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  1. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Rocket League PS4   

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  2. famousmortimer added a post in a topic The Witcher 3   

    It's aight/10.
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  3. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Were you alive in 1982?   

    I think if you're over 40 you know the hosts by default. Through physics and shit like that.
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  4. famousmortimer added a topic in Video Games   

    Were you alive in 1982?
    Just wondering for comic reasons.
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  5. famousmortimer added a post in a topic How do you feel about Destiny?   

    After taking a month or so off, I'm back into this game balls deep. My initial disappointment of there being no raid in HoW has worn off as ToO and PoE look like a ton of fun.

    If any late night folks are interested in those (especially ToO since it's weekends only and every other weekend I work until 11pm MTN) for weekly groups, let me know. Most of the folks I played with only play during the day, and now that I have a job that doesn't work so well.
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  6. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Project CARS   

    And Forza 5 is thin, but Forza 6 is this year. GT can be anywhere from this winter to summer 2025.

    So the PC, PS4, and Wii U (there's a wii u port isn't there?) are in need of a sim racer. The xbox kinda is, but not nearly as much.
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  7. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Project CARS   

    It's available on the PC...?
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  8. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Project CARS   

    Driveclub released with almost entirely european cars as well. The racing genre has been on a sales decline for several years now... except in europe. So developers are suiting the games more towards them.
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  9. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Shovel Knight   

    I... what?
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  10. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Bloodborne   

    The misconception is that the game is hard. It isn't. It's just punitive in all the right ways. Most fights, excluding bosses, are pretty much cake. It's the tension of losing your echoes that ups the ante. You don't need to be a good gamer to beat souls/bloodborne, you just need to be patient and calm. (odd, considering I'm neither...)
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  11. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Bloodborne   

    There is definitely a high level of satisfaction walking through an area and laying waste to everyone because you know exactly where they are and what their moves are.... heightened by the fact that they probably kicked your butt the first few times. In way stuff like that reminds me of mario. Man, 8-1 in the original SMB was so hard when I was a kid. But after weeks of memorizing the entire thing I got to the point where I could do it in my sleep... and it never got boring because of the struggle to get that down.
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  12. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket 2015 - Final Four   

    What a zinger! Especially after you expressed your displeasure and crying that you won't be voting.

    Mario World and Metroid are alltime greats. I don't think either would make my top 5 but the thought of it doesn't bug me. Mario Galaxy (it isn't even the best fucking mario galaxy game!!!) and Windwaker shouldn't crack anyone's top 500 list. Yet there they are, so very close.
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  13. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Bloodborne   

    There are a few things this game (and souls before it) does better than just about any other game on the planet. The first is creating a level of tension that just exist in normal games. If, when you died, you just lost all your echoes and that was that - you would start to become comfortable with the fact that it happens a lot. But the fact that you can get them back makes that next 1 to 20+ minutes all that much more intense. Each time your health gets below half you start jamming on the triangle thinking "I CANT DIE! I CANT DIE! I CANT DIE! I DONT WANT TO LOSE MY ECHOES! NOOOOOO." I can't think of another game that elicits that level of of tension.

    The other thing is the community aspect, and it goes beyond the built in game stuff. Now, don't get me wrong - the built in game stuff is brilliant. There are notes warning of you ambushes, letting you know an item is nearby, etc. You can also call in people for co-op to get by a spot or a tough boss. That's all brilliant. But the fact that the games are so obtuse, and filled with such varied strategies, hidden areas, etc... it makes communities form around the game. The Dark Souls OT at gaf was my favorite thread of all time there. We answered the same question a trillion time (how do you kill boss X, etc) but it was also filled with people finding the weirdest secrets. Like, for some reason, you can just walk over this ledge, and down below is armor. Or, the big one early on... shoot the dragon in the tail and get an amazing sword.

    The bloodborne threads on the boards I go to are currently my favorite threads. I also really enjoy watching people stream. Even though I've been around the opening section of the game 100 times while learning, farming, trying different weapons, etc... I still had a ton of fun watching CJ do it. Knowing he is new the series and seeing how he approached encounters. I love when i stream and people are like "hey, there's a hidden path of there." Most games the secrets are so telegraphed that I get mad if someone were to "spoil" it but with these games it feels like we all have to play together to figure it all out. That's why Dark Souls was my game of the generation, and why Bloodborne has me feeling like this is all new again.

    I didn't like Dark Souls 2 very much. I will try it again on the ps4. Maybe all the DLC will help it feel more coherent. It could have been placebo, but to me it really felt like a B-team game. It did not have the focus of Demons/Dark souls, or Bloodborne. But I do plan on giving it another shot. Mechanically the game was fine.
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  14. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket 2015 - Final Four   

    I want to die.
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  15. famousmortimer added a post in a topic Greatest Game Bracket 2015 - Round 2, Bracket 4   

    I have made peace with being wrong most of the time. Sometimes I'm like "I'M NOT WRONG!!!" and then I realize i'm wrong.

    If I was picky, I wouldn't have a backlog of games just on the ps4 that is 20+ strong. I like everything. But I guess this gets into where my comment was coming from. First off I lied, I didn't like SMW. I loved it. I didn't like Zelda(1). I loved it. I prefer ffxiii to ffix, which is heresy. I also never brought myself to finish FFIX, and I've had it on my vita for 19 years.

    So, you guys took your shots at me, let me take my shots at why I don't like the other games. It's not all bad.

    Lunar: Didn't play it. Actually didn't know it existed until about a decade ago, which was long past me getting rid of my snes.

    Paper Mario 1k yr door: The paper mario series, to me, is the average puzzle platformer. Most indie puzzle platformers are far more inventive. Even if they weren't, I get bored with this series. Each incarnation. I actually felt like maybe the nintendo nerds on the p1p would realize the entire series was boring, but they just blamed it on the 3ds game.

    Earthbound is an average JRPG that was made scarce which made you people clamour for it.

    Soul Calibur: I love the fighting game genre. I wouldn't put any entry from this series in the top 10. The only reason this is here, in my opinion, is because it was a dreamcast launch game that looked good. Don't get me wrong, I have had fun with this series and in particular the launch Dreamcast game was from another planet. But looking back now... fun but not top 10. Sorry.

    Zelda: Majoras Mask: I played and beat OoT. There were things I loved and things that bugged me. In general, unlike Mario, I felt like the Zelda series took a step back going into 3d. I got MM and forced myself through 10 hours or so and just found it to be a drag. It was fun, but even at that time I had 20 games that were more fun so why would I play that? Answer: I didn't. I gave up and that was that.

    Metroid Prime: Fuck. I was so goddamn psyched for this game. I stood in line for a midnight release. I knew it was 3d, I knew it was slower than most 3d shooters. In fact before release this whole argument popped up on the web about whether it was first person adventure or first person shooter. I was on the first person adventure side. And since I loved 2d metroid, and I loved Kings Field (3d adventure/rpg), I figured I was a shoe-in to love this game. I tried. Fuck, I lied. I stated on forums that I was loving it. Honestly though... I found it so boring. Painfully boring. It was a game for years afterwards that I said "yeah, it was cool." And then I hit my mid 20s, started getting fat and hating humans, and decided to let the world know what I really felt. That game is boring as fuck. And here's another thing, Metal Gear Solid has fucking awful writing and if you think it's good your taste is beyond suspect.

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