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  1. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic Video Game Purchases 2009 OFFICIAL THREAD   

    Ooh, this could be either really neat or really sad depending on what I purchase. Here goes.

    Playstation 3/PSN Downloads -
    Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
    Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
    Castlevania Chronicles
    Noby Noby Boy
    Rag Doll Kung-Fu

    Playstation 2 -
    Kingdom Hearts 2
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
    Silent Hill 2
    Silent Hill 3

    PSP -
    PSP (3000)
    Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIII
    Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles
    God of War: Chains of Olympus
    Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X
    Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

    Playstation -
    Star Ocean: The Second Story

    Nintendo DS -
    Chrono Trigger
    Dragon Quest IV
    Pokemon Platinum
    Professor Layton and the Curious Village
    Retro Game Challenge

    Genesis/MegaDrive -
    Dragonball Z: Buyuu Retsuden
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  2. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic I fucking give up on you SquEnix.   

    The comparison between Bioshock being "re-released" and FFVI being re-released is a bit of a stretch, IMO. Think of it this way: the developers of Bioshock no doubt wanted it to be accessible to everyone at a time when the game was at the height of its popularity. Therefore, they planned to port it (not re-release it) to the PS3 as well as announce Bioshock 2 for both XB360 and PS3. In the case of FFVI, however, Square simply began by bringing it over to the Playstation five years after the original SNES release. Why would they do it? Possibly for the Square loyals that followed them on the PSX, as well as the thousands more across the world who got into Final Fantasy due to VII. They must have seen that there was the potential to make a nice profit by creating new fans this way.

    The GBA re-release, I would guess, was a way to make it up to Nintendo loyals. Either that or, again, they felt it would be a great way to introduce younger people to the series this way. And as you pointed out, there were minimal additions to each of these re-releases, so any effort to re-release these would be minimal. What bothers me is the fact that they seem more focused not on re-releases, but remakes of their former games. They spend so much time remaking Final Fantasy IV all new with 3D characters and voicework and such when they could very well be putting that effort into new games. And while TWEWY is a fine game, it seems to be the only original concept from them in a while.

    Keep in mind, I'm not necessarily bitching about the remakes, it just seems like such a waste for them to remake what was already decent.

    In this case, though,'s such a random choice from their library that it makes me wonder what they're thinking with this.
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  3. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic I fucking give up on you SquEnix.   

    Color me surprised that it's FF Legend.

    I do agree that they need to cool off with the remakes, but honestly it doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon. They just do too well on sales charts for Squenix to say, "Alright, lets do something new."

    ...Legend?? It's about as random as a Rad Racer remake.
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  4. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic Absolutely ridiculous nonsensse   

    I've worked in retail for a majority of my working career. The store I work for recently adapted the policy of "take it back no matter what," but they take it to a huge extreme. Apparently, you can even return product that you no longer have in your possession. For example, someone could come in and say they bought a rib roast from us for $45 and that it was horrible. With no receipt and no roast, that person could get their money back in the form of store credit. It's the most ridiculous thing they've ever done.

    Another favorite of mine is the honoring of advertisements for coupons as if they were actual coupons. That one rendered me speechless.
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  5. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic Episode 114 (12/29/08) - A Year-End Holiday Special   

    Also a bit late in replying, as I just finished listening to this one on my way into work.

    Holiday gaming disappointments? Hoo-boy, I remember my first one. I was probably four at the time and my uncle had an NES which he let me try out. I had such a great time playing the games that I asked my parents for an NES for Christmas. So Christmas comes, and there's a big present just sitting there for me. The contents?


    Yes, an "edutainment" system. While I remember having some kind of fun with it, it was certainly no NES. They more than made up for it the next Christmas with a GameBoy, then followed finally by an NES for my birthday.

    I guess another would be the year I got the Playstation. My TV had no component hookups which meant I needed an RF switch...which wasn't included. So the most I did was sit and stare at my copy of Ridge Racer for the next few days, wonder just how good it would be.
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  6. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic Rumor: DSi U.S. Launch Date, Price Revealed   

    DSiware is what I'm holding out for before I make any purchase. If it's something potentially worthwhile, then I guess I'll upgrade from my Electric Blue DS, but the cameras being a big selling point and no GBA slot are two strikes against this thing for me.
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  7. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic Your Guilty Pleasure movie   

    The live-action Transformers. It has some terrible dialogue, too much product placement and it's directed by Michael Bay. Typically these three factors are instant fail for me when it comes to a movie, but damn is that movie a lot of fun.

    And Bio-Dome. I cannot forget Bio-Dome.
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  8. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic Street Fighter IV   

    Picking it up on PS3. I'm somewhat indifferent to the collector's edition, so that settles that; I'm just excited that I can finally dive into a new (and potentially decent) fighting game again. Might even give me incentive to finally do some online gameplay.
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  9. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic Video game buy/trade/sell/etc. thread   

    Ooo...I'd trade my NSMB for some Chrono Trigger. Let me know when you're done.
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  10. ProfGasCan added a post in a topic Ahoy-hoy.   

    And Enos Lives to you all as well.
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  11. ProfGasCan added a topic in Introductions   


    I've been listening for at least a year or so now, and figured I'd better join the forum before it's too late and the internet implodes. I don't usually post much when it comes to forums, but hey, maybe this time things'll be different. Been a fan of the video games since about four years of age, started with Pac-Man and really haven't stopped much since. Currently have a PS3 and DS; very much into the Metal Gear Solid and Mega Man franchises, and I'm convinced that Tetris will forever be the best game ever made.

    Pleasure to be here!
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