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  1. ex0du5 added a post in a topic Monster Hunter - Favorites   

    Favorite Weapon - Hammer. I love KOing monsters.

    Favorite Monster - Either Baroth or Rathalos. These are really the first fearsome monsters you fight, and the sense of accomplishment when you take them down for the first time is huge.
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  2. ex0du5 added a post in a topic LAD's - Donkey Kong Country (SNES)   

    I love DKC.

    4-1 and 4-3 were probably the toughest levels for me.
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  3. ex0du5 added a post in a topic Building a PC   

    Sorry, not much time to reply at the moment, but I strongly suggest you look at a different GPU. The GTX 460 1GB (not the SE version) can be had for about the same price and is over twice as fast as the 7750. Also, while an SSD is an upgrade I always recommend, you would be far better served going with the cheapest Sandy Bridge Intel quad-core you can find. AMD is significantly behind in terms of performance these days.
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  4. ex0du5 added a post in a topic Nintendo to offer digital downloads of retail games starting with NSMB2   

    I would totally be in, were it not for the fact that it only works on the system for which it was purchased. I would hate to have a 3DS XL situation where I want to play my 3DS games at home on the XL, and on the go on my regular 3DS, and not being able to do so freely.
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  5. ex0du5 added a post in a topic The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition (now on Xbox 360!)   

    Yeah, the combat is a tad lacking. It's not bad, but I feel it's quite random/inconsistent. Sometimes Geralt will leap 10 feet towards the nearest enemy when I do a heavy swing, and sometimes he'll just swing right in front and miss completely since the enemy is out of range. Still, the combat is at least serviceable and there is depth to it outside of swordplay.

    The rest of the game is great. The dialog is well written, choices are meaningful, and there's a distinct lack of black/white choice in the game. Love it. The game is a huge improvement over the first game. Besides the combat, the most improvement is how the game handles sidequests. They are few enough to feel meaningful and not overwhelming.

    Though I've owned it for a year, I never got to playing it to recently, and I decided I'd just wait for the Enhanced Edition. Good timing too, since I just picked up a GTX 680 last week. Looks great, and runs at a 99% locked 60fps. Oh, and Flotsam Forest is the most incredible and natural looking forest I've ever seen in a game. It's breathtaking.

    I know what you mean. In The Witcher 2, there still usually is no quest arrow, but there are only a few quests and they feel substantive enough. For example, I picked up a quest to kill neckers. I had to find out more information about neckers, so through exploration, I found a guy in town that sold a book with information on neckers. I read the short summary of the book and it said I needed grapeshot bombs to blow up their nests. I found another guy that sold those bombs and proceeded to look around for the nest. All in all it took me maybe an hour to do that quest. Although it seems like little more than a kill quest on paper, it ended up feeling far more involved in the game.
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  6. ex0du5 added a post in a topic Best Buy keeps shooting itself in the face   

    The BestBuy and Futureshop near me are actually pretty good, though picking up the Vita was cumbersome. I went to pick it up, and it took the cashier and 3 other employees 20 minutes to figure out how to apply the pre-order promotion.
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  7. ex0du5 added a post in a topic So I bought a gaming PC, what games do I need?   

    mik has a gaming PC? Awwww yeah.
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  8. ex0du5 added a post in a topic SKYRIM   

    With a few tweaks, this game is damned purdy:

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  9. ex0du5 added a post in a topic Gears of War 3   

    Meh. I can handle 720p with some anti-aliasing. This has none. Quite hard to swallow for a "graphical showpiece".
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  10. ex0du5 added a post in a topic Gears of War 3   

    I don't think I can play Jaggies of Brown anymore.

    God, this game looks like shit (and is really quite boring to boot). I think I'll go back and play some more Reach, now that I'm in 360 mode for a bit.
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  11. ex0du5 added a post in a topic Gears of War 3   

    I'm still early on...Act 1 Chapter 6. Not terribly impressed with this one.
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  12. ex0du5 added a post in a topic Gears of War 3   

    Sounds like someone is on a raid schedule.
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  13. ex0du5 added a post in a topic Something in this awesome box art doesn't belong......   

    Don't count on it.
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  14. ex0du5 added a post in a topic So what you guys think of the effort to get Xenoblade and The Last Story localized   

    Yeah, my 4.6GHz 2500K barely keeps up on the Bionis Leg in LLE mode. I get the occasional pop in this zone, though it's not surprising considering how expansive this zone is.
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  15. ex0du5 added a post in a topic So what you guys think of the effort to get Xenoblade and The Last Story localized   

    Core i5 2500K @ 4.6GHz
    GTX 570

    You can probably achieve the same results with a regular Core i3 2300 or better, and a GTX 460 or so. I've got a fair bit of headroom with this hefty overclock.

    The game plays quite beautifully with Dolphin, overall. Once every 1-2 hours or so, the sound will start crackling and I need to reset it (takes 5 seconds with a save state), but otherwise, it's been great. I've got my Classic Controller Pro hooked up through a USB adapter, so the controls are great as well.
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