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  1. maggoty added a post in a topic End of the podcast?   

    Yeah, you're probably right, their plans of retirement will be cut short if they end the show and can't sell the mobile apps anymore... :-)
    I had an inkling that they were kidding round and thought I'd have a look to see if it were mentioned and it wasn't, so that's why the question was asked.

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  2. maggoty added a topic in General feedback, suggestions and questions   

    End of the podcast?
    I've tried searching, but can't search with anything under 4 characters? The guys talk about the podcast finishing at 250? Is that them just being funny or was this some sort of deal when they started the show?
    Hoping its not true.

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  3. maggoty added a post in a topic Episode 158 (11/02/09) - Castro the Friendly Ghost   

    If you're talking about that 2600 game Custers Revenge, then.. umm... thats a pretty crappy game, so probably not.

    I'm just saying that its not real, its a game. People watch movies and read books with violence and shooting and rape and all that bad stuff, but no one complains. Well, some people might complain, but generally you don't hear about it.
    I guess it probably comes down to how emotionally sucked in you get when playing games. For myself, the only emotion i really have over a game is whether its fun or not. If its not fun, then its boring and I'd probably stop playing it before long. Now I like FPS games, so if the game mechanics are good and its fun to play, I don't really care what I'm shooting at. Political correctness now days has gone way to far, compared to 15 or 20 years ago.

    A game is a game, to me. It may be based on real life situations, or look quasi real, but to me, its not. Its fake, its a game. I'm an adult and know the difference. Its not worth getting all worked up about.

    Personally, I don't like watching those videos on youtube where people are fighting and punching people out and so forth. To me, that is not nice and does upset me. I choose not to look at those types of videos if a friend forwards one on to me.
    That is real, and those are real people getting hurt, but I'm not someone who's going to make a mountain out of a mole hill, just because it upsets me. I choose not to watch that stuff and that's about it.
    But if someone forwards me a video of some kid kicking his dad in the nuts, well then I do find that funny. Its all about what people find acceptable I guess.

    Of course, this is just my opinion though.

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  4. maggoty added a post in a topic Episode 158 (11/02/09) - Castro the Friendly Ghost   

    I think the whole Modern Warfare 2 discussion was a bit weak. Who cares if you get to shoot so called 'innocent' people. I doubt many 16 year olds will hesitate in making that decision. Its a game. Plane and simple.

    Someone on arts technica said it best i reckon.

    'They aren't innocents, they are pixels, 3D models. And if we are going to take this all to heart, why MW2 and not any of the aforementioned titles? Further, why is the "mass virtual murder" acceptable in any context? Why are we allowed to kill tons of "evil" game characters en masse and no one bats an eye if we're going to make an issue of the virtual death of "innocents"?'

    Summed up perfectly.
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  5. maggoty added a topic in General feedback, suggestions and questions   

    Chip Tunes
    Now a couple episodes back Phil was talking about the fantastic Gianna Sisters game for DS and C64. I played the hell out of that game back in the old C64 days. I'm glad someone has a love for some of the old C64 titles.
    The chip tunes that came out of the C64 was something that I really got into, and still are. It was a huge scene on the C64 because of the awesome SID chip that came with the Commodore.

    Anyway, getting back to my thingy. Not sure if you've heard of the band Machine Supremacy Phil, but they cover a lot of old C64 music.

    Here is an awesome version of Gianna Sisters they did a few years back. They've done a bunch of stuff and its well worth checking out.


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  6. maggoty added a post in a topic Episode 144 (7/27/09) - LARPing our ARG   

    Just confirming Phil's little bit about what beer we drink in Australia. We definetly don't drink Fosters thats for sure.
    Down here in Victoria I would say its mainly VB, (Vic Bitter) or Carlton Cold, and up north I would say XXXX or something like that.
    There are plenty of great Aussie beers here, but yeah.. No Fosters... never!!
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  7. maggoty added a post in a topic Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection   

    I found this on a site called Sonic Retro, so kudos goes out to them, but Sega in Australia teamed up with the Cancer Council to sell these special vinyl LP records on Ebay which ties in with the launch of this game to help raise money.
    Pretty nifty I reckon.

    Tracks on Side A include:

    A1. Main Theme (4:09) <Space harrier>

    A2. Star Humming (3:28) <Ristar>

    A3. Day 3 (Tidal Surge) (3:03) <Vectorman>

    Tracks on Side B include:

    B1. Turtle Village (2:13) <Golden Axe>

    B2. Restration (2:07) <Phantasy Star II>

    B3. Scene 18 (Shout and Twist) (3:46) <Vectorman 2>

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  8. maggoty added a post in a topic Episode 117 (01/19/09) - Sounds Old-Tymey   

    Hey Phil,

    Best intro ever!

    Loved it, totally laughing my arse off, but in a good friendly appreciative way. :-)
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  9. maggoty added a post in a topic Alex Kidd in Miracle World (SEGA Master System)   

    I heard the podcast late, otherwise I definetly would have rung in.

    This game is one of my most favourite and memorable games ever.

    I'm from Australia and after the Atari 2600 this was the next console I bought myself using hard earned paper round money from back in the day. The master system did have some actual following in our country, so i know more than one person who actually played this game.

    This was the first game I got for the system and had it for quite a long time before I got another. My sister and I played the living crap out of this game. I don't remember it being particularly hard, but then again, the amount of hours I put into this game was just mental.

    Sure I was deprived of Mario and all that jazz, but I still like this game more.

    And its a running joke with my mates that Alex Kidd is still better than any game out there from any next gen system. Usually they say that with lots of sarcasm, meaning, the jokes on me, but its still funny! :-)

    Anyway, Alex Kidd rox my sox off and I'm glad you guys checked out this game.

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