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  1. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic GLHP S1 E6: "The Big Date"   

    Crap, sorry guys. A couple people told me the link is broken. You can get to it from the main page though which is here:

    Sorry again, if anyone's still having trouble let me know! You can get it on Itunes too if that's easier.
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  2. Casual_Alcoholic added a topic in Other Podcasts   

    GLHP S1 E6: "The Big Date"
    Hi Everyone,

    The new episode is here! What started off as a drunken experiment has sort of taken off. We just had our first date, and are lining up some more. The first date doesn't go entirely as planned, but it's pretty darn hilarious. I'm really happy with the direction the show is going, and I hope you all enjoy it! Any feedback is appreciated. So far, feedback has ranged from "This is a little creepy" to "This is the greatest thing to ever happen to okcupid". I think both opinions are valid and slightly accurate.

    Description: This week, the gang reflects on their first date with Catiemay. John gets angry, Chris gets angried at, and Bryan almost gets to talk. What doesn't end the show, only makes it stronger, right? Listen to the incredible tale told from both sides, and decide for yourself if Chris is truly as evil as he seems.


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  3. Casual_Alcoholic added a topic in Other Podcasts   

    GLHP S1 E4: "Chippendales Rescue Rangers"
    Still don't know if anyone's listening to the show yet, but it has has become the highlight of my life right now. If anyone is following, we received messages from BOTH of the girls this week, and we also added a new female member to the show. I'm really glad to not be doing a video game show anymore, it feels like such a load off. I really feel like we're doing something unique and totally different this time. I'm still waiting for someone to tell us the Simpsons did it, but until then I think we've really got out own thing going. Also, we are steadily improving the show every week I think. This week we ran 2 microphones so that audio quality would be better. Let us know what you think. Any and all feedback is welcome! Original profile =

    This week, the gang gets a new addition! The lovely and beautiful Yasmine joins the cast to offer feminine insight to the show. With responses from both Catiemay and Alex, the gang has to decide their next move. Not only that, but they also decide to message a new beautiful and awesome girl, heydelinquent, who might have some of the most interesting questions we've seen yet. This is not a week to miss folks. Enjoy!
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  4. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic Gargoyle's Quest (GB)   

    That just made my night. Can't wait.
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  5. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic Gargoyle's Quest (GB)   

    I don't think I ever would have made it through this if it wasn't for the quick save feature. I'm actually really sad that it didn't carry over to the NES games that were released through the Ambassador Program, I was so sure it would. Still, really fun game, and I'd like to play the second one for NES a lot now. I wonder if they'll put it up for VC.
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  6. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection   

    Awww. The IGN review came out so early that I thought the game was out this week. Really bummed to have to keep waiting.
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  7. Casual_Alcoholic added a topic in Other Podcasts   

    GLHP S1 E3: "Mind Boobs"
    Hi everyone,

    I don't know if anyone has checked it out yet, but the third episode of our show is out. My friend John and I created a joint okCupid profile and pooled our resources together to find love. The show is about our escapades in trying to find one special lady for the both of us. Our friend Bryan helps. We also talk about Fantasy Football. If you want to start from the beginning, I recommend starting with Episode 2. Episode 1 is more of a rough prelude. Any and all feedback is appreciated, especially negative feedback. I'm always looking to improve the show.

    Here's the okCupid profile (You should check it out before listening to any of the episodes):

    And here's the link to the episode:
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  8. Casual_Alcoholic added a topic in Other Podcasts   

    GLHP S1 E2: "The B Team"
    I've started a new (comedy?) show with some friends. I genuinely believe we're doing something new and different, but I have a feeling someone is going to come along and tell us we're not. This season is about 2 guys (Me and My friend John), whom with the help of their friend Bryan, give up on trying to find love individually, and pool their resources together and make a joint okCupid profile advertising themselves as a package deal. Episode 1 was pretty shaky, and it's only about us creating the profile. I think we've found our groove with episode 2 though. Here's the link to our profile, it basically sums up the episode without you having to listen. Again, I think you guys know from how bad my last show was that I'm open to criticism. Please listen and leave feedback. Enjoy!

    So far we have one review. It's pretty accurate. hilarious, yet with a hint of extreme creep.

    And the episode description:

    This week the gang finds their better third on okCupid, the beautiful and wonderful Alex0313. She just might be the one, and the gang tries to improve their matches with her using advanced okCupid technology, and by answering some questions. Other topics include Fantasy Football and Coyote Ugly.
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  9. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic Mega Man Legends 1 & 2... Worth playing in 2011?   

    Well, it doesn't get put any more plainly than that. Back to depression.
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  10. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic Ryan Dunn is dead   

    Sucks for the other dude he killed as well. He didn't just take himself out. Drinking and driving sucks.
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  11. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic Mega Man Legends 1 & 2... Worth playing in 2011?   

    Just saw on PSN that they're adding this "Mega Man Legends 2 – Assorted Avatars ($0.49) (x7)"
    Think the Legend games are finally coming to PSN? I don't see why they'd JUST release an avatar bundle. Although I wouldn't put it past them.
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  12. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic 2011 NHL Playoffs   

    Really nervous about this game. Really hope the Bruins walk away with this! At the same time, they haven't won a home game this series.
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  13. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic WTB - Oblivion Shivering Isles PS3 or GOTY edition PS3   

    They just announced 5th Anniversary edition thats coming out at the end of June for all consoles. $30 gets you all the content.
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  14. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic Anyone else getting tired of this PSN downtime?   

    I've had everything break on me now, never had problems with the older generations. It wouldn't even be that bad if there were warranties on this stuff.
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  15. Casual_Alcoholic added a post in a topic Anyone else getting tired of this PSN downtime?   

    Things are starting to come back online and then my second PS3 bricks and refuses to acknowledge discs of any kind. What the hell is wrong with this hardware generation?
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