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  1. Owozifa added a post in a topic 3 Word Story - Uncharted Edition   

    Cake Roll factory.
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  2. Owozifa added a post in a topic ATB - Game Opening Sequence   

    The only thing to me is there's like literally nothing to it. It's the title of the game and the island in the background. Nobody's doing much of anything. It's not really an opening of any kind. It's a screensaver.
    But I guess whatever sinks your ship.
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  3. Owozifa added a post in a topic ATB - Game Opening Sequence   

    Let's be real, though, you can't resist that Chrono Cross music.
    And I like the intro they added to the PlayStation version of Chrono Trigger quite a bit too. It was one of those intros I sat and watched most times I sat down to play the game. And that orchestral Chrono Trigger theme...
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  4. Owozifa added a post in a topic ATB - Game Opening Sequence   

    I agree. Recreating it for the FF7 Remake trailer was like 99% of my excitement for that project. Then everything afterward....
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  5. Owozifa added a post in a topic 3 Word Story - Uncharted Edition   

    Well this went off a cliff faster than Nathan Drake.
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  6. Owozifa added a post in a topic ATB - Game Opening Sequence   

    That's just a title screen.
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  7. Owozifa added a post in a topic Choosing games for PS1 Classic Edition   

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  8. Owozifa added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    Want to see Kubo.
    Thunderbirds Are Go
    Am I the only one that watched Thunderbirds when I was a kid? I don't know that I ever saw the movie, though. I was equal parts fascinated and disappointed. The actual plot is a bit too all over the place and creaky and has lots of interesting set ups but can't get away from some fundamental problems - the main one being there's no villain or goal or sense of adventure. There was an opportunity to do something with it, and I feel like they didn't take it. There's a journey to Mars, but none of the main characters are actually involved in that part of the movie. It's too bad because it's some of the best stuff, with these weird rock snakes. While plot is only so so, visuals are amazing. A very interesting watch on Blu-ray compared to my memories on cable. The model work is just amazingly detailed. And in widescreen they really make everything sing in that particular clean, boldly colored 1960s way. So overall I enjoyed it even though it drags in a few parts.
    Taxi Driver
    What an amazing movie. Does anybody else think Robert De Niro looks like Tobey Maguire in this movie? He's so young and skinny, he just looks so different than I think we usually have the image of him. Not only that but I think people have given this movie overall an image in the cultural consciousness that is very different from the reality. The line "you talkin' to me?" as an example of something that people seem to treat as badass, and really doesn't come across that way in the movie itself. Bernard Hermann's last score is also something pretty special. I mean I don't have much new to add on it. It's a classic.
    King Kong Lives
    This is not a classic. I actually like the 70s Jeff Bridges King Kong just fine. I like every version of King Kong so far. They're all pretty unique. This sequel with Linda Hamilton and some guy that kinda looks like discount Owen Wilson is just so aggressively cheeseball that you can't help but stare in amazement sometimes at its daring. I could get behind this to some extent, but it just never really resolves itself into something totally interesting or exciting, because I don't know what the goal actually is. None of the characters have a goal that makes sense. They just run around for an hour and a half doing things. Of course there's the cartoonishly evil army dude, as there always must be. He's not even that interesting and makes no sense. Linda Hamilton shows up at his door with a letter from the Secretary of Defense and somehow he still manages to blow her off in the end. How? Why even put this letter in the movie if you're going to pretend it's useless in the face of this guy that can apparently ignore whatever orders from higher up the chain of command he wants in order to preserve his villain status?
    And they want us to really sympathize with the Kongs (did I mention there's a female one too now?) but they never earn it. And all that stuff is so aggressively sentimental it'll rot the teeth right out of your mouth. They go so far to humanize these creatures, but if you're going to do that fucking go all the way and deal with the consequences. They're treated like human beings and animals depending on what the script wants at a given moment. They understand English, apparently, but also don't. The ending is completely hot nonsense.
    Even the violence level is bizarre. A ton of it is like...cartoonish and PG kids fare. King Kong is portrayed as nice and generally avoiding people. Even the main villain's death is more befitting a cartoon character. But there's also a few moments that are really graphic, and I actually remember them vividly from when I was a kid watching this movie on TV. At one point King Kong picks up a screaming man and snaps his body in half. Kid me remembers being very uncomfortable seeing that scene. It's like one single Jurassic Park level bit of violence in an otherwise cheeseball movie seemingly pandering completely to children. Until this re-watch it was the only part of the movie I remembered. That and the kinda disturbing heart transplant scene. Medical shit bothered me as a kid and still does to a large degree. I had a hard time in anatomy.
    I feel weird talking the most about this movie, but there's a lot I had to get off my chest about it, I guess. And yeah, fall from a skyscraper and all you need is a heart transplant and you're fine. Nothing breaks your fall like a heart. Even that's goofy when you think about it more than five seconds.
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  9. Owozifa added a post in a topic If Nintendo makes a SNES Classic Edition, what games would you want on it?   

    I played Bebe's Kids at some point not too long ago. It really is just one of the worst things. Not all of it's bad, though. Well. Pirates of Dark Water on Genesis I recall being pretty okay. I'm not sure about SNES.
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  10. Owozifa added a post in a topic Choosing games for PS1 Classic Edition   

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  11. Owozifa added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    Oh and one last thing. Of all the psychiatrist visit scenes I've seen in movies, this was the only one that resembled reality to me.
    Edit: Geeze, and I also forgot to mention that the score is by Bill Conti and is really good.
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  12. Owozifa added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    To lighten the burden on your brow the next movie I watched was the Academy Award type.
    An Unmarried Woman
    Another I got from Siskel and Ebert, this time it was listed among the best films of the 1970s and it was one I'd never heard of before. This interested me, though the premise is probably why. It's not very much a comedy, though it is funny. And there's really no genre trappings to give it much niche appeal. Straight dramas have this trouble sometimes.
    It's about a New York woman who goes through a divorce. Pretty much everything it says on the tin. So either it lives or dies on the writing and acting, and both are very good. It reminded me a little bit of The Descendants, just in the fact that you have a lot of family, relationships, re-examining life, and intelligent and funny characters. It's not flashy, but it's interesting. And being from 1978 it's got a certain vibe and a certain look at American culture. It's amazing how different things are when it comes to women here and even in 1984 with Angel.
    Pretty good dialogue. One of the better lines: "I hope he catches the eternal clap and his pecker falls off."
    Siskel and Ebert talk in this video about it at the 5 minute mark:
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  13. Owozifa added a post in a topic New 3DS Super Mario Land Edition   

    The one DS game I have played on my 3DS is Mario 64 DS. It really is a lot better with the circle pad. The Bowser fights when I played through it on the original Fat DS destroyed my thumb.
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  14. Owozifa added a post in a topic WTF is this bullshit?   

  15. Owozifa added a post in a topic ATB - Game Opening Sequence   

    Chrono Cross is pretty dang good.
    And I like Xenogears even though it's also one of the most abstruse video game openings.
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