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  1. mrplaid added a post in a topic Episode 270 (12/26/11) - T.Rux & G-Rubb   

    I really like your's guys's idea for a parent-focused kiddie game review site. It'd be cool to see you guys do something with that. I'd probably find it useful in the future since I'm sure at some point my sperm will impregnate something besides the carpet around my computer desk.
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  2. mrplaid added a post in a topic What's happening over at   

    I hope they form a more personality-driven game like Giant Bomb. I would follow the McElroys into the mouth of hell, and I've always enjoyed Mr. Grant, as well.
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  3. mrplaid added a post in a topic SKYRIM

    An Idiot Abroad, Season 3.
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  4. mrplaid added a post in a topic Sony hopes you'll want the Vita early   

    Wow, CJ. You really hate getting things early. I'd hate to see what your reaction would have been if they bundled a Ratchet and Clank game in there, as well.
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  5. mrplaid added a post in a topic I finally got a car   

    Oh shit, player! Is that headrest adjustable?
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  6. mrplaid added a post in a topic Episode 261 (10/24/11) - Batman & Lombax   

    Am I too late to congratulate MIK on becoming 4th Meal? Congrabulations! The show is undoubtedly better with MIK's decaffeinated Mormon edge.
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  7. mrplaid added a post in a topic Episode 254 (09/05/11) - The Ambassadors   

    Speaking of Gallagher...I work with a guy who used to work at IBM back in the early nineties. He told me a story about being set up in a booth across from Gallagher at a trade show like CES or COMDEX or something. Some company had paid him to hang out and do his watermelon-smashing act every couple of hours in the spirit of typical trade show ridiculousness. In between shows Gallagher would walk occasionally walk around to the booths and, as my colleague put it, generally be a rude dick to anyone that attempted to speak to him. Before his final watermelon-smashing bit of the show, he took the tarp down that was protecting the crowds of passers-by from his watermelon debris and proceeded to soak a bunch of attendees and booth-workers that were minding their own business. No one thought it was very funny. My friend told me Gallagher's brother was there too, and that he was much nicer than Gallagher the First.
    So yeah, to corroborate Phil's story, Gallagher is apparently a kind of an asshole.
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  8. mrplaid added a post in a topic Pax East 2011   

    Maybe I'm just becoming an old curmudgeonly curmudgeon, but I found the crowds to be unbearable. The woman and I had more fun traipsing around Boston and mastering the art of public transportation than we did at the show. Anyone else feel the same way?
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  9. mrplaid added a post in a topic Episode 223 (01/31/11) - Five in the Pocket   

    Totally going to start calling my girlfriend "Wonder Swan". Thanks for that!
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  10. mrplaid added a post in a topic The Player One Podcast "Get in Shape 2011" thread.   

    A couple of years back I lost over 100 lbs doing nothing but running after I found a quarter-mile track at a school for deaf and blind children not far from my parents' house. I really miss working out there because the track was in great condition, free for the public to use, and the deaf and blind children were really easy to push out of the way. Seriously though, just finding a nice place to work out can be all the motivation you need. I actually looked forward to going out there to jog/walk/run because it was so peaceful.
    If you hate going to the gym, try using Google Maps or Yelp to find areas close to where you live where you can be free to exercise that also won't be teeming with assholes.
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  11. mrplaid added a post in a topic The maximum fun empire   

    F yes. MBMBaM has become a staple of my podcast diet. I hope the Max Fun partnership brings them lots of new listeners.

    And that would be super-sweet if you got that internship. Is Jesse based near where you live?
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  12. mrplaid added a post in a topic Episode 216 (12/13/10) - Wonka Tails   

    Awesome episode! I also want to cast my vote for a stupid bullshit-centric podcast. In fact, I want the show to be nothing but old EGM stories and Care Bear retrospectives from here on out!
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  13. mrplaid added a post in a topic Game Dev Story   

    I'm hopelessly addicted. Anyone made their own console, yet? I've gone through about five different rounds of hiring/firing, but I've not found a hardware engineer available to hire. Is that particular vocation something you have to level an employee up to?
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  14. mrplaid added a post in a topic The Fanboys Lunchcast: Episode 104   

    Racist. But that's okay, I'll still listen.
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  15. mrplaid added a post in a topic Keiji Inafune leaves Capcom.   

    I'm sure he was "encouraged" to develop his critiques of Capcom at someplace other than Capcom. Either that, or he was fired for all the grab-assin'.
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