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In Topic: Episode 300 (07/23/12) - 300

23 July 2012 - 09:26 PM

Hi guys, Rich here. I am so glad that the reaction to the show has been positive. I left town this morning for a 2-country, 4-day jaunt involving planes, trains, and automobiles, and was slightly concerned that a torch- and pitchfork-wielding internet would be at my virtual doorstep when I landed in Milwaukee this evening.

I did not want to screw this up.

A few quick things:

#1: I felt like the world's biggest dope when I went to play the first "congrats" message to the guys only to have my PC take a dump on me at that moment. This was about, oh, 6 minutes into the show. The guys were very gracious, but had to be thinking "geez, this dude is really screwing the pooch". This moment is the very last part of the episode zinger, which Greg beautifully caps. Needless to say, I was crestfallen. Of course, Mike predicts exactly such a thing happening (as heard in an earlier part of the zinger).

#2: As you can tell from yet another part of the zinger, we didn't go into this recording knowing this would actually be the 300th episode. My original pitch to the gang was to do a side/special episode, interviewing the hosts about what it's like to do 300 shows and create a community from scratch. The fact that it actually wound up being used as the real episode - canon, as it were - is just spectacular.

#3: I can't say thank you enough times to Greg, CJ, Phil, and Mike for agreeing to join me for an evening. What a unique experience! I mean, how many shows would ever do such a thing? As a longtime listener and fan, it was surreal. As I told the guys after the show, my only regret was that I was so concerned the whole time about getting all the technology to work that I probably didn't enjoy being in the moment as much as I should have.

#4: Greg Ford is a great man.

#5: I can't believe I didn't ask Phil to do Milo. Swing and a miss.

Thanks to Mike, Phil, CJ, and Greg for going along with my crazy idea, and thanks to everyone who posted here for being so nice. It's not often you get to be a big part of one of your favorite things. What a great, great day.

In Topic: Madden 2013 P1P League

05 July 2012 - 01:55 PM

I so desperately want to be in this league but my PS3 simply refuses to talk to my router whether by wi-fi or direct connection. In fact, the only way I can do anything PSN-related anymore is by using my Verizon hotspot for system updates and such.

No PS3 multiplayer for me.

Damn you, launch day PS3 (and empty bank account)!