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  1. Alienatedgoose added a post in a topic The P1P HSG/EG Season Two thread   

    Mortimer, I was -7 on the 169th and -5 on the 166th. I didn't see my name on one of the tournaments. Thanks.
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  2. Alienatedgoose added a topic in Video Games   

    What is everyone playing this weekend?
    Hi, I've been a forum member for a while, but I don't post much. Though I hope to change that. One of my favorite parts of POP is what they have been playing. So let me pose this question to everyone here on the forums: What are you playing this weekend?

    I am hoping to put some more time into Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, I'd like to put some time into Just Cause 2, but I haven't really liked the controls, and I would like to put a cap on Heavy Rain. I have lasted this long without a Heavy Rain spoiler, so I should finish that up before my spoiler free luck runs out.

    what about everyone else? Any cool plans this weekend?
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  3. Alienatedgoose added a post in a topic Do you think it's possible these music games could fizzle out real soon?   

    I kind of agree with CJ. Certainly, they won't fizzle out soon, but if the game makers are going to continue fracture their audiences with different peripherals, then you will start to see, if not already have already seen, another fanboy situation. ie. Rock band is better than Guitar Hero etc. I realize that someone will say "they work with each others games", and I agree. However, the slight variations on the instruments that add something that only a particular game can use (ie. Not enough drum pads on RB to play GH:WT to its full capability) then we will be forced to be either GH fans or RB fans. Because I cannot afford both every year.
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  4. Alienatedgoose added a post in a topic Dead Rising...for Wii!   

    Here is a link to the screens 1up has. Not the greatest. But not as bad as i thought.
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  5. Alienatedgoose added a post in a topic Pikmin 3   

    I honestly can't wait for this game. I loved the two on the GC.

    Maybe a reveal at TGS?
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  6. Alienatedgoose added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I've been playing some WoW, some Boom Blox, Bad Company (360), and oddly enough some Pinball FX. I really like Pinball FX, it's relaxing to play with a custom soundtrack.
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  7. Alienatedgoose added a post in a topic 1UP Launches News Blog *cough*kotaku/joystiq*cough*   

    I like the idea, because in the news department, 1up is getting beat badly. Hopefully they will update it often.
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  8. Alienatedgoose added a topic in Video Games   

    Firmware Update 2.41
    To everyone that wasn't able or were too scared to get it, Firmware update 2.41 is out now! Trophies, here I come!
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  9. Alienatedgoose added a post in a topic I've listened to every episode   

    I totally agree. And though I am not huge on the gamerscore, I think that the trophy system for the PS3 (when they end up fixing the 2.4 debacle) will help with playing more PS3 games.

    With LBP, Motostorm 2, and resistance 2 later this year, it should be PS3's year to shine.
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  10. Alienatedgoose added a topic in Introductions   

    I've listened to every episode
    Hi there. I'm a huge fan of P1P and it's the first thing I do while at work on Monday mornings.

    So a little about myself, I'm 24 and have been a gamer for at least 20 years. My parents are gamers, that's why I started so young

    Currently I have all 3 major consoles and I am starting to play my PS3 more often. My Xbox gamertag and PSN is Alienatedgoose. Please feel free to add me.

    I hope to be active in the forums, thanks for making such a great podcast!
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