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  1. atat23 added a post in a topic Journey's out March 13th for $15   

    making your way through the snowy parts with another player really changes the experience too

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  2. atat23 added a post in a topic Journey's out March 13th for $15   

    That cave part seems to be the stand out part of the game for most people.

    At the start of that level I got the trophy for meeting ten unique people but I couldn't see anyone so I waited for him to catch up.

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  3. atat23 added a post in a topic Journey's out March 13th for $15   

    Didn't know you finally found out the names, it's such a great way to do it and I would love to see them do the same in Dark Souls, seeing somthing like "Th3_b3st_haXXXXXor_3lit3 has invaded" really helps kill those tense or sombre moments in a game
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  4. atat23 added a post in a topic Generation 16 is live   

    Just watched the new episode, it was great, the nostalgia was flowing

    I remember when I first got my Mega Drive how amazed I was that it came with three games in one cart, Italia 90, Super Hang on and Columns, though Super Hang on got the most play time. I'd completely forgotten about the Original mode as well, tempted to hook my Mega Drive up right now.
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  5. atat23 added a post in a topic Assassin's Creed III is unveiled!   

    I like the series, but I guess I'm not a super fan because I could have lived with just playing AC2 and skipping Brotherhood like I skipped Revelations.

    I'm dubious about the setting of the third one, I would have expected this to be in France or London while using more iconic landmarks, iconic being ones I'm familiar with. The pictures of him stalking deer and climbing trees also has me worried as I don't want to be messing about in the countryside hunting things or hiding in bushes, I want to be darting through alleys, doing some hardcore parkour while there's twenty guards chasing me
    Guess I'll just have to wait and see more of how they handle the "Red Dead Assassination" side of things before I see if it's worth the time.
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  6. atat23 added a post in a topic The Vita will thrive/die/break the Internet!!!!!!   

    I thought amazing deals went hand in hand with the release of new gaming hardware, I know I was very close to getting a slim just because of the amazon deals when it was released.
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  7. atat23 added a post in a topic The Vita will thrive/die/break the Internet!!!!!!   

    Is Uncharted considered the system seller atm? or what is it, I only ask because I'm definitely going to buy one of these asap but the game I'll try to get with it is likely Rayman, it just looks like something I'd prefer on a handheld.

    I suppose any system seller is really just a place holder till the new monster hunter is released though, those Asians sure do love hunting those monsters.
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  8. atat23 added a post in a topic The Vita will thrive/die/break the Internet!!!!!!   

    Just got back from a demo at one of the Vita Vaults, which is basically a shipping container, spray painted blue with some weird ikea furniture in it and plonked down in the middle of a city.

    I did actually like a lot about it, like it was so frigging thin and comfortable to hold. I also really liked messing with the touch screen, being able to quickly navigate through in the Vita menu and in game menus was real nice.

    I'm not sure about the analogue nubs though, it's maybe a case were I need to get more use to them but there seemed to be something missing in their feedback, their control seemed a bit loose or something, especially in Super Stardust, it was the one of the games I really wanted to check out but I couldn't play it for long as I just didn't feel like the nubs were being precise enough.

    I didn't bother with Escape plan but I played Little Deviants and i just couldn't get the touch pad to cooperate, I think I was lifting my finger too much, I think I probably should have just been keeping constant contact instead of trying to click exactly on the character as it doesn't seem like something that makes exact placement easy.

    It worked well in super stardust though where you basically touch and use it to position a black hole, it seemed a bit like overkill just to use it just for that but I'm sure there were plenty of other cool uses I didn't figure out.
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  9. atat23 added a post in a topic Zelda Skyward Sword   

    No, for me it's the same indicator you get when you're low on health and she wants to inform you of it, the d-pad appears on the upper right of the screen with her face flashing on it, so if I had of ignored her as usual I may have missed it, I only remember it so well because it happened pretty much as I wrote that second post
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  10. atat23 added a post in a topic Zelda Skyward Sword   

    Maybe it's because I'm playing in longer sessions, this is the third time I've turned it on and I have to go through that interrupt for about 30 different things. It probably only stood out in spots when I was picking up a lot of collectibles in a row then.

    With FI I don't mind story interruptions but If she's adding nothing, like just now I turned an engine on, FI pops out and informs me "the engine is now on, go check the engine room", compare that to a part that did trip me up a bit

    that part I could have done with an interruption but instead she was just selectable by pressing down on the d-pad. I'd just prefer if she had something to say that I could select her by the down d-pad method, so I could ignore her unless I'm really stuck.

    The skipper part I refer to is

    I don't think it would be an issue for anybody except me since I was running low on patience with the interrupting at that stage and I think he only talked to me like twice between two camera panning parts.....probably time to take a break
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  11. atat23 added a post in a topic Zelda Skyward Sword   

    I'm surprised at how high the score for this game are, so far I'm only working my way toward the second flame but I'm not blown away.

    One point in it's favour is I usually hate using the Wii controller for everything, with this I did actually enjoy the combat, the slashes were really accurate, I wouldn't have minded more of that. I pine for a Windwaker style 100 level dungeon.

    The biggest thing that is really annoying me is the constant hand hold and interruptions, like every time I pick up any bug or crafting item I have to stop, hold it aloft and get the full description on it, I thought it only did this the first time you picked something up, not every time! I wish most of the NPCs would shut up as well, like if I see a cut scene showing me a door, I don't need the NPC to then tell me, "maybe you should go in the door". Then when I get through the door another cut scene showing a locked door with some NPC saying, "you should go through the door but it's locked, find a key" etc. I mean it's generally FI but it's in my mind because it just happened about six times in a row in the desert bit with the skipper.

    Also, anyone else find the flying really boring, there's just nothing to look at except the odd bare island or a giant beacon in the distance. The areas in general aren't very interesting if I'm honest, the character however are pretty cool, the best one has to be the guy in the item shop, his face when you tell him you don't want to buy anything is priceless.

    tl;dr - meh. The item shop guy is awesome though
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  12. atat23 added a post in a topic Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (PSN, PC, Xbox)   

    fixed bugs? I wonder what it was like before

    but yeah there is a HD update in the works, I might just wait to finish the game when that's released, only just done the first part of the second town but so far it has really grabbed me and if I force myself to play more I'll end up hating it.
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  13. atat23 added a post in a topic Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath (PSN, PC, Xbox)   

    At the end of December they were saying 2-3 months for the HD PC patch

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  14. atat23 added a post in a topic SKYRIM   

    if you use all three to make the best Daedric weapons possible you can pretty much one shot an Elder Dragon (with dual wield power attack at least), careful because the crafting, even without using recursive crafting is pretty game breaking and it can get a bit boring if your just going around one shotting everything.
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  15. atat23 added a post in a topic SKYRIM   

    I've seen a lot of people saying alchemy was hard to level but I never really noticed, I stockpiled ingredients as I did other things and then when I was almost overburdened I went and made as many potions as possible, I used this site ( just so I could use absolutely everything I could.

    If you're having trouble make sure you're making expensive potions as the more they cost the more you'll level alchemy. I think a giant's toe and wheat is an easy one I was able to make that was good for levelling, as long as you just keep buying giant's toes in the different alchemist's as you go from city to city.

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