U ones would have. I'm not saying that NOW I don't appreciate those games for what they are, but yes even now I suppose I don't appreciate them as much as most people. When I was 19 I wouldn't play any shooter or horror game. I didn't even much care for M rated games in general. Where would I be in today's modern gaming landscape if I didn't, though? On the PS4/XB1 where are the E rated and T rated games? Where are they? You can invert the question for the Wii U, but that's just my point. They do not serve the same interest in the same way.
    I'm not saying they're objectively bad, but for the same reason someone might dismiss the Wii U's line up, some people are going to embrace it as a breath of fresh air.
    Right now it'd be complicated for me to tell you which is the more important library on my shelf, because I haven't played enough of the PS4 or XB1 yet. But if you made me sell the Wii U or the PS4 right now at gunpoint I would sell the PS4. That's a very personal decision and not meant to be any objective statement. You're free to make your own.
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  10. Owozifa added a post in a topic Guess A Forumite By Their Amazon Recommendations   

    Think there will be any more entrants? I know a lot of people don't look at the off-topic section.
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    Upvoted for gnashing of teeth and hurting of butt.
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  12. Owozifa added a post in a topic Niche Games   

    I guess I just want to know what these download codes are...y'know...downloading.
    That seems like good information to have. And yes I don't know what song cards are.
    The art book would be fine, but I think whatever DLC stuff it is is what I'd say pushes me towards whether or not it's worth it. The 6 track thing is...not very compelling. I'm spoiled maybe because Stranger of Sword City had a great art book and a 2 CD full soundtrack. You spend to get these nice editions and they always fuck you on the soundtrack.
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  13. Owozifa added a post in a topic Niche Games   


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  14. Owozifa added a post in a topic Niche Games   

    Oh I know about the game, I meant the LE extras ^^;
    I...hardly ever use that emoticon in forum posts even though I use it constantly in texting, but it's what most expresses my feeling. ...Dunno why I felt the need to defend myself suddenly.
    And yeah it sounds like this is NOT going to be sold by Best Buy. So just a heads up on that. That might be false, but it's what I'm hearing.
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  15. Owozifa added a post in a topic What do you think the NX is going to be?   

    See Niche game thread.
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