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  1. mook201 added a post in a topic ATB - Game Opening Sequence   

    I just love all the Persona stuff.
    Persona 4: Dancing All Night
    Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
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  2. mook201 added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    Combat in Technomancer was a bit on the frustrating / annoying side right at the start but got easier and more enjoyable as I leveled up and got better skills.  I focused on the rogue tree so I just rolled around the battlefield like a circus acrobat and stabbed people.  Just finished it this morning.
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  3. mook201 added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    On PS4 I'm playing through The Technomancer.  I knew very little about it, or its developer, Spiders.  It's apparently a sequel to a game from a few years ago called Mars: War Logs.  Anyway, I watched some videos of it and thought it would be up my alley, turns out I was right. 
    I've heard it compared to Mass Effect, which I guess is true in the most rudimentary terms.  It's a sci-fi rpg, you get party members who talk to and form relationships with, there are choices to be made and a reputation system as well.  The combat is primarily melee focused with a bit of the old Technomancy mixed in.
    The progression system is nothing revolutionary but is entertaining.  You can choose from 3 fighting stances; staff, dagger and pistol, or mace and shield.  Each one has a tree dedicated to it with various upgrades and abilities.
    On Xbox One I've finally started on Quantum Break.  I know it didn't get great reviews, but dang am I enjoying it!  I like the gunplay and the powers, I like finding the collectibles, I like the bad live action show.  Good times.
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  4. mook201 added a post in a topic Why isn't INSIDE getting any attention here?   

    I played through Inside on the XBox One, thought it was really well done.  The puzzles weren't particularly difficult, and the story was lost on me but I thought the design, look, and feel of the game were great.
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  5. mook201 added a post in a topic F1 2016   

    Does the wheel setup add a lot to your experience?  Do you find it easier to drive?  Harder?  Do you use it with all racing games?  I've never had a wheel, but I play a boat load of racing games.  I think with PSVR a wheel may feel a lot more immersive than the controller.  It's just a big investment.
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  6. mook201 added a post in a topic Niche Games   

    I really don't know too much about Asseto Corsa but between F1, Forza, Forza Horizon, Dirt, and Gran Turismo I really don't have room in my life for another racing game.
    As a side note, I also stated playing WoW again.
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  7. mook201 added a post in a topic F1 2016   

    I would highly recommended trying the voice stuff.  With the kinect it works for me about 95% of the time, and it's really cool to be able to quickly ask for a weather report, tyre status, or the status of the driver in front of, or behind you.  You can also tell your pit what tyres you want fitted on your next stop and a bunch of other stuff.
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  8. mook201 added a post in a topic F1 2016   

    I play on hard, which I think is one above the default.  There are another 2 or 3 difficulty levels above hard if I remember.  I also realized I need to put the traction control on full.  I tried it on medium but once it started raining I couldn't keep the car straight to save my life.  I've only done the first race of the season in Australia and came 15th, but I did 25 laps before I switched over the traction control, I'm sure I can do better.
    As a side note, does the PS4 version have the voice control?  It adds so much for me, I love using it.
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  9. mook201 added a post in a topic F1 2016   

    The on track stuff feels very similar.  There's the possibility of a safety car now and I think the on track menus for setting up your car and checking your tyre status and damage are a bit more intuitive and easier to use.  You also get the new Baku track in Azerbaijan.  But yeah, the vast majority of the upgrades and additions are in the career mode.
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  10. mook201 added a post in a topic PS4 Slim leaked, SPOILER ALERT: IT'S SLIM AND TINY.   

    I wonder if the hard drive will be as easy to swap as the standard PS4.  I really hope the Neo comes with 2TB at least.
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  11. mook201 added a topic in Video Games   

    F1 2016
    I picked this up on Friday and was excited for my first race weekend.  When it comes to F1 I like to do the full races, so you have to worry about things like tires, fuel, and pit strategy.  I started my career and signed with Haas. 
    On Friday I did my practice sessions.  Practice is useful this year because they give you little challenges that you can complete to earn resource points to upgrade your car.  I did all those, except for the tyre management.  For whatever reason I just shred the tires in this game, can't get the hang of it.
    Yesterday I had my qualifying sessions.  The team goal was to qualify at least 15th, I came in 6th.  I was quite excited.
    This morning I settled in for my first race , 58 laps in Melbourne, Australia.  I started in 6th and fairly quickly moved up to 3rd place I was doing pretty well until about lap 9 when the rains came.  I realized very quickly that I'm not terribly good at driving in the wet.  Add to that a mistake in tyre choice, I was on Wets when I should have been on Intermediates, and I quickly fell back to 19th place.  Finally around lap 38 the rains let up and the track began to dry.  I knew my debut showing wouldn't be particularly impressive, but I set my self the goal of gaining at least one place before the race ended.  The driver in front had a 24 second lead, but much more comfortable on a dry track I began to whittle that down.  20 seconds, 15 seconds, 10 seconds, I can do this.  Well over an hour into the race, starting lap 51.  Black screen, crash to dashboard.
    Aside from that very unfortunate turn of events, I think the game is fantastic.  Having an actual career mode gives it so much more depth than F1 2015 and the driving is still great.  I play on XBox One because using the Kinect to talk with your pit crew works really well, and is just super cool.  Anyone else picking it up?
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  12. mook201 added a post in a topic The Witcher 3   

    Parrying is only really effective against human enemies.  If you're trying to parry a drowner or a wraith you're going to have a bad time.  Monsters hit too hard to be effectively parried.  Dodge against monsters, parry humans.  Once I realized that I had little problem effectively parrying.
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  13. mook201 added a post in a topic ATB: Persona 4 Girl   

    Chie loves steak and kung fu.  She's a keeper.
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  14. mook201 added a post in a topic So...what'cha been playin'?   

    I enjoyed Lords of the Fallen.  Not quite as unforgiving as Dark Souls which was up my alley.  I remember it being slightly annoying because I was doing a Faith build and there were very few Faith based weapons in the game.  My magic was pretty fantastic though.
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  15. mook201 added a post in a topic The Witcher 3   

    Yeah, that toad was really, really tough.  I play on Death March and hadn't played in months which didn't help.
    There's a potion, I forget which one it is, but when you have the max version of it you regain health when you're poisoned instead of losing it.  That helped a heck of a lot because that toad likes to poison you.  There is also a decotion, the chort one I think.  It makes you immune to anything that would stagger you, and anything that would give you a knockdown only staggers you.  I used those, I used Igni a lot, and I just kind of poked him as I could.
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