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  1. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 212 (11/15/10) - On the Sly   

    I said it in the NeoGAF topic, but that was comically edited and was certainly his best entrance yet. If it happened naturally, that's even better.
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  2. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 212 (11/15/10) - On the Sly   

    This was an amazing episode, all. Smug Greg Ford is the best Greg Ford. Thanks!
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  3. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 211 (11/08/10) - Kinectified   

    Can I throw in a vote for more niche game discussion? Quite a few of the recent episodes have been (to me!) really rote because I've read and heard about them elsewhere. You all used to fill out the whole niche rather well, and now you're just kind of in it.

    Basically, Absolute Hero Modding Project. An hour. Do it.
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  4. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 209 (10/25/10) - Game Cassettes   

    So, er, what did you like about Castlevania's ending?

    Also, pinball: Time Cruise.
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  5. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 205 (09/27/10) - Romper Room   

    I haven't listened yet, but do any of you guys make the trek to Japan anymore? since you're Oendan superfans, I was wondering if you'd played the Music Gun Gun series.
    Light gun Oendan seems fun. Has Phil tried Utacchi (basically, Pop'n Music DS)?
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  6. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 195 (07/19/10) - Summer of Loots   

    I'm surprised Phil thought Deathspank was funny. He usually has a good idea of what's old hat or off-target (I remember him stopping Greg from using "__ 2: Electric Boogaloo" as a tag), and Deathspank comes across as incredibly desperate and silly-in-a-bad-way (which sucks, because "silly" is my favorite kind of humor). If it were a comedian, it would have flop sweat.

    Could you provide a few examples? (Something, something, humor's subjective.)
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  7. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 182 (04/19/10) - Suckura Wars   

    Oof. I can pass over Greg 1's appreciation of Cage's "moviemaking," but are both of the Gregs going to come away liking Heavy Rain's story? I'm not talking about plotholes, just its violation of basic thriller/mystery storytelling rules.

    Greg of Maple Leaf Land? Thoughts?
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  8. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 144 (7/27/09) - LARPing our ARG   

    Oh! I thought enthusiasm was fashionable these days. *takes drag of cigarette* So, uh, Little King Story (stupid name). It's, uh, good. By some washed-up guy who dragged in the other companies' heavy hitters. *adjusts white belt*

    Cripes, when'd ennui take hold here (Johnstoooon!)? Huge names developed a massive original property for the Wii that's been delayed for ages, could find its audience, and is in the podcasters' wheelhouse. My interest far predates NeoGAF's. I was simply stating that NeoGAF and other places are already sorting through the game's finer points, and that this game has more interesting concepts to chew on than, say, whether Bald Bull's patterns have changed (which is not to say that those games aren't fantastic, too). I was encouraging the guys to get through a very substantial game before more hyped titles drew their attention. Certainty =/= admonition.
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  9. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 144 (7/27/09) - LARPing our ARG   

    Doesn't one negate the other? If this game lasts you 40 to 60 hours (no exaggeration), you'll save bundles on less interesting autumn stuff! When is your time more precious, now or when you're playing it in December to properly weigh in on Game Of The Year discussion? And, initial pitch about the game's inherent fun and greatness aside (better review here:, the producer (who's truthfully the main designer) worked for the company most responsible for pushing games-as-art forward. He co-wrote the scenario for Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, the greatest game ever made. That's not to say this is an art game, per se, but it has brilliant threads running through it. (I could go on at length, but the NeoGAF topic has a ton of contributions already.) Won't it be nice to play something mature on the Wii?
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  10. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 144 (7/27/09) - LARPing our ARG   

    Apologies if I missed your posts elsewhere or missed in-episode commentary (my surroundings were really loud), but I'm going to continue my total saturation of ex-Ziff-Davis outlets by asking, "No Little King's Story?" Excuse me: Wii Sports Resort in lieu of Little King's Story? Art game developer + your beloved Pikmin + 2009's best game = necessity.

    Also, *waves temporary farewell to Greg Ford*.
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  11. GhaleonQ added a post in a topic Episode 16 (02/12/07) - Lost In Translation   

    This Ziff-Davis "universe" fan just wants to thank all those involved with the podcast. All of you are fantastic.

    May I suggest the inside-joke "Holy Fencer" for my title?
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