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  1. aspro73 added a post in a topic 404 (08/04/14): Not Found   

    The best thing about having Mike Phillips on the podcast is that he makes the same jokes and references as I think them while listening to the show (which means I don't have to post here -- a real time saver).

    This week the only thing you did not pick up (that I did) was when CJ said that after playing x game on thanksgiving he, "...went upstairs and made (Pause)..." I expected you to come in and say, "...sweet and unrelenting love to your wife". Whereas CJ went on to talk about his adventures in spud-land and made some f'n potato-based sustenance reference.

    Though the Bubble and Squeek reference was strong.

    Love the show gents.
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  2. aspro73 added a post in a topic The Retron 5 is real   

    As someone how has a few hundred games compatible with the Retron 5 (maybe even over a thousand?) I cannot wait for the opportunity to buy one. Having a HDMI hookup will simplify my life endlessly, while also lessening my concerns about my legacy consoles (and their back-ups) dieing. Especially since I am using step-down convertors since I moved to Australia.
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  3. aspro73 added a post in a topic 401 (07/14/14): Pre-Order Bonus   

    Hey Ceej, I noticed a while back the file size about doubled (being in a remote part of Australia I am limited to 5 GB a month). Was that to improve the sound quality or was it a result of switching to recording through Google+?
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  4. aspro73 added a post in a topic What happened to Greg Ford?   

    Just to put this to bed, and I know people who actually know can't respond here.

    I got the sense he a got a job writing mock-reviews for a consultancy company that works in the industry advising publishers.
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  5. aspro73 added a post in a topic ATB: Game Boy Game   

    Sword of Hope
    Super Mario Land

    So many more, but if I had to pick two games, those would be they.
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  6. aspro73 added a post in a topic Can someone explain for me why Nintendo had a great E3?   

    Everyone loves rooting for the underdog (myself included). I think with Mario Kart picking up speed, and the fresh approach Nintendo took with their digital conference and the treehouse thing it was just more of a breath of fresh air.

    Project Steam and Splatoon played into that as well.

    Whereas, with the others, it was more of, "Wait till next year".
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  7. aspro73 added a post in a topic New theme song submission thread   

    I love all your submissions too. This one has a Sonic Adventure vibe. Awesome... you guys are so talented.
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  8. aspro73 added a post in a topic New theme song submission thread   

    I like it. It has a Dr. Mario thing going on. Very impressed.
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  9. aspro73 added a post in a topic Watch_Dogs delayed   

    For whatever reason I lol'd when I found out. I had a flash back of when Resistance: Fall of Man was the entirety of my PS3 collection for what seemed like two years. Looks like Killzone is going to be the new Resistance: FOM. Seriously feeling foolish for pre-ordering a PS4 now (would feel the same if I was getting an XB1).
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  10. aspro73 added a post in a topic Not Ready At Launch   

    I am assuming PSN's network infrastructure will be just as bad as it is now, with hour long updates etc...
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  11. aspro73 added a post in a topic Pokémon X and Y   

    I got X retail this morning for the little lady. I plan on getting Y for myself if I like the look of it.
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  12. aspro73 added a topic in Video Games   

    Hands-On with the 2DS
    Here are my impressions of the 2DS. (bottom line -- it's awesome)

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  13. aspro73 added a post in a topic 361 (10/07/13) - No One Ends Up With Jon Cryer   

    Same here for Mobile Light Force 2 and Extend Every Extra (remind me of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew cover). Also got Etrian Odyssey for the cover.
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  14. aspro73 added a post in a topic Rune Factory IV [3DS]   

    I've bought a lot of Rune Factory over the years, and played none of them. Somehow I ended up with a Rune Factory plushie even.

    Won't be getting this one, this week will be all about a 2DS and Pokemony.
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  15. aspro73 added a post in a topic 361 (10/07/13) - No One Ends Up With Jon Cryer   

    With the end of the year GOTY discussions coming up it worked well that Greg is now giving his impressions of Tomb Raider. It's not my choice, but I know it is a favorite of some and it will at least be in the conversation.

    Also, Greg and Mike, Game Informer has an interview with the creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. It's surprisingly well produced and the interview subject is completely unguarded.
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