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    Been listening to P1P since... oh late 2008? Maybe?

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  1. Slashneed added a post in a topic Diablo 3: ROS   

    I still play every now and then, but still in the early paragon levels with my Crusader... Will probably get back to it sometime again though! Slashneed#1755
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  2. Slashneed added a post in a topic 392 (05/12/14): Anchored to the Wall   

    I kinda liked the Pokemon TCG! Granted I was like 10 or something when it came out, but still...
    I also like how you - even in this thread - neglected to do an intro or even apologize for not doing one!
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  3. Slashneed added a topic in Chatterville   

    Catalogin your movies/games/stuff
    Hey, I have just recently realized (many, many, many years later than I should have), that cataloging my extensive collection of stuff would be a great idea!
    Any personal recommendations of - preferably free - software/sites that you use for cataloging? I remember the hosts mentioning some way they catalog, but don't remember episode or any names.
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  4. Slashneed added a post in a topic Playstation Now - stream PS games to any device using Gaikai   

    Saw this aswell, unfortunately it looks like Europe (or well, everywhere not USA) will have to wait for awhile... Maybe they'll have improved it over the probably buggy version that we'll see at launch in America.
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  5. Slashneed added a post in a topic 374 (01/06/14) - Doctor Default   

    Great episode to start 2014 with!
    Haven't spent that much on retro games myself, I think I'm more of a deals-person, taking opportunities rather than seeking out old games. Except in the case of Alundra (the first one) which I was looking for for years and finally decided to buy via a Swedish Ebay-like service. Think I only paid about $40ish for it though, so no big deal.
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  6. Slashneed added a post in a topic Whatcha drinkin?   

    Nils Oscar is a great brewery, they also make a good gin. But yeah, if you can find it, you should try it!
    Nøgne Ø is good, only had one or two of their beers, but they are quite something. Pretty expensive over here though. Denmark also have some good craft beers, Mikkeller shouldn't be too hard to find I think, pretty wellknown brand.
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  7. Slashneed added a post in a topic Whatcha drinkin?   

    Funnily enough I was spending some time yesterday morning reading about American craft breweries, so I recognize a lot of these names (also had some before, but not that many of them), unfortunately though most of them don't ship out to lil' Sweden. That said, we do have a LOT (for such a small country) of craft beers, seeing how the scene has exploded the last 3-5 years. Not sure if any of you guys can get any Swedish beers, but I do recommend trying out stuff from Dugges (from my hometown of Gothenburg), Oppigårds (both of these breweris have a bunch of different great types) or Slottskällan.

    I haven't really had anything super-special recently, but I did get a housewarming present in the form of a really special winterporter the other day. Small bottle (25cl, not sure about oz) of 9,1% alcohol, from a small brewer called Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri. It comes in it's own sealed box (!), so I'm saving it for a good occasion!

    Anways, you guys are making me jealous with your easy access to good beers and breweries!
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  8. Slashneed added a post in a topic The Wolf Among Us   

    That's actually the only thing I've had a little problem with. Or, not really a problem, but since I've read all the comics, I know what kind of character Bigby is, and I kinda tend to try and choose the things he would, according to the comics. Like, I tend more to roleplay as Bigby, rather than make my own choices. It at least take me more time to choose, kinda do a double-take everytime I get a choice. Absolutely love playing as Bigby though, he is like you say, a total badass!
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  9. Slashneed added a post in a topic The Wolf Among Us   

    Was waiting for the PS3-release, so I got it this morning and finished it about an hour ago. Really good! I've read all the Fable-albums that are out so far and really enjoy the whole world they've built. The storyline has had some ups and downs, but for the most part it's great.
    So far I enjoy episode 1 more than Walking Dead (the natural comparison), but I have not finished all of WD yet. But as far as episodes go.
    Looking forward to the next one and I hope everyone who played WD will get this and maybe also get into the comics!
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  10. Slashneed added a post in a topic GTA V Online on PS3?   

    I'm in a different timezone (Europe GMT+1), but you can add me anyways, in case we happen to play at the same time!
    Tag: Slashneed
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  11. Slashneed added a post in a topic Simpsons Tapped Out / EA Origin   

    I'm playing! Been at it since around late summer last year and it's still pretty fun =)
    My id: slashneed, I'll add you Tron.
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  12. Slashneed added a post in a topic Bioshock Infinite   

    Finally got to play and finish the game, waaay after everyone else!
    I played it pretty intensely for 3 days, which felt like a good way of playing it, got through the story at a good pace and also spent a lot (A LOT) of time exploring almost every nook and cranny of Columbia. I really enjoyed the game, even more than I enjoyed the first Bioshock actually. I prefer Columbia to Rapture, even though they are quite different cities, I just liked the time setting (sure, not very accurate when it came to technology, but the early 1900s were pretty cool, despite all the racisms and stuff...) and design more. I played the game on normal and even though it was pretty easy in the beginning, basically feeling like I was just mowing down a lot of people, but it did get pretty tough towards the end. Gonna try and replay it in 1999 mode now, will see how long I'll make it before letting it rest for awhile.

    Anyone interested in the DLC that they announced today? I really liked the combat in Infinite, so the horde-mode is a nice addition (maybe should've been included from the start, but at least it's cheap) and the film noir-setting of Burial at Sea looks really cool! Looking forward to playing these packs.
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  13. Slashneed added a post in a topic I bought that - 2013 Edition   

    Well, you did MAKE a game though, so that's gotta count for something, right?
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  14. Slashneed added a post in a topic Did anyone here try the Secret World MMO?   

    What was it about that you didn't like Kirbutashi? Not a big MMO-fan in general, or something about this one? Remarks about gameplay/style? I'm kinda mostly interested in the universe of it!
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  15. Slashneed added a post in a topic Episode 327 (01/28/13) - Metal Gear Cows   

    I didn't partake in the whole video-cast for the show, just looked a little to see how it was. To my surprise, I found out three things about Mike, concering dress and appearence:

    1. We have the same Communist Party-shirt.
    2. He looks way happier than his voice implies.
    3. He shares an incredible similiarity in looks with a Swedish comedian. (this guy:

    Now I don't really know how to get these pictures out of my head when I listen to the show...

    Oh yeah, good show this week btw! l was a bit hesitant to try the Revengeance-demo, but I might give it a shot now!
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