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  1. Wired added a topic in Video Games   

    Bangai-O Spirits custom levels thread
    Bangai-O Spirits for the DS have quickly become one of my favorite games on the system, especially the level editor which I have spent more time with than the game itself. Unfortunatly I haven't seen many threads where people share their own custom levels, so I'm making my own. Here's all my levels so far, click whatever picture seems interesting to D/L it (sorry about the crappy pictures).

    At the bottom there's a .rar with all the levels in it as well as a putfile account if you don't feel like downloading anything.

    My First Level - As the name implies, the first level I completed

    World Tree - The second one, not that complex or hard

    The Asteroid - Attack the asteroid and destroy its core

    Two Towers - NOT related to magic rings or wizards

    Go UP(!) - Go down, no I'm joking go up

    Rush - A race against time, hurry and keep pressing forward

    Evil Skull - Well, what can I say

    Bangai 8-bit - Destroy the invading forces

    Sequence - Make your way through the level while keeping an eye open

    Grid - You have one minute to navigate your way through this labyrinth

    Space Invaders - Invaders, from space?

    Donkey Kong - A picture is worth more than a few dozen words

    Not really levels, more like works of art.... no I'm not serious, not levels though:

    Yotsuba - Drew an avatar I usually use

    NeoGAF - Yeah, pretty much

    LOL - My worst creation so far

    EDIT: - New levels
    Two more levels, but I'm seriously running out of ideas here. Oh well.

    Gray Vines - A pretty easy level

    X-D213 Drydock - Woho! another great name for a map.... ok it was the best I could do, don't look at me like that...

    Mega Fun Pack (all of the above levels)
    All levels on a Putfile account

    New level:

    (Giant)Anthill - More of a mountain, but yeah... there's some ants at least.

    I've also put all my levels in a Soundclick account, it allows you to DL the mp3s as well as streaming them, if that's of interest.
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  2. Wired added a post in a topic The POP Star Soldier R leaderboard   

    Well, new highscores:

    5-min: 2.211.100

    2-min: 1.015.200

    I have to be missing something, I don't get how people manage to get more than a mil on the first stage, I've played through it a hundred times and never been near.

    edit: yay, finally got over a mil on 2-minute mode.
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  3. Wired added a post in a topic The POP Star Soldier R leaderboard   

    Gwah! Damn it, I'm from Sweden too, you just bumped me down to 3rd place. Stop playing the game already.

    edit: oh yeah, new highscore, 2.208.600
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  4. Wired added a post in a topic The POP Star Soldier R leaderboard   

    I'm not sure. It's not as if I'm especially good at the game yet, haven't thought out any strategies really. However, The most important part (for me) is to stick with the ship at full speed at all times, that way you can cover the screen faster and obviously destroy more crap (yay).

    Other than that it's the "it's so obvious I don't believe I'm saying this": avoiding getting hit so that you get the 10k bonuses from the power-ups. And of course taking down the "special enemies" the right way (I'm thinking about the donut shaped ones that you should kill from within and the two spherical "buildings" right before the first boss that you should destroy simultaneously for example).

    In any event, it's a dam great little game. I hope Hudson will release a "Star Soldier R2" or something with two new levels at some point. Or a full game, I wouldn't say no to that.
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  5. Wired added a post in a topic The POP Star Soldier R leaderboard   

    Man they sure ignored this topic, don't feel bad though I registered just for you.

    2-Minute mode:
    Wired - 929.xxx Can't remember, I'll edit it later.

    5-Minute mode:
    Wired - 2.108.400
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