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  1. melike added a post in a topic Hot Pursuit tonight?   

    I'll play if the timezone dont make it too much of a pain.
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  2. melike added a post in a topic PSN ID List   

    Ok, NFS finally pushed me over the edge re; playing online.
    Love to get some friends. (awe.)


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  3. melike added a post in a topic PSN / PS3 Apocolypse 2/28/2010   

    so i just bought killzone 3 and left that and my ps3 with my dad on the weekend.
    The ps3's not online down there and,yeah, we're getting the same problems. I got angry cos i got the 'didnt turn if off properly' error message too..and ranted to him about looking after it properly...oops.

    Weirdly killzone 2 wont work while nfs shift does..?

    I dont like the fact that i wont be down there for another 4 weeks..doesnt sit well with me to leave it in that state for so long...
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  4. melike added a post in a topic Animal Crossing City Folk General Thread   

    heh - i dont mind them. I think they fit well - and I was never a fan of the normal character designs..
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  5. melike added a post in a topic Episode 108 (11/17/08) - Plug Away   

    Count me in for having no problems with the controls. Sure, the jumpings..different, but once I got my head around it i didnt seem to have any real problems. I can see how it'd irritate people though..

    What MM REALLY need to do is highlight the best levels or at least have some sort of system to show the highest rated levels. At the very least you can visit one of the "LBP user generated levels!' threads at various forums which tend to sort the wheat from the chaff ..but yeah, you really shouldnt have to work so hard to find the good stuff..
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  6. melike added a post in a topic Animal Crossing City Folk General Thread   

    Well, thats it - after my wife and I being obsessed with the Gamecube version we both kinda missed it on the DS and whilst hearing reviews saying its basically the same thing, i think my 4 year old will love it! Hes just started playing games like Burnout paradise (wont play mario kart though, will he!) and ive just started playing lego star wars (hes having a hard time wrapping his head around the 3d movement and jumping)..but i feel that this will be perfect for him as well as my wife and I. I think even my 2 year old will want the 4th house.

    Really looking forward to it now - i just wish Nintendo tried to add a few more things to it this time..
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  7. melike added a topic in Introductions   

    So, yeah, I'm another one.
    Hey there. Figured i should post - its always nice to get involved or at least let the podcasters know you dig what they're doing.
    So yeah, been listening on and off for a long while now but i'm a bit obsessed at the moment and actually listening to all the episodes in a weird kind of other (started 6 months back and reslistened till i caught up, then i started 6 months before then and listening to that batch currently)

    S'a greeat podcast - really like the feel of it and enjoy the content and you're just darn entertaining gosh darnit.

    So, yeah. I've been playing for a while - got all the systems etc..almost as old as Phil! (Actually, i'm probably older)

    Keep up the good work guys and hopefully i'll do somethig more than just lurk on the boards for a change (that wasnt a demand or anything, i was ..they were two seperate statements linked together..ah forget it)

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