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  1. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Pile of Shame   

    honestly, some of those you should just take off your pile entirely...

    be free!
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  2. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic $250, March 27th, 1 friend code — 3DS   

    That $40-$50 mark being claimed on 3DS games is ludicrous. Absolutely ludicrous IMO.

    Did Nintendo just become Sony?
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  3. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic $250, March 27th, 1 friend code — 3DS   

    Surprised a little at $250 with no pack-in game. I guess they figure those AR card games are the pack-in. Nice that it comes with a 2GB SD card, I'm personally really excited that the Virtual Console has a GBA component as well. Also, 1 unified online "friend" code is really awesome.

    I'm probably in for a black one.

    Not sure what games I'll grab for it. Did they announce what games would be available on Day 1 and how much they would cost? (I'm assuming $39.99 per game)
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  4. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Satoshi Matrix Reviews   

    Cool stuff!

    Just a suggestion though...I think you could do without the "Skip or Buy" portion of your reviews, seeing as how you give all the games you choose to review a rating of "Buy" :P
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  5. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Rumored PSP2 announcement this month   

    I want it all!

    Actually I was thinking from the perspective that not all games will use the touchscreen (similar to the DS) and that those which do not it would be nice to output them on a televsion.

    Also video...
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  6. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Rumored PSP2 announcement this month   

    ^ as far as my personal taste, iOS experiences are time killers and not something I use when I want to play a video game experience.

    - Dual Analogs
    - 3D and/or Touch Screen
    - HDMI Out (720p or 1080p)
    - Memory/Flash format
    - 16GB + internal memory

    make it be Sony.
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  7. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Top Ten Most Disappointing Games of 2010   

    1. iOS Games - I played Chaos Rings, Angry Birds, Infinity Blade, Cut the Rope, etc. and was left completely underwhelmed. I just don't care about them.
    2. Gran Turismo 5 - possibly in my top 10, as I have played it quite a bit. Feels 85% finished at time, which annoys me since I'm a long-time fan of the series and had HUGE expectations for this game.
    3. Playstation Move - I thought this would be the rennaisance of motion gaming (in terms of fidelity) that we all wanted, but I have been very unimpressed the more I have used mine
    4. Halo Reach - thought it would be a much bigger evolution in terms of graphics than the incremental jump it was. Probably on the back-end of my top 10 though. I might be done with Halo MP for a while though. I'm just over it.
    5. Donkey Kong Country Returns - I basically hate the controls in the game and they make me hate motion gaming even more
    6. Epic Mickey - Warren Spector + Mickey = not very good? Very surprised
    7. Call of Duty: Black Ops - what they did to the PC version of this game is an embarrassment
    8.. Fallout: New Vegas - I felt uninspired to go into the universe. It was ugly (even on PC) and felt like an expansion pack at best that was riddled with bugs from the word go
    9. Dance Central - it's an interesting gimmick, but ultimately fails as. a compelling game experience. I would put Kinect up here, but I had no real expectations for it outside of this game, that has left me completely sullied on Kinect untiil possibly Child of Eden (if that's not good then I'm out...)
    10. Nintendo DS - I can't think of one piece of compelling software that I played for the system other than DQIX this year. There may have been others, but they've been so unmemorable that I've already forgotten them. It has been FAR surpassed by my PSP in terms of usage, which I don't think I ever would have said 2 years ago.
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  8. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Any predictions about the next-gen iPad?   

    I think more power (probably whatever we see will then be duplicated in the eventual iPhone 5) is the obvious choice

    I would say my biggest guess would be a front-facing camera (and perhaps a camera on the back as well).

    I don't really see a jump in HDD space, but it's possible...
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  9. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic PC Hardware   

    Group: Super Old Timer


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  10. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Do you think Microsoft will sell 3 Million Kinect units this Holiday?   

    Yeah, gotta say I was one of those that bought Kinect and I honestly only used it the first 2 or 3 days I owned it. It's basically hooked up but unused because of the lack of compelling software and hassle it is in terms of a space requirement

    With that being said....yeah, there's no way that 8 million number actually means "sold" (i.e. 8 million units sitting in consumers homes). That'd be ludicrous.
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  11. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic PC Hardware   

    I'm strongly considering a PC upgrade myself.

    I have a GTX460 -- upgraded from an 8800GT

    Considering the new Sandy Bridge (i7 2600K probably) processor. Currently have a Q6600,

    The new cpu/mobo/ram combo would probably run about, what, $600?

    ---> Also, what do you guys think about the SSDs? I have heard they are great.

    My concerns stem from:
    a) I hear all the manufacturers will be refreshing their current offerings shortly (so I might wait)
    b) I have A TON of GBs worth of Steam games already on my 1TB HDD. Can I just install my OS on the SSD and point Steam to my existing directory of Steam games? (so I don't have to re-download and install them?)
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  12. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Your top 3 most anticipated games for 2011?   

    not a lot of new IP out there (outside of Last Guardian)

    Bulletstorm and Rage I guess....but those don't really excite me
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  13. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Show off your desktop!   

    What are you running to get your desktop to look like that?
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  14. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Your top 3 most anticipated games for 2011?   

    1. Mass Effect 3
    2. Uncharted 3
    3. Last Guardian

    Honorable Mentions
    4. The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword
    5. Portal 2
    6. inFamous 2
    7. The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim
    8. Little Big Planet 2
    9. Killzone 3
    10. Gears of War 3

    Lots of good stuff coming next year. Could have easily gone Top 20
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  15. MikeE21286 added a post in a topic Game deals thread   

    GameFly used games sale starts today

    Notable titles

    Xbox 360
    NBA 2K10 $7Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days $8Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands $8Major League Baseball 2K10 $9Singularity $10Dante's Inferno $10Quantum Theory$10Aliens vs. Predator $10Splinter Cell Conviction $10Transformers: War for Cybertron $10WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 $10Just Cause 2 $13Mass Effect 2 $13Crackdown 2 $13Split/Second $13Borderlands $13Batman: Arkham Asylum $13
    Lost Planet 2 $8Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days $8Singularity $10NBA 2K10 $10Madden NFL 10 $10Transformers: War for Cybertron $10Army of Two: The 40th Day $10Borderlands $13Dante's Inferno Divine Edition $13Major League Baseball 2K10 $13Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands $13Yakuza 3 $153D Dot Game Heroes $15Wii

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands $7NHL 2K10 $8A Boy and His Blob $10Major League Baseball 2K10 $13Sin & Punishment: Star Successor $13Transformers: Cybertron Adventures $13Metroid: Other M $20Super Mario Galaxy 2 $25
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