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  1. Owozifa added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

  2. Owozifa added a post in a topic Mighty No. 9   

    Game is $19.99 digitally, the physical edition is more expensive, but also has extras. Perhaps because we now know that it has to be a certain price point for retailers to allocate it to a new release section on the shelf.
    As for looking like a 2010 PSN game, I wasn't aware those looked bad. I can't tell all that much difference other than art style between Strider and this?
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  3. Owozifa added a post in a topic Mighty No. 9   

    Rewatched the trailer because I was thinking about it. I mean the trailer is bad, but I guess I don't get these crazy over the top reactions to things.
    The game looks almost exactly like it seemed during the Kickstarter campaign. Which I didn't back, but I'm currently leaning towards buying the game.
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  4. Owozifa added a post in a topic Hey Owozifa   

    Compeau is confused by my sleep, but I am no less confused. I feel like I didn't quite get enough sleep Saturday night, but despite this and despite the fact that I went to bed at a fairly reasonable time and felt really tired...last night I managed to sleep for apparently somewhat less than 4 hours. After being really tired and going to bed nice and properly I end up waking up at 6 AM. And no. I don't usually wake up at 6 AM ever, so I don't know why my body would do this. Not only am I awake, but I'm wide awake, almost hyperactive. I have had no caffeine or anything like that for weeks, in case you were going to ask.
    I think my body just likes to troll me. Wake up after 4 hours without an alarm, feel great. Wake up after 8 hours with an alarm and feel like I'm going to die.
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  5. Owozifa added a post in a topic Game Collecting Thread   

    So I guess part of me wanted to finish off the Modern Warfare stuff. Not a huge necessity, but for the prices they go for now I figured what the hell. It's kinda funny, because the multiplayer made these games hold their value rather annoyingly in the past, but now that things have moved on to the new consoles they've gotten cheap. Then again even current gen Call of Duty games don't seem to be holding their value quite the same way. Modern Warfare 1 was expensive for like...the entire last generation which is why I'm only playing it now, because it was always a game I was looking to spend less than $15 on.
    So with prices in the tank I picked up Modern Warfare 2 for $8.99 and Modern Warfare 3 for $4.97. That's including shipping and these are new and sealed copies. Man Modern Warfare 3 has to be pretty worthless to go for a couple bucks. The one caveat is for whatever reason these games tend to be a lot cheaper on one platform than another. This is not just Call of Duty, of course, but the difference was pretty stark, which is why I ended up with Modern Warfare 2 on PS3 and MW3 on 360.
    So this brings up a couple interesting game collecting questions (sorry for being Phil-like in my way of getting to them), but do any of you have hang ups about collecting a series across platforms? So like in this case I have MW1 (360), MW2 (PS3), MW3 (360). Obviously I don't put them together on the shelf, because platform trumps all in any sane person's collection, but does it bug you to have them separated? Obviously it doesn't give me much problem given the frequency I do it. Dead Space is similar for me with Dead Space (360) and then Dead Space 2 (PS3), or Assassin's Creed (360), AC2,Bro,Rev (PS3), AC3 (Wii U), AC4 (PS4), ACU (XBO), Rogue (PS3), which is a real mess.
    Which brings me to the second point, which is other than multiplayer or feature considerations (Dead Space 2 having Extraction on PS3, etc), the main thing that makes me pick a platform is price. Modern Warfare 2 in what I could find is almost twice as expensive on Xbox 360 than PS3. Similarly sometimes when a great used game deal comes along it's only available on one platform. So over time I've wondered if these little savings in price have added up to an extent that makes a significant step towards paying for being multiplatform. Obviously this depends on what price you buy consoles at and whether you buy games new or after the fact. Games start off on an even playing field at $60, regardless, but even then sometimes deals come up at a place like the Microsoft Store that are obviously going to only carry the game in one platform. Even $5 saved per game over the course of 50 games would be $250.
    Maybe that kind of thing doesn't concern you or you don't tend to be multiplatform, but I just thought it was an interesting thought.
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  6. Owozifa added a post in a topic Home thoughts   

    Yes, unfortunately. There's 8 apartments, 2 floors, and 1 laundry room per floor. Unfortunately my upper floor laundry room seems like the brunt of shittiness with people leaving laundry in way too long and making a mess with like lint balls just left on top of the dryers and shit. Like seriously, what's the deal?
    So in cases like this thankfully I just go to the downstairs laundry room, which is somehow always clean and not full of shit. But have to carry shit up and down the stairs. First world problems and all that.
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  7. Owozifa added a post in a topic Home thoughts   

    Leaving your laundry in the washing machine overnight so I can't do my own when I wake up for some reason at 6 AM and can't get back to sleep is the worst kind of depravity.
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  8. Owozifa added a post in a topic When I think about Mobile Games, I touch...   

    I finished Game Dev Story in my second sitting, which was a marathon that took almost my entire phone battery.
    Which is weird for a game that's all watching numbers increase and occasionally making choices.
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  9. Owozifa added a post in a topic Stop it, GAF   

    One rainy night.
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  10. Owozifa added a post in a topic Stop it, GAF   

    Hmmm. Lately tsamba...
    No, no. It's fine.
    Dang, weather in Texas is hot right now, eh?
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  11. Owozifa added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I finished Call of Duty 4. Some of it was fun. I know it's almost a decade old and everything now, but even still I'm wondering a bit what people lost their minds over when it comes to certain scenes. I feel like the things I thought were neatest were the things people generally don't talk about, soooo maybe it's just me. I dunno.
    I beat a game. Well now that's two games, since we finished off Friend or Foe. Two games in one week? It's a Memorial Day Miracle.
    ...Call of Duty on Memorial weekend...I really didn't intend for that. Not sure that's a tasteful celebration, me!
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  12. Owozifa added a post in a topic Stop it, GAF   

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  13. Owozifa added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    I like the first two Hobbit movies to varying degrees, but the third is unfortunately a bit of a snore fest. Funny how making a 3 hour fucking movie about of 20 pages of text turns up light on content I give a shit about.
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  14. Owozifa added a post in a topic What would be your ideal Nintendo mobile game?   

    I would slit my own throat.
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