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  1. ness08 added a post in a topic 400 (07/07/14) - The ‘How in the…What, Really? This Many?’ Special   

    Just wanted to say congratulations on going all the way to 400 episodes, that is pretty impressive.

    I can't remember the last time I listened to an episode (relax, it wasn't you, it's me, you know..) but I will have a lot of catching up to do.
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  2. ness08 added a post in a topic Player One Podcast iPhone App   

    So, after two years and how ever many iOS updates they fixed the button. Thanks guys!
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  3. ness08 added a post in a topic How about that Modern Warfare 3 leak, huh?   

    I really don't think the average game player even notices that it is Activision, so they don't really care that much what Activision does. Pretty sure to most people it is just like with movies, I don't really know what studio does what movie, not until it starts up and then shows up on screen, and even after that I usually forget.

    And on the profits thing, pretty sure as long as the company isn't losing shitloads, most investors look at revenues, they expect companies to not be that profitable while growing, since they will incur more 'start-up' costs, but as long as revenue is increasing, they are showing they are not actually throwing money away.

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  4. ness08 added a post in a topic Select PSP games getting PS3 HD "remakes".   

    Aren't these "Remasters" going to have to be played the same way as current PSP ad-hoc games, using ad-hoc party, or whatever the PS3 ad-hoc workaround is called?
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  5. ness08 added a post in a topic Anyone else getting tired of this PSN downtime?   

    It might just be the cynic in me, but I think they probably have a very good deal with the identity theft people. 70 mil new accounts (probably not nearly that many, but that is what they claim) probably won't cost them that much, since the company will be banking on having quite a few of those accounts become lifelong accounts. Also with 70 mil people, how many could really be affected within a year? Really wish I was in the identity theft insurance business right now, could have made some quick cash.
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  6. ness08 added a post in a topic CJ is gonna be a daddy!   


    But will easily justify both versions of Pokemon
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  7. ness08 added a post in a topic BIN LADEN IS DEAD   

    But gays have been allowed in the military for like 20 years, and this year they are even repealing don't ask don't tell so they can serve openly.
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  8. ness08 added a post in a topic PSA: Credit Cards Leaked from PSN   

    Well, some good did come from this, Gamestops near me seem to have quite a few copies of Socom 4 in stock for 42.99 ($39 after the powercard) Might actually get it.
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  9. ness08 added a post in a topic Mortal Kombat rules!   

    So finally got it last night. Put a couple hours into the story mode and so far think it is pretty good. Really surprising. I did a couple challenges, just cause and also did the tutorials. Glad I realized that you don't have to wait for all the animations in the Krypt when unlocking stuff, that was starting to get annoying.

    As for the stick, really think it is nice. It has a memory foam bottom so you can rest it on your legs for long periods of time without any discomfort. It came with a nice long USB cord, probably 3 meters (not sure, but it's long enough for me). The plastic on the inside is etched with 'Mortal Kombat' and the dragon. Biggest complaint is that the game presets are not setup for the stick (when I first started LP wasn't doing anything, changed the presets and now it works good) For a $90 stick I'm pretty happy with it. Now they just need to bring out the MK Trilogy that was rumored awhile ago, or at least put UMK3 on PSN.
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  10. ness08 added a post in a topic Mortal Kombat rules!   

    Yeah, I will finally get my TE version today. Fucking Gamestop, charge me a week early and ship out a day after release.
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  11. ness08 added a post in a topic Ip Man & 2   

    I really enjoyed both of them. The second one deals with him after moving south and trying to open up a school there.

    Really couldn't tell you if the blu-rays are worth getting, I honestly only ever care about the language options and the picture. Oh, and I suppose the region matters
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  12. ness08 added a post in a topic What should I do with my 3DS pre-order?   

    It's more like 6 than R4. The music is good, at least I enjoy it. It is a decent show piece also, has a lot of neat effects that go off through out the races. If you didn't like 6 or don't want to play one like that right now, you should wait for a price drop or skip it.
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  13. ness08 added a post in a topic What should I do with my 3DS pre-order?   

    If you like ridge racer, I think it is worth getting. It is a lot like the PSP ridge racers, but in 3D. I'm really enjoying it, but I like Ridge Racer.
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  14. ness08 added a post in a topic What should I do with my 3DS pre-order?   

    Finally got my 3DS from Amazon and really am liking it. Also went to Toys R Us and picked up Pilotwings and Ridge Racer. Really enjoying Ridge Racer and the 3D is pretty good. All in all my biggest complaint so far is with the placing of the stylus. I really miss it being on the right so I could put it up when I wasn't using but it also having no problem grabbing it quickly. And it really sucks on this since I find myself having to move the system and messing up the 3D to grab it.

    Can't wait to see the next round of software to come out.
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  15. ness08 added a post in a topic When torrenting is warranted......IMO   

    I really don't know why I want to watch it, I didn't like it 20 years ago when I saw it, but I really want to watch it again.

    It can't be as bad as I remember it.
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