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  1. Owozifa added a post in a topic Gaming 20 Questions   

    Maybe just go?
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  2. Owozifa added a post in a topic Stop it, GAF   

    Says the guy with a LBW avatar.
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  3. Owozifa added a post in a topic October Movies   

    I'm not sure a kid would enjoy it as much necessarily. It's more Zodiac police procedural than horror movie a lot of the time. It's not action-heavy, but I think it is style and character heavy.
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  4. Owozifa added a post in a topic Gaming 20 Questions   

    So who's next?
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  5. Owozifa added a post in a topic Whatcha been watching?   

    Got a question for you guys. I've been trying to think of two movies from the 90s that I have scenes from in my head but I just couldn't place. I managed to hit one with a lucky Google, but can't figure out the other.
    First was Gold Diggers: Secret of Bear Mountain. Has nothing to do with what it sounds like. Kind of a weird name, really, but what do I know? Second was kinda around the same time. I just remember kids and a covered wagon (Ed: Actually stagecoach) and like a mountain road. I know it's not much to go on. I think it was one of those previews on a frequently watched VHS that I saw a million times. Actually...
    Okay a light went off at the name "Hemdale" and some further research got me to Savage Land, which sure seems like the movie I was thinking of.
    Since I figured it out by myself, have any of you ever seen either of these? I feel like they're the kind of movies you watch as a kid, but aren't necessarily the classics you keep with you except for vague memories. The VHS era brought me many of those.
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  6. Owozifa added a post in a topic Gaming 20 Questions   

    Not even going to give momerath a chance, huh?
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  7. Owozifa added a post in a topic Gaming 20 Questions   

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  8. Owozifa added a post in a topic October Movies   

    It's one of those "Warner Archive" titles. Which on DVD used to mean manufactured on demand discs, but with Blu-rays just means a more niche title usually that doesn't really get distribution in retail stores and probably a small print run. It seems like Netflix never gets those whether because they're too niche or because Warner wants to keep them exclusive I dunno.
    I mean even on DVD it's a great movie.
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  9. Owozifa added a post in a topic October Movies   

    I dunno, Halloween movies feels kind of limiting, I guess. And also I watch stuff all month long and Halloween is just one day.
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  10. Owozifa added a post in a topic Gaming 20 Questions   

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  11. Owozifa added a topic in Chatterville   

    October Movies
    It's that time of year when I bust out a lot of my favorite horror and horror-like movies to be watching. So I thought I'd spin off a thread. I dunno how much of this any of you guys do so it might just be me talking to myself, but I guess that's okay too. That's usually how it goes. If you dare trust my taste you might even get a few ideas.
    Started off the seasonal watching with Wolfen. I'd been wanting to re-watch this ever since I got the Blu-ray this summer, but ended up being busy with other things and it got kinda forgotten until hey October.
    Wolfen is actually not a werewolf movie. I'm going to say that straight out. When I first watched it I thought it was, and was not expecting what I got. That's in a good way. I'd call it more of a supernatural detective/mystery/thriller with some horror elements. I dunno sometimes these genres are a bit hard to define, but suffice to say it's a really down-to-earth (well mostly) procedural type of story that fits squarely into the kind of stuff I really love. (Wikipedia calls it crime horror.) New York City in this film feels very grounded. The locations are amazing. The characters are all very well-written and performed. Albert Finney as Dewey and Gregory Hines as Whittington (the coroner) are my favorites. The dialogue is believable, witty, and often funny. James Horner does an awesome score. It's also one of the first movies to ever use a first person "Predator-vision" type of effect which you might associate with Predator. And for the most part it works pretty good even if they go to that well a lot.
    So as you can tell I really dig this movie, but I do have to drop one caveat that can be big or small depending on your feelings on such things. I think the ending is very weak. It's hard to go into why, obviously, because I don't really feel like spoiling anything about this movie, but it's just rather unsatisfying and really muddled. Like they were going for something, but just tackling it in a very earnest, but inept way. It's very 70s you might say. (The movie has a lot of 70s vibes, being released in 1981 it's right on the edge there.)
    So your mileage may vary on that stuff, but while it does bring a great film down a couple pegs for me, the stuff I love about it I love really hard and that definitely overshadows my issues with it as far as my personal enjoyment goes.
    Also one of the best morgue scenes in any movie ever. Just saying.
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  12. Owozifa added a post in a topic Rock Band 4   

    Song by song? Rock Band 5 is gonna be out by the time CJ's done.
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  13. Owozifa added a post in a topic Gaming 20 Questions   

    Technically a sword is not a medieval weapon as they were used quite extensively before the medieval period. And it's hard to say exactly what you mean by other medieval weapons.
    But in the spirit of your question, yes. I guess.
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  14. Owozifa added a post in a topic Gaming 20 Questions   

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